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Ask Dr. Katz your Psychology Q&A Webinar


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    • I'd love to join the Zoom, did this ever take off?
    • Posted 22 hours ago (edited) Date  May 13, 2021 Status (Live/Sim/PCT Sim)  PCT Sim   Performance Questions What did I do well? I didn't trade in the first minute. Found a 60 minute hammer that I could get a directional bias from. (PLUG) What could I have done better? Upon reviewing the video I saw that it did not BID over premarket high. I should have only added on minute 3 if this occurred. I should have expanded my 1 minute chart so I didn't accidentally place my stop higher when the chart expanded (as I clicked). I need to keep my stops active until hit (that starts with clicking in the right place when I buy shares). I should not have shorted against that 60 minute hammer. Only when there is just a regular range break should I do this (60 minute range break without a hammer).   Psychology Questions What's your performance pressure out of ten?  ( 0 =  too comfortable; 10 = too anxious) 6 Is the current way I am trading going to lead to long term success? No, my losses have been very high.  I am trading sub par stocks because I am not seeing what I want in the first minute.  ABCD's might be my next step because of this change in performance.
    • I appreciate the feedback.  I try to distill the journaling process into its most basic parts and put all of the lessons from the most recent week into a weekly review. Otherwise the review process is way too overwhelming to the point of being useless when I look back after several months.   I have found that I don't really like going back through individual trades after a long period of time  because I usually feel I've developed enough since then that I don't want to "taint" my current view of the market with old thinking.   That's why I track generalities of how I'm doing from day to day in order to stay an active participant in my development, but not so intense that my anxiousness leads me to unnecessarily making adjustments.   The weekly review distills my concerns from one week to the next, so I can clearly distinguish between trading anomalies and recurring issues.   Otherwise I feel too responsible for my results from day to day rather than letting my strategy reveal its viability through frequency.    Thanks for reading.
    • I REALLY like how you recapped here and it motivates me to do the same.
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