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Plataformas de Trading

Bienvenido a preguntar y compartir todo lo relacionado a Plataformas de Trading.


    • Futures (MES) algo trading journal Tuesday 10/19/21. Strong momentum over night and a deep pullback triggering the algo to enter a long trade before the open. The price slowly dropped than a pop, but not strong enough. The price dipped down again and I was stopped out. Then over the next 45 minutes the price did eventually reach my target. I hope everyone had a good day. Rob c  
    • Thank you Karl. Nice to know we're a bunch of BBT traders in Montreal. Would be nice to meet some of you guys soon somewhere with a beer in hand...
    • count me in, thanks.  Appreciate the map & info. Registered on the eventbrite and admitone link. 
    • Futures (MES) algo trading journal Monday 10/18/21. Over the weekend I programmed in dynamic profit targets and 2 weekends ago I programmed dynamic stop losses. Thus the algo is better prepared for volatility.  There was strong momentum all day but I programmed the algo to be overly choosy. So it waited a few hours and after a second wave of strength and a pullback the algo went long. What was great is the algo on Friday would have not taken profit and I would have been stopped out at BE. But today, with the new programming, the the algo was looking to take a profit at the bottom of the level (I have the algo draw in Dodger blue). Rob C  
    • Hola como estan todos.  soy nuevo aqui... aunque el ingles es mi primer lenguaje mis padres hablan solo espanol y mi espanol hablado es fluido. Si hay un grupo en espanol me gustaria participar con ustedes.
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