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Plataformas de Trading

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    • I Make change to selling stock i sell now 50% 2/1 50% 3/1 25% or price level 4/1 12.5% or or price level last 12.5% I let run and raise only stoploss to last 5min. pivot after new high/low  
    • Can someone please clarify these comments, as it  appears one is referring to the BBT package, the other to the similarly named package from DAS direct?   Or more simply, do the current BBT packages still provide what is listed on that page as I want to sign up:
    • Week 3 going live day trading Futures (ES). Again I was lucky enough to get a trade in with my limited morning trading time. We had good momentum from PM into the open. Got the pull back I was hoping for and an opportunity to enter the trade. Price quickly dropped to my target. Hope everyone had a solid day trading. Rob C  
    • Please use this thread to post your questions before and after the Success Webinar! How to Trade Breakouts Breakouts are one of the strategies most of the day traders go for and that could be for many reasons, some of which are: 1)Getting done with the trading day earlier on the day 2)Most of the volume comes at the open; Therefore, biggest spikes are happening at the open too; However, they're not as simple as they sound. One can't take 1M ORBU only because the candle is making a new 1-minute high, same for the 2-, 5-minute ORBs.  In this webinar, Aiman's going to explain how he's trading breakouts and how he found an edge trading them using the 60-minute chart Date :   Tues, Jan 26, 2021 Time :  8:00 PM ET Location :  Webinar Room (Lifetime Members only)
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