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  1. Hola compañeros hispanohablantes ! @Abiel me comentó que sería buena idea enlazar aquí el video que hice para explicaros cómo uso las teclas rápidas en TWS con chart-trader, que es la herramienta de trading directa en el gráfico que provee la aplicación. Es bastante más potente que DAS y me pareció interesante compartirlo. TWS es una herramienta muy potente a mi parecer, que sólo se queda atrás en DAS para el scalping. Espero os guste ! Saludos, Pablo PS: @Andrew Aziz @Thor if you consider that this video might help others, we might try to translate it into English too
  2. Hi ! I live in Cádiz (south Spain) and I use TWS from IBKR .... It is a "good enough" platform that matches my trading style plus it is much cheaper than DAS and we are here to earn some money, right ?
  3. hi @Stefan Tanev i had this same conversation with another member this week. TWS has some Global settings that will be applied on every chart by default accesible via File Menu in the main windo...... Global Settings >> Charts >> Settings >> Prior close Every single chart u open in the platform has override settings via the View Edit Menu >> Chart Properties ... You will also find there a “Prior close” setting that will only change that chart only ... Double check those 2 and for sure your dashed prev day close level will show up on the chart.... Besides that, @Abiel shared with u a post I update regularly with all the settings, mov avgs, hotkeys, levels etc ... hope that file can help u to setup a starting point with TWS Regards, Paul
  4. Saludos a todos ! Soy Pablo, conocido también como Aurbano en el chat ... y aquí estoy desde hace más de 1 año tratando de ayudar un poco con lo poco que he aprendido a base de pelearme con la plataforma jejeje Soy Español, y durante 20 años me he dedicado al mundo de la consultoría técnica y consultoría de negocio.... acabando en el trading como una nueva forma de vida. Un saludo a todos compañeros ! Pablo
  5. hi @maesterfitch from what I know, IB does not provide tick-by-tick data ... never .... ever ... not even for their own TWS platform .... they use a technology called snapshots and they provide 5s updates on the most updated charts and T&S so there is no way to get tick-by-tick from their API. Also, go to the documentation, your API queries will be queue if they are above the limitation meaning, that you can only do a certain amount of queries every 15 seconds. Hope I helped u with some information
  6. last update with the Spanish Tab add... protradingroom v2.txt
  7. @Justin @Alastair remember to activate the DarkReader Plugin on Firefox or Chrome, but I think that now you can use the chat on the right side : just detach it from the main video window to another brower window. The new code provided here will fix the style now. NOTICE: there are 2 independent browser windows side-by-side... u can fit the size as u wish ... Enjoy ! protradingroom v2.txt
  8. ok ... I just realized tha the HTML/CSS markup is different when you detach the chat to another browser window ... so some more code might be needed for that .... will update it as soon as possible
  9. Hi @Justin, As I told @Alastair a while ago, sadly moving the chat to the right side is not available any more due the new techonology used in the room. The only idea I can provide right now is to dettach the chat to another browser window and manage them at your needs.... We might need to talk to Sebastian in order to move the chat to the right side and I am not totally sure if that is possible with some Javascript code or maybe a modified flex design. I don't have access to the code nor the tab that you administrators have, however .... what changes do you need ?? Regards, Paul
  10. Due to last updates in the chatroom, the dark conpact theme with icon tabs that I designed stop working .... obviously, no ones fault hehehe I did manage to fix most of the work ... watch pictures attached and download the new CSS style file ... go to the top of the thread in this page to watch how to install this chatroom feature Enjoy ! any updates and fixed will be posted in the thread in the future. @Andrew Aziz @Thor @Justin @Alastair protradingroom v2.txt
  11. ahí estaré !!!!! qué buena idea amigos !!
  12. @True @Justin i got late "to the party" so I couldn't help at all... here is thing, OBS is not designed on its core to record several screens at a time on different files, but more to switch between different screens or content "on the fly" for no-later-edition porpouse. I found out that it DOES allow to open multiple instances, so you can set up 2-3 OBS windows to record 2-3 screens at the same time on different files. That will requiere further edition later, however it is doable. You will need for sure 2 or 3 different HDDs on your PC to record that or a fast SSD... second options is the bare minimum, as there will be no moving parts, the files can be writed at the same time with almost no botleneck. However, the most demanding component in the system will be your GPU for sure as it needs to encode 2-3 screens in real time: doable but costy. I've got a proper GPU for video editing (XFX Radeon RX580 Black Ed 8GB) and it is not that expensive. It will cost you between 180 and 240 dollars aprox. I've tested 2 screens recording /encoding in real time and the GPU can manage that. It will manage 3 for sure too. I've got 4 HDD on my machine so I can record every screen on a different physical device, that helps too. Setting up : open OBS as many times as screeens you need to record to go settings OBS settings and select output file on diff devices or an SSD go to OBS video and select Hardware Encoding (both NVDA and AMD have that on discrete GPUs) Note : I 'd bother to try it on a laptop unless it is a gaming laptop with a modern discrete GPU and an external USB 3.1 SSD drive
  13. @Alastair you don't need to build up anything special if you just installed the DarkReader plugin for your browser and activate it in the forum. It will all go easy in the eyes just fine.
  14. man ! that is too easy to be a problem ... add this 3 lines to the end of the CSS style and use the width attribute to properly adjust the chat to your screen aspect ratio Enjoy ! /* move chat to the right */ #chatAlertsDiv { position:absolute; right:0px; top:0px; width:18%; } #presentationHolderDiv.l-cell { position:absolute; left:0px; width:82%; }
  15. I thought that I was the only one customization maniac around hahahaha I use Stylus a lot to custom my favourites websites when I want them to work better. Check this custom dark theme I wrote for FinViz : https://userstyles.org/styles/164469/finviz-general-dark-theme
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