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  1. Bart, Every time I load in the raw data and I click analyze data, I get an error message "Error Occured, all data deleted". Also, it doesn't allow me to change the date in the text box. Any ideas? I downloaded your spreadsheet last week so it should be pretty up to date. I've been trying to figure this out for a week to no avail.
  2. Glad to see there’s a couple people living in Chicago that’s part of the community. I travel for work during the week so Saturday afternoon would be best for me.
  3. Awesome! I just finished 3 month in the sim and I’m getting ready to start trading live. Good luck! Hopefully we can trade some good experiences later.
  4. Hi all. Anyone interested in meeting up and starting a support group in downtown Chicago, IL? I'm still pretty new and I'm only on my 2nd month in the simulator but I think we all have valuable experiences we can share.
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