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  1. @KyleK29 Thanks for this awesome hotkeys. Do you know where I can find Thor;s Free Roll hotkey. Thanks!
  2. @KyleK29 Hi Kyle - Thanks for such outstanding work, you have no idea how these hotkeys improve my trading. I have one question though, do you know why I can not partial when my breakeven bidirectional hotkey is on. For example I am long ROKU at $150 and moved a dollar $151 and let's say I moved my stop loss to breakeven using the biderectional breakeven hotkey for short and long, and now I want to partial 25%. For some reasons it does not allow me to. I need to cancel my breakeven stop loss order first then I can take my partial. Any idea why? Thanks!
  3. @James Kim I am using the hotkeys with CMEG and Lamp route, most importantly the route on the hotkeys should set to LIMIT
  4. Hi Kyle - Have you developed a hotkey that also put a range order 2:1 on the same time it calculates the sharesize based on $ or % risk?
  5. @KyleK29 Hi Kyle - I do not understand the idea of the BP in the equation if I specify my risk loss before entering the trade. Like if my risk loss is $50 fixed dollar with 100% BP, would the position size be different if I selected 50% BP? If I selected 50%BP would my risk still be at $50?
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