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  1. Does TS support hotkeys like in DAS especially hotkeys that allow you to have fixed dollar risk and automatically adjust the position size? and can you trade off chart?
  2. How is TS in trading small caps or stocks form $1-$10 stocks? and also how TS in shorting these kind of stocks? Do they remove the leverage or margin when trading these kind of stocks?
  3. @KyleK29 Thanks for this awesome hotkeys. Do you know where I can find Thor;s Free Roll hotkey. Thanks!
  4. @KyleK29 Hi Kyle - Thanks for such outstanding work, you have no idea how these hotkeys improve my trading. I have one question though, do you know why I can not partial when my breakeven bidirectional hotkey is on. For example I am long ROKU at $150 and moved a dollar $151 and let's say I moved my stop loss to breakeven using the biderectional breakeven hotkey for short and long, and now I want to partial 25%. For some reasons it does not allow me to. I need to cancel my breakeven stop loss order first then I can take my partial. Any idea why? Thanks!
  5. @James Kim I am using the hotkeys with CMEG and Lamp route, most importantly the route on the hotkeys should set to LIMIT
  6. Hi Kyle - Have you developed a hotkey that also put a range order 2:1 on the same time it calculates the sharesize based on $ or % risk?
  7. @KyleK29 Hi Kyle - I do not understand the idea of the BP in the equation if I specify my risk loss before entering the trade. Like if my risk loss is $50 fixed dollar with 100% BP, would the position size be different if I selected 50% BP? If I selected 50%BP would my risk still be at $50?
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