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  1. Here is my trading setup ... my trading companion wanted in the shot doing what she does best
  2. Lee- sometimes clicking elsewhere on the chart works, usually i need to click a different chart of the same ticker for boxes to disappear. Then when i left click the line usually nothing happens... but again if i go to a different chart of the same ticker and left click, then the i can remove, config or move the line. and the hand to arrow thing for zooming in... most charts are fine for doing it on the arrow and hit 'shift' and drag to make a box to zoom in... but on the daily chart for me it will never sit on an arrow... always the hand... let me know if you have more questions....
  3. usually when i left click the level i just made (with no box with x at both ends of it) absolutely nothing happens... if i right click for config/remove menu... if i choose remove nothing happens... if i choose config... i can go thru the process to, lets say, change the color of the level i enetered... but nothing happens. i also get nothing happening when i make a zone in box on a chart ... the box is there and thats it.. sometimes it works.. mostly not... very frustrating and slows down mornings
  4. not sure if you seen my message in the chat... but that last thing was the culprit... much better charting now!
  5. i have it at 10% now... changing it to 0% doesnt work i may have to do some investigating thx
  6. chart question... why is it some of my charts are fine (10 or 20 cents intervals) like CELG ... and others are 1 dollar or 50 cent intervals... making the charting almost flat .. like FLR ??
  7. Robert... the extra fees (which i found with Lee's post) are Third Party Charges... sometime they add money to my IB commissions (so my total commissions for that trade is lower than IB charges ) ... and sometimes they tack on more commission than my IB commissions... doesnt seem to be any pattern... if this is normal thats fine... but if there is a way to control it, that would nice to know...
  8. With IB ...is there some stocks or exchanges to avoid because of the extra fees that are applied? It seems there is no pattern to how they apply these extra fees either ... but it does still average out to be cheaper slightly than the fixed rate...
  9. The TWS desktop looked nothing like the one i downloaded so i tried Quicktrade and Webtrader in Account Management in the IB sight .. nothing looked familiar so i gave up for the day ... some time today i will tackle it again
  10. Aaaah ok.. well thats good.. i will call them tomorrow.. on another note .. i also couldnt figure out how to convert some of my CAD into USD Whats on the video is a totally different screen than what i have... i might need a walk thru or a more up to date video ... ive looked and cant find one so far
  11. On the IB sight in Account Management - Account Settings ... below is what it says... Configure Account Type Upgrade or downgrade your Account Type. You must be approved for options trading to qualify for a Portfolio Margin account. .. which its refering to me changing it to a margin account from cash ... i originally did put cash... i dont know why i did
  12. When i call them do i need to tell them i have Options experience? that is what they are saying i need on the website
  13. I also have DAS linked with IB... IB says i have a cash account, DAS account window says margin... so im not sure which i will have at the moment. For me to get a margin account i need to have Options experience .. is this correct? Im sure there is a way around this...
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