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  1. Hi all, apologies if this has been asked but I can't see it listed anywhere. Does the BBT Das Simulator (https://bearbulltraders.com/order-das-simulator/) include the replay feature or is that only available in the live verison? Thanks
  2. How to Download Das Trader Simulator after having purchased the 3 month simulator membership?
  3. Alright, Folks. This is my attempt at logging my trades and hoping to find some accountability for my trades/growth/etc etc. I journal my trades in Onenote (not faithfully but most of the time), but I'm feeling like that is too anti-community like. So, I'm gonna start posting my journals here. Nothing fancy, just showing my entries/exits. A little background.. been in the chat room since 2017 (I think around January) and still haven't figured this all out yet, lol. Been live twice, lost money. Didn't blow an account up, but lost enough for me to pull out realizing I wasn't ready. These trades are all simulator so my intent is to grow an account in the simulator. If I can grow an account from 4500 to 10k, I can definitely go from 10k to 25k. *Will update this post when I add all the strategies and stuff, but right now gonna add my first journal* Okay, today. 2/7/2019 Result: $CGC - At the open, watched $CGC squeeze up over the VWAP and close. Waited for the ABCD pattern to form and after the first 5 minutes, I went long 200 shares near the 9MA 1-minute. Rode the momentum up and cut it after a few minutes. Trade was cut too early. I've been working on this. I tend to cut my trades short a lot within the first 5 minutes of holding a trade. Sure, I could have scaled out, but with a $4500 account, I don't take as big of size and commissions eat up gains. I've found success with taking profits all at once. Had I stuck to a part of my strategy, I wouldn't have exited $CGC until the break of the 9MA 1-minute indicated by the arrow. The arrow on the 5-minute is a mark for me showing an entry for a 9MA 5-minute bounce strategy I take frequently. $TWTR - Twitter didn't play nice today. I tried the 9MA reverse strategy and it didn't work. I was too early by a about 10 minutes. I went short 100 shares the first go round looking for a move back down to low of day. I think the indicator I missed here on my first entry was the engulfing pattern. I covered after the next pattern engulfed my entry candle. I got back in short 200 shares thinking the move would happen this time around and ended up stopping out again. I gave my entry about 10 cents, but VWAP would've been the better stop out spot since the move did happen a few minutes later. I take this play often, but this time I think I was too early. $TPR - After getting rocked a bit by $TWTR, I came back with a short on TPR 100 shares. I took the trade after the price action closed below the 9MA 5-minute indicated by the arrow. Of course, I cut the trade too short and missed out on profits. I thought the price action would squeeze from here based on the 1-minute so I covered. Price action sold off after my exit. $GRUB - My savior of the day. This trade wasn't a mistake but my share sizing was. I waited for this move debating on whether to go short/long. If I followed my thoughts on the previous trade with $TPR, I would have shorted before my entry looking for the fade from the 9MA 5-minute. After seeing the price action curl up on the 9MA 1-minute, I thought I went long 50 shares but went 300 shares long on accident. I didn't realize this until 4 minutes in the trade. After the price action stalled and hovered around VWAP, I sold all shares. I do find it interesting, though.. that had I gotten in later for a long play on $GRUB and followed my strategy of not getting out until the price action closes below the 9MA 1-minute, I wouldn't have covered until around $76. Interesting... Kind of similar to the play on $CGC. What do you all think? Gotta work on exits and making sure I'm not taking too much size on a trade. I have a habit of going too big on a trade from greed and not keeping price action range and movement in mind. With a $4500 account, more than 3% before commissions is really good. I'm shooting for 1% and increasing from there, but gotta be A1 at all times because 1 wrong trade with bad sizing will ruin it all. I've seen this so many times from resetting my simulator many times over. $TPR - Missed the ORBD. I wait for the first 5-minutes regardless of what I see. Good entry there, though from the 9MA 1-minute.
  4. Hi Guys! This is JB and I really want to thank Andrew for being such an excellent and inspiring teacher for me and for creating this amazing community full of dedicated and serious traders! I want to start this topic to share with the community all my journey in the simulator. I appreciate any feedback from you guys. So this is officially day one and here is my video recap:
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