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  1. Thanks @Angela Kuzeva, I read that on a live account you have to pay an extra $15/mo so I wasn't sure if that was the case with the sim and/or it was just not an option.
  2. Hi all, apologies if this has been asked but I can't see it listed anywhere. Does the BBT Das Simulator (https://bearbulltraders.com/order-das-simulator/) include the replay feature or is that only available in the live verison? Thanks
  3. @Justin ahh, I think I understand now. The initial range is the range will be accepted to enter the order, then the stop loss gets added after the initial order is placed. I didn't get chance to try it out today but I'll give it a shot tomorrow. Thanks again!
  4. Hey All, @Justinthanks for posting this! I'm having trouble understanding what's going on though, I'm probably misunderstanding what it's supposed to do but after setting the stop position with part 1 and then creating the market order with step 2 I was expecting the market entry to be at the price selected at part 1 and the entry to be at the price selected at part 2 but that doesn't seem to be happening. The number of shares is being calculated correctly but the stop price seems to be the price selected in part 2 and the entry price seems to be 5c above that. So essentially part 1 is only used for the share calculation and not for the actual stop loss. Example: Double click the chart at 250 Press "Part 1" hotkey Double click the chart at 251 Press "Part 2" hotkey After step 4 a market order will be created at 251.05 with a stop loss at 251. That seems to match what I'm seeing in the script so I assume it is international? Price=Price+.05;...;StopPrice=Price; Is that right or maybe I'm using this wrong? Thanks again!
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