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  1. lol yeah that's what makes it fun though right!! I definitely will! I took 2 PRs Friday and they worked out to be a couple of great trades, thanks for including all the detail in your recaps.
  2. @Rob C No PDT rule makes sense, that's pretty sweet, you'll have to let me know how the training is. I have the same problem with the hardstop, but then if I mental stop out before the hardstop I get irritated if it turns around and moves in my direction, so now I usually let it hit my stop.
  3. @Rob C How are you liking trading futures? I've worked in SIM with and without hardstops, definitely a must for me too.
  4. @Christopher Patterson That's awesome! I'll check out your recaps
  5. That's awesome, what time of day do you like for trading PRs?
  6. That's awesome. Trading is coming along, I'm getting decent at swing trading but my day trading is improving slower than I would like. Mostly have been focused on ORBs since have to work the rest of the day. What about you, favorite strategies?
  7. That sounds amazing. I've been working from home so get some more time in the morning to trade before I have to jump on calls... one of the few positives from all this. What are you studying?
  8. Hi Bay Area Traders, How's trading going, anyone making any super fast improvements through covid-times? It's been nice to spend more time trading.
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