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  1. All - This season is slow to start. I have a team dinner for my banking group on the 3rd, so if there isn’t a good snowfall to justify skipping it - I’m going to skip the meet up. So, pray for snow, but I’m not confirmed until I see at least a half meter to a meter of pow pow.
  2. I am in - Just need to confirm that I'm able to make it for that weekend, but I am 99% sure I can.
  3. @mcconel22 - Yassss… That’s 3 of us. If we get enough people, let’s find an Airbnb for apres ski Saturday night. (Sorry for hijacking the thread about mountain stuff - maybe make this another side thread?)
  4. @mau- I’ve got the IKON, so I’m down for Cypress. I can get there on Thursday night - Let’s coordinate.. Anyone else??
  5. I might be down to join - Any skiers out there? If I go to Vancouver in the winter, I’m also going to hit the slopes… Arrive Thursday night, trade Friday, party hard - then ski hard Saturday/Sunday?
  6. Have you gotten an answer for this? I'm researching this now.
  7. I have finally joined. After about 2 months of trading on my own, I've taken the plunge and want to see what this group is all about. I've been a financial professional for the past 15 years and made my way into executive management for a private company pre covid. Once covid hit, I was without a job, kids at home from school, and you know the rest... So, I've decided to start trading daily. Though I've had my series 7 & 66 in the past, day trading is completely different. It is great to have a baseline understanding of everything, but day trading is not investing - it is much more! So, here I am to learn from a community that seems to be on it. My preference is day trading options as my exposure is much less and I stay focused on high volume stocks/options trading for liquidity. Hope to learn a lot as I explore the website more. Thanks!
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