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  1. Week of March 15th I decided to go from watching the 30 and the 5, to watching the 5 and the 1, my new U.I is going to look something like this .. I also think it's time to just pick 1 stock to watch the first hour. That's it, trading off the 5 minute I feel like I can manage a few and have a good idea how everything is moving, but with the 1 minute it's just too fast, and there are too many "pretty good trades" that just aren't gonna get me where I want. I feel like I'm spread to thin and it's time to refine my focus. So, I think it'd be good practice to do an extremely thorough premarket analysis, and pick the 1 stock with the best catalyst, the best levels, the best L2 and just watch that. Rules - I can partial again! but, only at logical levels, a 2R-3R move is still a great trade. Only can watch 1 Stock 3 Trades max Every trade counts towards my weekly R count Strategy: Orbs, ABCDs, PRs, Double B/T, HoDB/LoDB, VPA Unless I'm trading momentum, every entry must have a technical level that has PROVED to be significant and has clearly been respected the last few days. Also, have fun. I got 99 problems but trading ain't one HUA.
  2. These 2 screenshots sum up my week ...
  3. Trading update/summary Week of 1 March 2021 Recap/Review
  4. I tried to use finviz but I need an upgraded membership for what I want to get. Here's a list that I have now if anyone is interested, I'd like to add to it. I check the ones intra day that are trading with a high rvol. Thanks!
  5. I think your strategy makes perfect sense from a technical/number crunching perspective. However, I think most traders that have been doing this for a while would agree with me when I say that trading is much more about psychology than analytics. If you traded this way live and you took a trade with heavy size that goes your way, there is going to be a very strong impulse to hold (because of the fear/greed of missing out on large profit) . If it goes against you, there is also going to be a very strong impulse to hold (because of the fear of realizing a heavy loss). I think a strategy like this may work for a computer trading algorithm, but the psychology required for this is well beyond a beginner / intermediate live trader. So to put it bluntly, I think this approach is an excellent way to blow up an account. -Chris
  6. Week of 11 Jan 2021 Recap. I chose to jump back in SIM this week. My personal life got busy, I had to move and school starting next week. So far I have about 11 months in SIM and 3 Months total live experience. I hope everyone is doing well, it's neat to see more people doing journals on here, I'll try and do better about weekly recaps, when I post a live recap for BBT I'll also post it here as well. pt 1 pt 2
  7. For anyone stopping by I'm still trading just not doing as many video recaps. I'll be uploading weekly recaps here still.
  8. great trading! Patient entries, keep it up. :)
  9. https://youtu.be/9RpWk__wAec https://youtu.be/TVo5TnkZqSI couple more trades after the more session. R.I.P $DOCU
  10. - Weekly Review - - Thoughts for next week - Trade Management - not getting enough out of winners -open 5 min plays should wait until break of HoD or LoD and then ADD in and partial heavily. -okay with partially at 2:1, but if the level 2 is heavily confirming my bias, be greedy. ; -be more patient with winners, however, I have to justify being greedy. If I'm up 2Rs and took a wide stop, just take the 2R if there is no strong reason to say in. -when in doubt, get out. Especially with PRs. - Continue to work on trade entries - BIG PICTURE - -have to trade setup -VPA has to be there -price levels have to be clean -market has to be NOT be against me - unless it's a hard catalyst stock - Overall - Keep working on market awareness Keep working on VPA It's okay to take range plays / support resistance trades when the VPA is right and the level is extremely clean. like $EL It's ok to take aggressive stops with high volume hammers Take the tightest stop that you can justify VPA HAS TO BE THERE ESPECIALLY WITH PRs!!!!!!!! Ascending triangle must have crisp price levels - OR ITS JUST NOT WORTH IT SO KNOW YOU'RE NOT MISSING OUT Stop with the crappy ABCDs Great week, keep it up! VPA - Setups only - Clean levels - Better trade management.
  11. - Recap - HMM probably should have let this one run for a bit ... T_T lol
  12. 1 more after walk, not that proud of it but got me daily goal
  13. - Recap- - Review - - $BABA had 3 great plays I missed!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -
  14. Great learning week! - Weekly Recap - -Trading update-
  15. What up BBT! I'm looking for a hotkey that is similar to the freeroll hotkey, but it calculates and adds the amount of shares needed so if you stop out at your new stop, you'll lose your original -1R. Right now I'm using 100% / 150% / ect.. adds and estimating where my new -1R stop is, but I'd like to have something more precise. So assuming price went your direction, and you add, you're risking all your unrealized + 1R. -Chris
  16. Proud of this one! Lots of support, it pulled back to the high of the previous range on the daily, and also the first pivot at the open, threw a double hammer on the 2 min above the 50 SMA, nice engulfings on the 1 min, and also the increase in volume. There was a LOT of buyers getting in to this and the level 2 on the ask side was stacked.
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