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  1. Hi team, I am looking to add a marker whenever there is an isolated pivot on my chart. Not the Pivot Point Study which puts pivot lines on the chart, but markers whenever there is an isolated pivot high or pivot low based off candles. Any ideas? Thanks!
  2. Rick Lee

    Bend OR BBT Meetup

    A newly formed group is going to try to meet bi-monthly. If you're in central Oregon and want to join reach out and we'll make it happen.
  3. Had a great meet and great with some other BBT members over the weekend! Planning on meeting up every couple weeks to support one another. Anyone else in Central Oregon and want to join?
  4. @Gareth Jones, any update on how this strategy has been working for you?
  5. @paul ang, there's also a way to set one or the other account to be your default: Bu sure to hit "apply to all exchanges" or whatever the equivalent is to make sure your stick.
  6. @KyleK29, just got this to work. I believe you need to update your tool to add "; HorizontalLine;" to the end of your script generator.
  7. Thor taught this strategy in yesterday's morning session and I was able to put it to use the very same day, thanks @Thor! I'm sure I missed some details, but the gist is to use levels of support/resistance combined with volume supported bounces to go short or long in the other direction. Thor said he was planning on doing a video around this idea soon, but thought I'd share what I gathered first. After further thought about it this type of trade, it has similarities to @Peter's Mountain Pass strategy, but with more emphasis on volume. It worked out pretty well for me on SQ yesterday. Setup: When a stock hits a level of resistance and then rejects with volume that's the "Top of the Volume Range" The stock then bounces off a support with volume which sets the "Bottom of the Volume Range" The long position should be taken as close to the "Bottom of the Volume Range" as possible The target is the "Top of the Volume Range" I'm sure there's more to it than this, looking forward to learning more when Thor's able to put something more detailed together.
  8. @Mike B, do you by chance have an updated version of the Total Trader you'd be willing to share?
  9. This as an amazing resource, thank you @Matthew!
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