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  1. No other services. Alot depends on ur trader personality. BBT provides nearly 100% of what you need, T.I. Scanners, BENZINGA news / Squawk, Mental support etc. Listen to the moderators in chat, ask questions here and chat room, test different methods and the process....LEARN ur trading platform inside out....DAS, and u will grow slowly. It will feel like drinking from a fire hose, but work through it.
  2. Not required, unless u have funds to burn. Utilize BBT scanners and DAS scanners. Once u have mastered trading and want to refine ur stock selection process then u can invest in T.I. scanners. That will be in abt 12 mths, I estimate. Between DAS and BBT scanners u should be good in short to medium term.
  3. The 8:00 am NYT wicks are created by an internal clearing process among the exchanges/market makers. Bankers from the old days would clear cheques accepted/paid on behalf of other banks to increase efficiency, speed and better customer service. This is all internal and done at low transaction point of the day for the previous day. It has its roots when paper cheques were heavily used. Its all electronic now but same concept. The horizontal levels it creates existed before and are price ranges at which transactions happen during the previous day. Its very logical if u are a central banker from the old days. Its like an Automated Clearing House (ACH) software solution process except its for STOCKS. In my pervious life was a software dev/consultant/project manager/head cook and bottle washer for the integration and implementation of retail banking and investment banking systems and networks, Thor calls it "Tin Foil Line" ........ bcoz he was applying a conspiracy theory to its creation of the wicks. Google Tin Foil hat. Ask him during his sessions. But serious regulations and compliance restrictions guide the MM who MUST operate ethically, bcoz they are guaranteed a profit for providing Market Making functions to the market. Market Makers are almost like a monopoly (e.g. OPEC...oligopoly / monopoly / cartel, ur choice).
  4. I have not seen a option to customize....its default set to white LU or LD. Suggest you do not use white in any of ur custom colors so LU & LD will show easier. U could ask for DAS to allow u to customize. But edits by DAS take long, i have bugs, and edit requests in going 12 mths now.
  5. You folks checked out vids on YouTube with basic training: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYKT06cEx_c and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1MLi--03l2M The elgato web site has the online tools for creation of custom keys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vam5qz2Uw7o Advanced UX design would be Jason H area, he is the SME in design.
  6. DAS offers a live CHAT support session from the DAS website. They will help with script dev real time. Within BBT, Justin and Kyle are the standout resource for DAS scripting. I would even dare to say tht BBTs internal support for scripting is better than DAS. Oh boy that statement may hurt me in future.....just stating facts as I see it now. But rinran u know BBTs community has best.
  7. IMHO try this for a stock and see if u get a better pic 1. Add a T&S widow between chart and montague 2) On chart, config it to show BID/ASK and remove LAST PRICE so its not too much being displayed. 1 min chart only. This will also give u feel of spread easier IMHO. 3) When watching tape focus ur eyes on topline T&S while ur peripheral vision is on chart to left of T&S and montague on the right. Try i c if u get a better feel.....LAST PRICE will be in TS
  8. hey u realize DAS 5,5.1 / .2 did some upgrades to ORDER processing ? I am sure u are. Seems to allow for multiple trigger orders.... This seems good i can now have multiple targets defined in one hotkey. awesome. Spread my shares across multiple trigger orders Did they give u the internal variables for easy internal manipulation of data in order scripts ? EDIT: posted in wrong thread...sorry....
  9. Yep i am OCD also.....real OCD.....had to find a way to align my charts quick. glad it worked for u.
  10. Have you folks heard of the M/soft software FANCY ZONES. Its free and does this for u very quick. Google and download its free. Part of Windows Power Toys. The windows snap into place and location is all customized to ur specific requirement. Windows has a an old school "arrange" type feature also but not as good as FANCY ZONES.
  11. U should also know u can run the SD software on ur mobile phone/tablet (new phone or second device)......to test or permanently. $3/mth.......pls consult the ELGATO website for more details. Same basic setup. Trial period also available.. I highly recommend.
  12. Great idea...also promote that ur mobile phone can be a stream deck device....the software runs on Iphone/android. More info on Elgato website.
  13. Ok cool. Was not in the last chg log. Still waiting on any of items in my last list of requests.
  14. Does this HOTKEY help ? Its been a min since I set this up....but if the below does not help I can expand. ConfigTrendLine horzline dashdotline:1a6316:1:ffffff:1a6316 ; HorizontalLine ;
  15. Aurbano, This week my chat room style stopped working perfectly. See pic attached. Over this week I noticed: 1. Sliding Moderator chat no longer slides 2. Two or three chars are cut off, in the margin of chat display area (See yellow area in attached) Was looking in code but did not find anything tht stands out as the problem. Can u give me some guidance on how to fix to original pls. Did u also have this prob after room was "upgraded" ?
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