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  1. Your approach seems very very solid and I am sure this will help MANY MANY traders in the community understand the ADVANCED updates DAS has made to hotkeys scripts. I have not looked at it in detail but u seem to be very comprehensive in ur approach. BIG BIG THANK YOU for sharing. Will provide feedback once I get a chance to test the details.
  2. Yeah,....it was a mod I requested from DAS but got no movement on. Any mods I request and dont get a fast enough response on I usually look for ways to to code myself using AutoHotKeys...............but some like this one cannot be done. But tht was in the early days, now more focused on being a CPT. Thks.
  3. Sorry not montage.....in mkt list so I could sort on them. ATR. I'm getting old.
  4. Going to play with it again.......has been a long time since I tried.
  5. ur are correct........I totally missed it as u showed in the other thread. Bcoz i hide tht line/data tht had the decimal value in config chart......I know I can hide the average line on chart in the background...........need to check this again as I am now thinking as I type this tht if I hide the average line on the chart it will hide the decimal value. may need to play with it to find the right combo of options.....has been a long time since I config'd those values. The edit/mod I had requested a few yrs back was the ability to SHORT by the ATR in the montage.
  6. This ATR issue has been a problem for me for yrs.......not getting the way I want it.......Burger King way...LOL. Looking to get it on the chart as a decimal value or in montage. Not sure if any recent mods have been implemented by DAS.
  7. @peterB Wanted to pick ur brain since u did some comprehensive work with DAS developers........on ATR........do u see a way to display/print the tickers ATR value as a decimal value on the chart OR in the Market List via the new Advanced HOTKEY scripts or any other method. This is enhancement I requested from DAS over 2 yrs ago but have not been done even after a few resubmissions. Thks in advance. *Mkt List not montage
  8. Well thks for working with them to streamline this functionality. I know Kyle was trying to get them to do some of this functionality, 1 - 2 yrs back, but I have not seen/heard from him for sometime. It definitely makes coding the hotkeys much easier, again thks for the time and effort. I will check in with you if I need help or have any questions.
  9. Wow.....I did not know DAS revamped or added all tht functionality. Thks. Just viewed ur substack will have dig deeper when I get home. Any other sources for me reference for syntax/functions/commands.....thks in advance.
  10. IMHO all data is important. But by way of this thread, I will ask Paras to comment directly as he is an authentic tape reader (demoed in BBT room many times) and is in the process of dev a focused tape reading course for BBT members. @Sultaan aka Paras Jandwani. During one of his first tape reading sessions in the BBT room he actually presented this observation. I will let him respond to this here in his own words...I hope he responds. Floor is open to you Paras.................
  11. Interesting view/interpretation of these orders. BBT Moderator Paras uses them for a different interpretation, maybe you should run ur views by him on Tuesday and/or Thursday around 10 AM EST. He uses the orders to tell him a story abt what is abt to happen.
  12. A perfect response to ur question from a professional trading company. Why Reading the tape is so important ($TSLA Example) - YouTube
  13. They claim to have made adjustments/improvement to it starting today. I have not been able to confirm if it has an improvement. A few of the tickers are not as low as before for some tickers but have not made a comprehensive examination inside DAS.
  14. Thks for the heads up.. Wht is the objective of CMEG with this new position ? Do they want traders to increase the size of the accts ? Is it that they need assets (i.e funds in the traders acct) to justify being a broker ? Maybe its better they issues a doc with tickers that give the 6:1 margin. Can u post the doc here ?
  15. Tape reading......is just another indicator........the trader uses it, if it fits into ur strategy. If it does not fit, drop that indicator. Some traders do not use RSI, others love it. It boils down to ur style of trading and objectives. Some traders do not use candle stick charts, only L2 and T&S to trade. U need to decide that.
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