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  1. @Brian Pez I was thinking abt this.......So I would set a LIMIT order in the opposite direction of my ENTRY to act as my STOP, similar to my TAKE PROFIT, same share size. Then I can sleep at night ? LOL. Reduce quantity/size since after hours are thin ensuring I get fully filled amount.
  2. Correct for both......Demo and news is an additional. I get my news from TraderView. I do not know anyone who uses the DAS news feed. Other traders use FinViz news service and BBT provides Benzinga via BBT website/chat session.
  3. Check this post for specific mechanical steps which I use to read/intrepret the tape. It maybe helpful or it maybe a waste of time, either way read, digest, discuss and provide ur opinions. https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/1916-bookmap-for-learning-level-2-and-ts/?do=findComment&comment=22979
  4. Both Kyle and I have observed strange DAS coding methods. We tinker using our past coding experience. Kyle is much better, as I am 25+ yrs removed from active coding. Also I am OCD.....LOL....so the flag not being the right color as the line was a true nuisance...........ha...ha. Enjoy.
  5. I think u will need to manage/delete the horizontal after activation or end of day as u see fit. But better than nothing.
  6. U could try adding a horizontal line automatically to the location u clicked. I saw this somewhere, did not use it myself but script/code would look like this: AlertName=Above/Greater;AlertType=LastPrice;AlertOperator=>=;PopupWindow=Yes;Speak=Yes;AutoDelete=Yes;AddAlert; ConfigTrendLine horzline dotline:8f3e24:1:ffffff:8f3e24 ;HorizontalLine ; U can change the configuration of the horizontal line to ur own preference. Example of how to get the colors to ur preference can be found with Kyles Tool here: WEB UTILITY: DAS Hotkey Line Style Configuration tool. - DAS Trader Pro Tips and Tricks - Bear Bull Traders Forums
  7. A text file in the CHAT ROOM is located under the folder option/icon, top right side of the screen. Click the icon u will see a list of files. I have attached samples for ur convenience. Suggest you visit/download from that link. He has made recent updates so it may not be exact/latest code but it should work. Thors_DAS_HotButtons_DAS-SIM-CMEG-TD-onlyV2.txtThors_DAS_HotButtons_IBCO-onlyV2.txt
  8. @Luxen U are getting very specific....u are really thinking and observing. I like details too. Seems like u could be a great scalper in the making. Responding to ur questions below: 1. U on the right track here. Uptick if the order is filled above last/previous price only. If the price did not move the order was aggressive but not aggressive enough (small quantity). This a potential signal if ur at support/resistance. 2. See ALL my comments here...........https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/3101-level-2-tape-reading/?tab=comments#comment-22588 3. L2 is the future will potentially happen next in another nano second maybe. L1 is what just completed. hope that helps......
  9. Comments from BBT Discord Channel which I think are relevant to this thread....see below: SubZero — 09/30/2021 Thanks @Alastair! Will read through these posts. BTW: I heavily use bookmap for orderflow and micro-trends (because i scalp quite a bit) and i cant seem to correlate the "inside" orders in DAS with what i see in bookmap Alastair — 09/30/2021 Great, so u will be familiar with the concept of the AGGRESSIVE and PASSIVE orders from boookmap training. So my logical reasoning, "Inside" orders are LIMIT orders placed on the fly using A.I. or script (BID + ASK / 2 rounded to 4 decimal places sometimes) so the trader hides his intention and/or simply the institution is trying to get the best price as 2 cents makes a huge diff when u are moving millions of shares. They would not be seen in bookmap, as PASSIVE, they were placed and then absorbed/filled immediately by MM (too fast for ur eyes to see, but will be on T&S as WHITE). Not sure how Bookmap represents/accumulates them after execution i.e. red/green balls. I know DAS will look for the previous AGGRESSIVE order and accumulate the number of shares of the passive order as that type of last aggressive order i.e. red or green.
  10. I know nothin abt this topic, BUT I read a trader called Sang Lucci did this. He actually setup a company in PR which other traders may use and work from. Google him and see if you can find the name of his company in PR. He does have a unique personality. Has many vids on YouTube. Jus sharing info.
  11. I do not know of the facts,....... but as a trader anything can be bought/sold. Deals can be cut on the side, u just have to find the right buyer. Explore ur options.
  12. Sorry to see but once u know u made a true effort. Good luck. U could explore selling/renting your lifetime membership too. Recover as much a possible.
  13. Using my opinion and observations I will reply with the following answers: 1a. If L2 is bullish, T&S is bullish, Candle Sticks (i.e. 5min and/or 1 min) are bullish and volume on 5min/1 min is increasing over previous and you are at support (i.e. Thor's WHERE) look to pull trigger for longs. U also should have plan for your target and partials. Stops behind the level or being aggressive a few cents behind the price level u observed the large order/transaction. 1b. Interpreting a bullish T&S: Aggressive bullish transactions are green (the default colors) orders, BUT has the price MOVED UP from the previous price level on the LARGE T&S tape display ? If YES then bulls at that point in time (and for the next 5 seconds) are winning and it may continue. This could be the start of the move or just a glitch in the MATRIX.....LOL. U have to have the probability on your side, hence reason or need for selecting or observing the best WHERE (levels), Order Size on T&S, Candles etc. and using a STOP. Extrapolate the Aggressive Bullish T&S scenario above, to the Aggressive Bearish scenario and a Neutral scenario on the T&S. ...... Did the PRICE move in the direction of your bias after the aggressive order on the large T&S ? This is the signal u need to observer on T&S. 2. Passive orders can get filled in between BID/ASK. You can drop a passive order at any price as a limit order. Passive orders do not move the price of the market, generally. They could be called neutral. Very large players can get permission to enter with PASSIVE limit/orders. As an ex-banker during FOREX auctions for foreign currency, only staff and very large corporate customers of the bank had the privilege of using the mid-rate, i.e. in between the BID/ASK. I assume it is the same here, as all banking processes are the same, they are just applied to different systems or flows of money in a capitalistic economy. Pension Funds are some of the largest institutional players and target certain stocks. So for APPL and TLSA I would assume that the PENSION funds, MM, super large players BUFFET, BEZOS transactions are done, sometimes in blocks (i.e. by Dark Pool exchanges), in between the bid/ask so they have minimum effect on market price, or after market close in the reconciliation, showing up in the candle chart at 8:00am. When trading APPL and TLSA a independent/retail trader will then have to watch the white transactions and observe if the price moved up or down with/after large orders on T&S. I personally and other SMB traders generally just watch the digits to the right of the decimal point for any changes on the large tape. Tickers with extremely high institutional owners also have these characteristics. @Milos RandelovicHope the above helped. Prefer to voice chat to explain these concepts.
  14. For me yes.....more info here....https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/1916-bookmap-for-learning-level-2-and-ts/?tab=comments#comment-14463 Note: I said for me ..... Aiman has stated many times he does not use L2 or T&S. I enjoy finding confluences to confirm my thesis.......T&S gives ENTRY......while L2 gives TARGETS. They are just additional indicators. New traders need to learn how to read/interpret the indicators they use. Unfortunately many senior traders do not teach some of the critical components of the indicators leading to long painful learning curves.
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