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  1. Are u in SIM ? it will act different in SIM bcoz of DAS differences between SIM and LIVE and CMEG and IB.
  2. One man can make a difference ......... @Andrew Aziz u need this guy on ur web team. He creates great interfaces and visuals and understands how traders work. Excellent set of skills to compliment BBT's team. His body of work/contributions to the community is really appreciated.
  3. I hear the frustration in ur above comment. @Justin and @KyleK29 are resident experts on DAS and orders types/scripts, they will respond soon I hope. i know just enough to confused myself. Jus hang in until they see have time to respond.
  4. Wow, ur a little wizard......... how do u dream up things like this.
  5. DAS has a tool called Fib Retracement which could be repurposed for this. If DAS would modify this tool to allow the custom levels in a hotkey, via scripts, it would be helpful. Kyle has a bit of info on this here: https://forums.bearbulltraders.com/topic/912-an-idea-for-drawing-risk-reward-in-das/?tab=comments#comment-17145 But I would suggest u also send a request into DAS support via email to allow for the setup of custom levels in Fib Retrace with a script/hotkey tool and u could set all the levels for ur Rs. Each button could have different levels depending on ur needs. The more people that request and follow up on the request the higher probability that it will be done. Yes i have a request in but I would appreciate that u also request the enhancement too.
  6. Kyle has it one the agenda, so watch his Monday sessions.
  7. Surprised nobody responded as a lot of people use IB and DAS with the tiered/per share option. Unfortunately I do not use IB.
  8. LOL....we should have a summit, u think !!!
  9. I closed my acct with them and switched to CMEG. Customer service at CMEG is world class plus read this link abt Alliance below: https://www.loopjamaica.com/content/alliance-financial-ipo-remains-suspended Not great from a brand perspective but do ur double checks. http://jamaica-gleaner.com/article/business/20201230/alliance-financial-suspends-2-billion-ipo-regulators-probe-matter
  10. Do you use MARKETABLE LIMITS in pre-market ? If not, do u know if its possible ? Whts ur expert opinion ? I am also trying to understand the best use of STOP LIMITS in pre-market and general market.
  11. I'm sure I saw an tick box in DAS which does this automatically too. Not near trade station, but sure I saw it recently.
  12. To add to ur comments u could also do the below command to config the horizontal line in the hotkey: ConfigTrendLine horzline dashdotline:1a6316:1:ffffff:1a6316 ;HorizontalLine ; Which gives the Hex color value for the line and line flag.
  13. Yep CMEG on the ball.......many improvements over time esp since getting Suretrader customers. Email specific tech support questions on the platform, they respond with detail instruction with screen grabs BUT, they do the due diligence before opening acct. like a real financial institution.
  14. Thanks for the above response. Another question for @Justin or @KyleK29 on pre-market trading. Missing too many great opps in pre-market, time to start trading it. As per normal, my broker only accepts LIMIT orders with TIF set to DAY in pre-market. To minimize buttons in montage I would like to use the default XL Sheet scripts BUY / SELL in pre-market. as they are already on montage. I am assuming the TRIGGER order part of script will just reject and allow the BUY order part to go through ? Will close the trade with normal scale out LIMIT orders from XL sheet also 10% to 100% scripts ? With a profit or loss. Is my interpretation correct ? No more additional buttons required.
  15. Generally u have the major criteria correct. Sometimes u see the turn sometimes u do not. And it comes with time, chart time under ur belt. 1. A level, significant one 2. Exhaustive or climatic volume compared to previous candles 3. Candle Pattern, Doji, Hammer, Engulfing, Harami 4. Break of high or the previous pattern in 3 above 5. Time / Sales - orders hitting the ASK, usually green. Tape speeding up 6. Montage - BIDS stacking, ASK lifting, ASK thinner than BIDS
  16. Ok thks.....I will wakeup at 4 EST and run a few tests using the test symbol ZVZZT and my SIM acct. The data feed should start flowing at that time.
  17. Ok wht I am assuming (need clarification/confirmation) is if I add CXL ALLSYMB to my BUY button (the first position) is put on with no problem as I had no orders.....the CXL ALLSYMB does nothing, has no effect. This position has a STOP based on where I double clicked. OK, then next......... the market moves in my direction, I'm in profit, I see a potential add setup........I double click my stop price on chart then click same BUY button........the CXL ALLSYMB clears the 1st STOP.......and calculates shares and and BUYS then Trigger order puts in a STOP for both POS.........(I am assuming POS is a system value meaning the whole position) .......... which is TOTAL size of both BUY orders. Basically this is "moving" the stop on 1st position as I double clicked above the entry price of 1st BUY order, which technically is in profit..........and only now have one R risk on, which is the 2nd BUY. This is what I am trying to confirm. Hopefully someone like @Justin or @KyleK29 can confirm.....or say i am typing rubbish. I believe the " ; " at the beginning of script has no effect. Willing to be corrected as I am not the subject matter expert (SME) on this topic. But I have not seen any difference in the trades I have put on in the past. I actually just removed them from the beginning of my scripts 10 mins ago trying to be neat. So will start tomorrow real slow unless the experts say otherwise.
  18. @kyleK29 U know I am just realizing that ur XL sheet BUY script is a very good script to ADD for a 2nd position, 3rd position to the Nth position also. All u need to do is add ;CXL ALLSYMB; to the at the beginning. So one single button can be 1st BUY and the Nth BUY. The STOP would be moved for the full position, i.e. including the 1st BUY, to the value u double clicked on for the 2nd BUY, the stop price. U do not need a dedicated ADD unless u need a different risk amt or percentage. Basically I can do this for my SSR Shrt and SELL scripts too. It would reduce the number of buttons I have. All my positions would be the same risk which is fine for me. This would eliminate 3 buttons for me, which I like, less buttons less confusion/errors. Am I correct ?
  19. DAS support just confirmed the max number for this box is "limitless". Awesome sauce !!! Definite upgrade this weekend.
  20. @Abiel That "configuration" means you have a max number or u can configure it to be any number ?
  21. Ram, thks. Do u know if it has a max limit now ? Can we enter any amt now ? Like all 9999999999's LOL. I saw tht screen while @KyleK29 was sharing his screen, but I had already reverted to the old version. Was thinking abt "re-upgrading" to 5.6 over week-end but need to know the max Global Trend lines limit. I neva delete my levels as they do not change once u have the correct level its a permanent level. may have to reach out to DAS support if u dont know the answer. again thks.
  22. This looks great.......currently I add a percentage when the trade is in my direction, guessing/calc in my head. So this would stream line my percent adding I assume. Where do u suggest to double click to set the stop ?
  23. Not the perfect solution but BBT community did the following and it worked for them....see thread below.
  24. @Paul aka Aurbano I am sending an SoS to you. I need ur help and time with a CSS for Finviz.com. Pls read the below BBT thread and tell me if u can help with this tool, the CSS part. Currently running the dark theme on Finviz. Many thks in advance.
  25. I like one the features of AquaSnap ........... can stick "N" number of small windows together and move as one. Awesome, BIG THK YOU. Hope more community members share neat little tools like these that help improve productivity / efficiency.
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