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  1. Is there a way to make the “info” box that shows candle data whenever I click on a candle, bigger? It has price high low open close volume, I’m not sure what that box is actually called. I’ll get a pic next time I pull it up, but hopefully someone knows what I’m talking about.
  2. A little bit of everything today, 6/9, but only +1.7R, but they were all TradeBook setups, another successful day of avoiding the dreaded "NO Setup" 1MinOrbDown 5MinOrbUp, then 3 different 5MinOrbDown 5MinOrbDown MP PP MP
  3. Missed the first hour of trading today, had a Doctor appointment. Nasal/Allergy checkup only, nothing serious. Again today I was very disciplined with the "No Strategy" problem. I watched all day long and only took one trade! WFC Mountain Pass I did not like the lack of enthusiasm (Volume) after the second bottom, so I took a partial at the 50SMA. then the lack of enthusiasm once it crossed the 50 was another sign that this didn't have the juice that most of these setups have. I exited before BE once it lost the 50 a second time. Here is a trade I should have taken, but when I typed NKLA in chat, Aiman flipped to it and said "Nothing is happening here". I have to remember, this is my TradeBook setup, other traders have different setups and indicators they like.....this looked good to me and I should have taken it. Would have easily reached 2R on this trade. maybe more. Aiman doesn't care much about volume, he is a candle pattern genius though. I really liked the Volume spike at the bottom and the long lower wick. then when the next low happened, another long wick. Lesson learned. Solid first week back to a LIVE account. I had one bad day of "No Strategy" but have put some tricks into place to help with that. For the week I was -0.43R. Excited to take my new discipline trading into next week. See you all Tuesday.
  4. Nine trades today. All were TradeBook setups, but I did break two rules. Traded before the first 1Minute candle finished, and traded in the last hour. Two days in a row that I have stayed away from “No Setup” trades.
  5. 3 Trades today even though I was trading all day, that's a big step for me. Only had one winner, but all three were nice TradeBook Setups.
  6. UGGG Max Loss today -3R Here is how my open started. Yesterday I requested they change my trading permissions to regular hours only, no Pre or Post market trades. They must have f'd it up, because when I went long on WFC for a 1MinOrb it gave me a Trade Time error. It would have been a minimum 1.5R Trade, and maybe even a 2.5R trade. It sucks psychologically to start the day that way. Once I got CMEG to straighten it out, I forced some trades that were not setups. Tried to force these AMD trades, Short, stopped out, LONG stopped out, Long again with a couple partials UBER Parabolic Pullback, but I did not wait for a reversal candle.......Not good. The second entry was just 10 shares, I was testing to see if my account was working properly again. OSTK Parabolic Pullback, This is one of the main struggles I have with this TradeBook, Sometimes the 9onthe% is good R:R, but I know the 1Min chart is not steep enough with big candles, I still get tempted by the R:R it provides and enter. I need to be self aware during these times and pass. I should probably take the stock off of my screen completely if the angle looks like this, even if the (on% looks nice. I had 4 Trades today that were not in my TradeBooks, I was thinking of a punishment....I hate clutter, so I printed them out to clutter my desk up tomorrow, and be a reminder I don't want to add to the clutter with more "No Strategy" trades. Let's see if this works, lol.
  7. After that trade, I'm pleased to say that I sat at my station all day, and did not take another trade in SIM or LIVE. I consider that a good sign that my discipline to stick to TradeBook setups only is improving. Let's go 2021.
  8. CMEG is turned back on. I planned to take today to make sure all charts layouts, screen layouts, and hotkeys were working properly in sim.....Nothing was working at the open, I couldn't make an entry....no errors showing my why. So I switched to live and took a position, it worked. So I lost 0.6R on that. Went back to SIM and nothing. FYI, you have to set your buying power in SIM. Once I changed it from zero everything worked good. After testing most of my needed HotKeys, I decided to switch to my "Observe Layout" that doesn't even have a trade montage. It all looked good, so I switched back to "Trading Layout" and yep, I forgot to switch it back to SIM. So I took a LIVE trade on accident. It was my MountainPass setup, so it was ok. Tried a different screen capture method, so posting this to see if it still looks fuzzy like before. Still looks blurry. I'm going to try what Rob suggested above tomorrow.
  9. Here is a spreadsheet I', currently working on to track my individual setup performances EDIT, I don't know why my screenshots are so crappy when I screen shot my full monitor. Maybe I need a better app than the regular snipping tool.....anyone know if I am doing something wrong?
  10. @NikkiB I dabbled in day trading in 2019, then in February of 2020 I traded every day, but most of the days I just traded the first 45 minutes. So I had a solid 7 1/2 months before the BootCamp. But I can’t even consider the first 3-4 months in my “live” account as trading. I didn’t have an edge. So I guess I was still pretty green entering the BootCamp. The advice I would give anyone entering the next BootCamp. Leverage your coach/team leader, communicate with them on developing your rules, and TradeBook. And do it early in the BootCamp. Also have Ardi change your daily max loss to 3-4 times your risk per trade. I asked a few times at the beginning to lower my daily max loss, but was told we weren’t allowed. Then in the end another trader told me Ardi did change his daily max for him. Don’t focus on the number you need to reach, it puts added pressure on you to be profitable. Just trade well and it will show in your equity curve. Treat your TradeBook and daily review and journal like a science project. They are supposed to focus more on the mentoring this second time, so take advantage of it. Another thing I struggled with was journaling in Chartlog. I tried to just add that to my normal journaling routine. That was way too much. I was basically trying to journal in 3 different programs, I used OneNote and TraderVue before the BootCamp. so adding the third journaling aspect made me rush through my journaling to get stuff entered, I didn’t really “absorb” my daily performance like I usually do with my normal routine. I would suggest just focusing on using chartlog for your review and journal. I believe if I had dropped the other stuff and just used Chartlog, it would have saved me some time and relieved some stress. Start writing down your edge/TradeBook now, get a head start on the BootCamp Process. Feel free to ask any other questions, I’d be happy to give you my thoughts.
  11. I am back.....I couldn't find the time to post here while I was in the Peak Capital Bootcamp. It finished mid December and I have not traded since then. I did not do well enough to earn a spot with the firm, but the experience did a lot to help my trading progress. When I get some extra time I will post some of what I have developed during the BootCamp. The disappointing part is I could not stay away from trades outside of my TradeBook. I don't know if it is something that will continue to hinder my progress, or if it was just the pressure of trying to make a certain amount before the deadline. This graph shows a graph with all trades, then I removed all "No Setup" trades to show my TradeBook setups only. I have 4 TradeBooks that I feel good with right now. 1MinOrbs, 5MinOrbs, MountainPass, and ParabolicPullback. Here is a tag breakdown of my different strategies P&L 1MinOrbUp 1MinOrbDown 5MinOrbUp 5MinOrbDown MountainPass ParabolicPullback Up until around December, I only traded $25 and $35 risk per trade. My final two months of trading before the BootCamp in my live CMEG account I was break even on my trading, but fees and commissions dwindled the funds away. I was only risking $10 per trade, so if I hade entry, exit, and 5partials, that's -0.35R in commissions. I have now reloaded my CMEG account and will be back live once the funds hit my account. I will be risking 25$ per trade, and I will consider raising to $35 once I gain 1k in equity. Very excited about 2021.
  12. I took time this weekend to make some adjustments for my trading after the Open, I didn't have written TradeBook or plans. I made playbooks for Parabolic Pullbacks and Mountain Passes, I also made a DaS layout that was just for observing my 6 stocks on watchlist. There is no montage to trade or anything else, just 6 1 minute charts. This will keep me from entering trades that don't meet the criteria of my ne TradeBooks. It worked very well today. I also recorded some affirmations this weekend that I have been meaning to do since Crede's last success webinar. The app I used is called I Am That I Am.
  13. The last two days in PCT BootCamp have been a blur of Open not working out. Then spendind the rest of the day trading BullShit setups trying to "get back" the money lost.....which we all now almost never works out.
  14. Ok. hotkey people, will this work for what I described a few posts above this? Long Position , 25% Range order at Break Even and Avg Cost +1 ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Range;LowPrice=AvgCost;HighPrice=AvgCost+2;Share=Pos*0.25;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send Long Position, 25% Range Order at BE and Avg Cost +$2 ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Range;LowPrice=AvgCost;HighPrice=AvgCost+2;Share=Pos*0.25;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send Short Position 25% Range Order at BE and Avg Cost -$1 ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Range;HighPrice=AvgCost;LowPrice=AvgCost-1.00;Share=Pos*0.25;TIF=DAY+;Buy=Send Short Position 25% Range Order at BE and Avg Cost -$2 ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Range;HighPrice=AvgCost;LowPrice=AvgCost-2.00;Share=Pos*0.25;TIF=DAY+;Buy=Send I'm not very good at building hotkeys, so any help from anyone would be appreciated.
  15. If you clicked at 21.99 it would calculate at that price, if it was moving fast, or your internet is slow, .04 slippage at entry would give you $83 difference. It doesn’t have to be .04 slippage just at entry, it could be .02 slippage at entry and exit. If you are using DaS you can look at “trade log”, it shows what your order was and where it was filled. You should be able to tell what slippage was from there. hope this helps.
  16. I have a HotKey request, I hope it's not too complicated, but I have no idea how to do it myself. If Kyle or anyone else would be kind enough to help me out I would really appreciate it. I have started using multiple range orders to finish my trades off instead of a trailing stop. So I would like to streamline this order instead of manually entering it each time. Stop range order; 50% Pos ; BE and BE+1.00 Stop range order; 50% Pos; BE and BE+2.00 I could just hit this hotkey, then use the move order on chart to put the profit target where I want. If I could just get one of these, I could figure out how to adjust this on my own to my liking, 25% 75% 50%, +1.00 or +2.00 or whatever I find I use the most. Thanks Bobby N in Chat
  17. 2/2 +1.0R First day of PCT, I am happy with my start. This weeks goal is to trade small and get used to the pressure of the competition.
  18. 3/4 +0.75R Trying to streamline my journaling. So I'm going to just screenshot my OneNote and post it here. These are pretty blurry. Maybe I'll try something different tomorrow . Also, tomorrow is the first real day of the PCT BootCamp Tryout. Wish me luck!!!!!
  19. +1.0 R today 3/4. MSFT 1st try bailed early, 2nd trade was good, third trade was good, but SPY started dropping and killed momentum. DKNG ok trade, nothing special, had the 200SMA that kept it from dropping like I wanted. Tomorrow is the last day of “practice” for PCT BootCamp. My plan is to only risk either $50 or $100 this week, not sure which one yet. I don’t want to dig a big hole because of emotional trading. I won’t know how this “competition” effects my psychology until it starts Wednesday.
  20. Sorry all, I'm finding it difficult to find the time to post here since starting PCT BootCamp. Had to test hotkeys and make charts in DaS Demo for PCT. Now I am Journaling in Chartlog, Tradervue, My Playbook in OneNote, and compiling my "Official" PCT TradeBook. Maybe once I get the hang of ChartLog I can get back to consistently posting here.
  21. I am a novice at OneNote, so I don't know how to share my template from there. I would be happy to share it if you tell me how, lol. Attached are a couple of screen shots of my 1MinOrbDown TradeBook setup. It's basically two different "table" inserts, both 1 row, 2 columns Top table is for pictures of my trades that I screen shot every day. Second table is my criteria, trade entries and exits, then Psychology and what I could have done better Screen Shot of Template Screen Shot of full page, IDK why its so blurry on this. It won't look like that in your OneNote.
  22. https://www.peakcapitaltrading.com Andrew has started a prop firm, there is a 3 month "bootcamp" of learning and trading to earn an interview to be hired on.
  23. So, trying to decide if I should continue this journal thread, or start a new one for the Peak Capital BootCamp. What do you all think?
  24. Are you talking about HotKey issues exiting, or you can’t even exit when you try to do so in the montage? Maybe take a screen shot of your montage tomorrow. There are different styles of montages in DaS.
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