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  1. 18 Oct 2019 I took 1 trade today and I decided to take a break after numerous losses for the past few days. 1) $ETFC - I saw a few confirmations in various chart and decide to SHORT 5 min - Sitting below 50 MA (serving as a resistance) and a hammer. [This graph takes precedent] Daily - Sitting below 50 MA (serving as a resistance) [This graph takes precedent] 1 min - Trending downwards and candle movement all below VWAP and 50 MA. 2 min - Trending downwards and candle movement all below VWAP and 50 MA. In the end, I got stopped out (referring to 5 min chart) when it move upwards. Take a break and have a Kit Kat. I think I need to go back and study more..
  2. Dear @Glenn Budde, Thanks for dropping a comment! Yes you are right on $NTRA 5 min where it is still moving up. I have been watching WilliamH videos and let's learn together! Too bad I can't attend William H's live trade review due to my timezone (at 3am). Appreciate your help!
  3. 15 Oct 2019 Today was a disastrous day for me. I took 3 trades today and I hit my max loss. 1) $NTRA - I saw a few confirmations in various chart 1 min - Sitting on 50 MA 2 min - Candle sitting on VWAP and saw a hammer (previous 2 candles) sitting on the VWAP. I am thinking of a reversal. Yeah. 5 min - Candle sitting on VWAP Took 2 LONG trades at around the same points but in the end got stopped out (refer to 1 min chart). I think I have traded correctly. Self consolation. Lol. 2) $PAGS - I saw a few confirmations in various chart 1 min - Located below VWAP. 2 min - Located below VWAP. 5 min - Located below VWAP. I went SHORT and took a small profit to cover my huge loss today. Today is a RED Day and I am glad I am on SIM. Live to trade another day
  4. I have the same problem. The thing that has helped me out is developing exiting rules, just like I have entering rules. Dear @Mike B and @Rob C, I usually set my exits below / above the MAs when I long / short the trade. And for this trade, I place my stop loss below the orange (200 MA). Hope it helps.
  5. 14 Oct 2019 I only took 1 trade today on $X and I should stop as I am done with my daily goal. On 1 min chart, I saw an hammer (may turn uptrend) sitting on the 200MA. My profit target is on the 200MA on the 2 min chart and I am glad that it went over it and I manage to exit after that. Today is a Green Day and I am happy. Live to trade another day.
  6. Dear @Rob C, Thanks for sharing your experience and definitely a great enlightenment for me.
  7. 14 Oct 2019 Took only 2 trades on our best friend, also know as $MU. First trade - I saw the candle bouncing on VWAP and thought it may take off and I went LONG. I was on the wrong direction where I got stopped out. On my second trade, I saw it moving downwards and bouncing as a resistance in 2 min chart. I immediately took the trade SHORT and manage to exit at one of the lowest point. Today is breakeven for me. My learning lessons should be not to LONG the share if there is a MA above the trade (in 2 min chart). Any bros who would like to contribute 2 cents worth are most welcoming! Thanks!
  8. Thanks @WilliamH for your great encouragement!
  9. 11 Oct 2019 Today I took 3 trades (2 green and 1 red) . Overall still green. 1) $MU - Took SHORT when it is bouncing off VWAP and the share took a sharp upward turn and I got stopped out. I realized that I am shorting towards 50MA. Bad move and didn't check my chart clear enough. 2) $FAST - Many traders in the chartroom heard Andrew saying to take a LONG and I took it but he didn't. It is a very good move upwards and my biggest win for the day! 3) $ROKU - At 2 min chart, I saw the candle bouncing off the 200MA and it serves as a strong resistance. I took it SHORT and covered all of my positions before it went back up. It was a very small move but I was lucky to cover everything. 2 green days in a row and I am happy. Hope to continue to maintain consistency when in LIVE account.
  10. Thanks buddy for always been there to encourage!
  11. 10 Oct 2019 Today is the MOVING AVERAGE day for me. Took 2 trades and both are green. $BBBY - Saw 2 red indecisive candles at 1 min chart. Once I saw it moving above VWAP, I took a LONG position. I move my stop to break even and I got stopped out. If not it will be a very good upward move. $DAL - Saw a inverted hammer at 2 min chart and 1 min chart moving downwards from VWAP. I immediately entered the trade to the SHORT side and managed to cover all positions before it bounce back to VWAP again. Very happy with my performance today. I should stop trading now to prevent over-trading. All the best guys!
  12. 7 Oct 2019 Traded on 2 ORBs and one trade on AMD. ORBs for both RNG and SPWR. But for AMD, I think I have guessed it wrongly. I thought it is going to pop up due to the constant pullback towards the VWAP. In the end it move strongly towards VWAP and I got really scared and I exited the trade. After I observed the trade, I still got stopped out. Hope to get better each day.
  13. 27 Sep 2019 I saw 2 trades at around 10:30pm. Managed to get in one and didn't for another. 1) CTRP - I LONG the trade with my several thoughts in mind At the 5 min chart, I thought I saw a bull flag and seems like the stock is pulling back Saw some big buys coming in green and seems like the stock is going to take off. Eventually it didn't and I got stopped out from this trade. 2) ROKU - I saw it retracing back to the VWAP (serve as a support) and set a limit order at 100.2 for a better entry and risk reward. In the end, the stock took off without me. If not I will be able to get at least 80 cents profit for this trade. Today I am in Red. Hope I will do better next week.
  14. 24 Sep 2019 I came online rather late today (10:30pm) as I am running some errands. Saw NFLX and all charts (except 15 min) stay below WWAP. Wanted to go SHORT at the arrow indicated in 1 and 2 min chart but in the end only got filled below 50MA. A bad entry (yucks) and managed to take some profit for this trade. One green trade and taking rest now.
  15. Yes I am trying to trade SIM as similar as trading live What I am referring is the difficulty in entering into a trade. When I trade ROKU on SIM last night, I find it so hard to enter into the trade. When I heard Andrew trading live and when he said, "I am shorting ROKU", he is already in the trade. Is there a real difference in terms of the speed and timing of entering/exiting a trade in SIM vs LIVE? Do you feel any difference when trading LIVE vs SIM? Thanks!
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