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  1. Steph

    What happened to my stop?

    The only hotkeys I use are when partialing, the 2nd and third ones. The scripts are from BBT but I changed all the 5's to 2's.
  2. Steph

    What happened to my stop?

    Here are screen shots of what I use d today. I enter the price in box that says trigger price. I have tried using other methods I saw, range, limit. This in particular is hardest for me. Setting stops. I am unsure and just try stuff.
  3. I am having consistent issues with closing my trades when I had not intended to or at a price different than I was expecting. It happened again today. I have captured as much details as I could think were relevant. Please feel free to give your insight or opinions. This trade was bad from the start. I tried to correct my mistake and just made more mistakes. Upon more mistakes.That I realize at least. However, I do not understand the ending most. Ticker: OSTK First tried to short at $17.26 and again at $17.20 but I was getting an error, not realizing the error was NO SHORTS. Attempted a 3rd time but bought 100 shares at $17.20. Within the following second, 4 buy orders were sent and cancelled (according to the log) but I was panicking trying to get out. Dumbfounded and lucky, I sold them at $17.39. Lesson still not learned....clicked a button. Thirty seconds later I am back in at $17.62 and with 200 shares. Not sure how the # of shares changed, I have it defaulted to 100. It immediately dropped and came right back up and I tried to salvage this error. Held for a few mins and sold half close to B/E to limit possible damage but I was seeing an upward overall movement and so I set a stop at what I thought it would hit ($17.80) It touched it twice but I did not get filled. After it rejected previous close twice, I hoped it would come back but that was very slow to happen. So at 10:46:48 (log) I changed my target price of $17.80 to B/E of $17.62 with hopes it would get there by end of day. What actually happened...at 10:46:48 five things simultaneously occurred, $17.62 was Sent and Accepted, $17.12 was Sent, Accepted and Executed. What???? This happens to me a few times a week. I do not understand what I am doing or whats happening for it to sell at a different price than what I enter. Of course, by end of day, OSTK had risen significantly! I am in SIM. This is all in effort of learning. I have watched videos and read the forum on setting stops but apparently I need more instruction. Any suggestions??

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