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  1. @JD OK Good. Parking can be a beast there. Just wanted to make sure we knew ahead of time where and how much, or if the restaurant could provide enough. So excited. Can't wait to meet you and the rest of BBT. See you soon.
  2. @Ryan @WilliamH @JD As for hotels, anything on the strip (Gulf Blvd) will be nice, at least 3 stars. There is a free trolley that runs the length of Gulf Blvd, so if your room is a bit farther than walking distance, can still get around without needing a rental car. JD, did you discuss parking? That hotel does have a parking garage but will they accommodate attendees that are not staying there? For how long? That is definitely something that needs attention so everyone knows where to park.
  3. @JD Any word yet on the reservation? There is a plethora of places here that could work. What are the exact guidelines we are looking for (ie: 50+ ppl, bar tab for all, ala cart menu, semi-private space....)? I will start compiling possibilities and have a list available for you by Monday.
  4. Hey guys and gals, fellow Floridans, everyone please take precautions. No matter where you are. We all know how unpredictable these storms are and it Dorian has potential to get nasty. Be prepared. Just in case
  5. Like I said, hundreds of possible locations to meet-up. Another local fav is Caddy's. It has more of a party time atmosphere. They have a few locations. The best two are: http://www.caddys.com/caddys-pub/ https://www.caddys.com/caddys-on-the-beach/
  6. This particular one isn't so bad. It has a family like atmosphere, kids in there all the time, and being it is right on the beach, chances that a random patron sitting next to you would have on less clothing than the staff is HIGHLY probable.
  7. Great! Click on the link for google doc on @JD post and add yourself, please.
  8. From red line to red line, Gulf Blvd, is amazing. There are hundreds of places we could meet. Also, I have a realtor friend that does vacation rentals all along this stretch. Like an AirBnB arrangements.
  9. I live in Clearwater, about 1 mile off the beach. There are sooo many places. Frenchy's is good. There are a few of them. Or Bongo's at https://www.grandplazaflorida.com/st_pete_beach_restaurants/bongo_s_beach_bar__grill/ Or Gator's at https://gatorscafeti.com/ Both of these are a few miles south of Clearwater, same county, same beach. Every few miles the name of the beach changes according to city limits.
  10. @WilliamH What are the preferences? Such as, where would you rather, beach area or attractions area? Both could be accomplished in your trip, time permitting. It takes about 2hrs to get to a good beach (East or West) from Orlando. And Tampa has more attractions like Busch Gardens and from there the beach is under an hour away. All of which is considered Central Florida. @JD however I can help you, just let me know.
  11. After September is best. Storm season will be over and it will still be hot. I will definitely attend. Maybe we can get Andrew off a mountain and under the sea....
  12. The only hotkeys I use are when partialing, the 2nd and third ones. The scripts are from BBT but I changed all the 5's to 2's.
  13. Here are screen shots of what I use d today. I enter the price in box that says trigger price. I have tried using other methods I saw, range, limit. This in particular is hardest for me. Setting stops. I am unsure and just try stuff.
  14. I am having consistent issues with closing my trades when I had not intended to or at a price different than I was expecting. It happened again today. I have captured as much details as I could think were relevant. Please feel free to give your insight or opinions. This trade was bad from the start. I tried to correct my mistake and just made more mistakes. Upon more mistakes.That I realize at least. However, I do not understand the ending most. Ticker: OSTK First tried to short at $17.26 and again at $17.20 but I was getting an error, not realizing the error was NO SHORTS. Attempted a 3rd time but bought 100 shares at $17.20. Within the following second, 4 buy orders were sent and cancelled (according to the log) but I was panicking trying to get out. Dumbfounded and lucky, I sold them at $17.39. Lesson still not learned....clicked a button. Thirty seconds later I am back in at $17.62 and with 200 shares. Not sure how the # of shares changed, I have it defaulted to 100. It immediately dropped and came right back up and I tried to salvage this error. Held for a few mins and sold half close to B/E to limit possible damage but I was seeing an upward overall movement and so I set a stop at what I thought it would hit ($17.80) It touched it twice but I did not get filled. After it rejected previous close twice, I hoped it would come back but that was very slow to happen. So at 10:46:48 (log) I changed my target price of $17.80 to B/E of $17.62 with hopes it would get there by end of day. What actually happened...at 10:46:48 five things simultaneously occurred, $17.62 was Sent and Accepted, $17.12 was Sent, Accepted and Executed. What???? This happens to me a few times a week. I do not understand what I am doing or whats happening for it to sell at a different price than what I enter. Of course, by end of day, OSTK had risen significantly! I am in SIM. This is all in effort of learning. I have watched videos and read the forum on setting stops but apparently I need more instruction. Any suggestions??
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