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[Last updated: Oct 31, 2019]

DAS Trader Pro Downloads

DAS Trader Pro Production Releases for Interactive Brokers

BBT DAS Simulator Production Release (ONLY IF YOU GOT DAS SIM THOUGH BBT)

When doing an install of a new version, it is always a good idea to back up your settings!


DAS Trader Pro references, education and support

OFFICIAL: DAS INC DAS TRADER PRO - DEMO Tutorial - How to Correctly Use

DAS Trader Pro User Guide and Manuals

DAS Trader Official YouTube Channel

DAS Weekly Free Q&A Webinar

DAS Trader Pro Knowledge Base

DAS Trader Pro Risk Control explained in Knowledge Base.

Common DAS Trader errors

No More Order Server to Connect’ error message

‘Wrong Trader’ error message

“Lost Connection to Quote Server” error message


Where can I subscribe for DAS Trader Pro live account for Interactive Brokers?

How to Change Your Equity and Buying Power in Simulator

How to Switch Between Live and Demo Accounts

Update/Upgrade DAS To Latest Version

Understanding the DAS Account Report

DAS Deluxe Package - Switching Options L2 for ARCA Book

DAS Trader on MAC OS

How to link symbol selection in Trade Ideas to DAS

How to add Audio Alerts in DAS

How to Configure DAS Mobile for Android or iPhone

Definition of Time and Sales Flags

How to use the DAS Risk Control Page

List of Index tickers (SPY, DJIA, NASDAQ, RUSSELL, etc.)

How to Make a Pre-Market Scanner in DAS


Montage, Windows, and Layouts

How to Make Your Custom Layout Load as Default on Startup

How to link Montage to Time&Sales and Charts?

How To Setup Multiple Monitors in DAS

How to Duplicate a Montage, Chart or Other Window

Montage / Level 2 color and shade settings

How to Quickly Add Rows to Watchlist (Market Viewer)

How to Change Order Button Colours (BUY, SELL, SHRT, CXL, RPL)

Select Active Montage to Trade

Definition for each of the Level 1 (L1) fields at top of Montage



[VIDEO] How to configure charts in DAS Trader Pro: Education Center

How to Add Index Tickers for SPY, DOW, NASDAQ

DAS Trader Tutorial – Make Your Chart Look Like Andrew's

How to Add Average Line to Volume Study

How to Drag and Drop Horizontal Lines

How to Transfer Price Levels to Another Chart

Drawing Support and Resistance Lines in DAS

How to add previous day close (PCL), high of day (HOD) & low of day (LOD)

How to Prevent Chart from Zooming out When Switching Symbols

How to Add/Remove Trade Icons on the Chart

Show trade info on chart (triangle click)

How to Increase Y-Axis Scale to See More Price Levels / This can now be done with the newer versions ( of DAS using hotkeys

Change Default Number of Candles

How to add Relative Strength Index (RSI) to Chart

How to Draw a Diagonal or Sloping Line

How to Change font size in Chart

How to add separator line for Pre-Market (Open) and After-Hours (Close)

How to correct short/small candlesticks by excluding Studies from Y-Axis Scale (Y LOW, YY HIGH, etc).

How to Zoom in on Specific Area of Chart

Why is VWAP sometimes different between 1-minute chart, 5-minute chart, and/or Montage?

How to add vertical lines on 1-minute chart to show each 5-minute period

How to add Average True Range (ATR) to DAS Daily Chart


Order Entry

Advanced Lesson: Stop Loss in Your DAS Trading Platform

Trailing Stops

How to Lock Your Montage

Placing Both Stop Loss and Profit Target in DAS

How to set a Bracket aka Range aka OCO order (includes hotkeys)


Hotkeys and Hotkey Buttons

Terminology Clarification: Hotkeys vs Hotkey Buttons

Programming hot key for stop loss

Buy/Sell Hotkeys for Automatic Stop Loss

How to Create HotKey Buttons on the DAS Montage Level 2 Window

Hotkeys for Flipping Position

Hotkey for buying based on a percentage of Buying Power

How to Adjust Montage Hotkeys Button Size

What does the Panic hot key do?

How to set up hotkeys for trailing stops

Hotkeys for adjusting share size

How to create hotkey which launches Finviz page for a selected stock

Hotkey for automatic share size based on max dollar loss

Hotkey for automatic share size based on % loss of account


DAS Trader Pro Support

Live Chat Support

Das Trader contact page to send messages

DAs Trader Support Email

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On 3/7/2018 at 8:46 AM, Robert H said:

How to Make a Pre-Market Scanner in DAS

This is definitely NOT how you create a scanner in DAS. This video is kinda misleading...I kinda stumbled across this mistake..DAS Trader Pro actually has built in scanners that run like mini apps. I use them now every morning side by side with my TI scanners. There's no stock on the TI gap scanners that I cannot pick up using DAS scanners so the most important take home message here for those under budget constraints is you can actually find the same stocks for free using DAS built in scanners. The caveat is that it will spit out a lot more than TI simply bc the scanners main variables are volume and price change (%). So what I usually do is have a montage thats tied to minute, daily, weekly and monthly charts and then flip through each of the stocks that shows up on the scanners. Even though I have TI scanners set up I like to cross validate each stock and as an added benefit when a day opens dry like this holiday Friday I will find a few more stocks I can put up on watch.

To setup the scanner...go to Tools>Scanners and that will open up a window that you then can work through the configuration variables.

How to configure...you can ask for a specific volume or price change..e.g. this is a separate topic I have brought up with mods here. Hopefully, they one day move that up on their priority list to empower traders by teaching them how to configure scanners to meet various needs. That's a separate topic that could last several hours of educational videos.

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On 6/14/2018 at 11:42 AM, KyleK29 said:

If we want to make a feature suggestion to DAS, do we use the support contact or is there a special contact?

In the past I have dealt with a guy named Jason at DAS.  Jason is a liaison between DAS Support team and the developers who take suggestions.

One recent suggestion I have made to DAS is to provide the ability that within drawn trend-lines, and within the Configuration setting of that line, to be able to set simple Audio alerts with optional pop up visual alert. (two clicks and your done).  Most other platforms I have used have that simple feature.  DAS currently has a complicated, time consuming audio alert feature.



Jason He
Phone: 845-282-7859 x4
Website: dastrader.com |         
Twitter: @DASAlerts | Facebook: DASTrader

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I was talking to DAS today they said that instead of having to click on the montage to enter orders on hotkeys you can make chart specific hotkeys so you can be clicked into the chart. This is done under normal hotkey setup>add new item>command categories dropdown and chartwindow. Helpful for me. 

Also under Setup>other setup> Speed. Should be set to High speed although it usually isn't by default.

Also I see A LOT of you guys having your charts vertically challenged. What I mean by that is that the candles have almost NO height to them. To fix this issue right click on chart>study config>studies and then ConfigEx and uncheck-> Include in scale on ALL indicators other than Price candles. 

Honestly that last one should be a PSA.

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