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  1. Hey Abiel, thanks for the feedback. Looks like you're fine on resources with OBS. Good to know. I'm probably overthinking this... I'll try the DAS Screen Recorder for a couple days or so and see how it goes. I think it would be pretty cool to be able to record all three of my monitors for future review of price movement, T&S, and level II. Thanks again!
  2. Just curious about the pros and cons between recording with the DAS screen recorder and OBS Studio. Has anybody used both? Any problems or issues with either? I've used OBS and as far as I know, it can only record one screen. My main concern is, which one uses the less resources, so as not to interfere with trade execution, in the morning session. Thanks in advance...
  3. Yep, I vote for a more streamlined method of entering alerts.
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