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Level 2 color settings?

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I downloaded the sample desktop files but it didn't seem to include the color settings for the level 2. I've come to really prefer Andrew's color settings with the red-grey-white. Is it possible to get a screenshot of that config if they're not included in the desktop settings?

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I use Andrew's settings without the red, just a pure grey scale. It's one less colour for my brain to process. Please see below for the RGB values.


Andrew's Tier Colours:

Andrew L2

Group 0: 255,255,255

Group 1: 247,239,239

Group 2: 222,222,222

Group 3: 240,198,198

Group 4: 206,206,206

Group 5: 231,173,173

Group 6: 181,181,181

Group 7: 231,148,148


My Tier Colours:

My L2

Group 0: 255,255,255

Group 1: 230,230,230

Group 2: 205,205,205

Group 3: 180,180,180

Group 4: 155,155,155

Group 5: 130,130,130

Group 6: 105,105,105

Group 7: 80,80,80


For reference, here is how to change the L2 Tier Color in DAS:

Right-click Montage > Level 2 Config

Click the Color Group X > Define Custom Colors

Enter RGB values in green boxes below:

Edit Colors

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What color does Group 0 get?

Changed Level 2 colors, but underneath my buttons still bright yellow, Shrt is red, CXL and RPL are yellow, and BUY is green... Anyone know where those get modified?



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Please help me to better understand the purpose of the different colors and tier groups.  Also can you please explain the purpose of the color ribbon or bar that runs directly above the Bid/Ask prices?  I've been searching and can't seem to find anyone that understands the purpose well enough to explain it to others. Thanks so much!

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I think this is just personal preference. At least it is for me. I only highlight the top bid and ask. All other prices below are one color so it's all easy to read and not too much flickering. It's good to set it up so it's easy on your eyes. This is what mine looks like in Lightspeed. 


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