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  1. Hello friends, anyone using CMEG with the BBT promo code AND Kyle's hotkey; would you be kind enough to copy me your hotkey config. I am kinda confused with which ROUTE to use. I have read somewhere that LAMP route is not use anymore; but I am not sure. Thank you for any answer!
  2. Today I ran into an issue using these hotkeys. Basically I was trying to buy SHOP at $748 with a spread of 0.66. So an expensive stock with a big spread. When I first try to issue a buy at risk nothing happened. I tried again, and then suddenly I was down a huge amount. Fortunately I was in sim. I suspect the problem is because of the big spread of the stock. If you have already encountered the same issue, or know what could be the cause, I would be happy to hear from you. Many thanks!
  3. Hello @Bethany Freel, I am experiencing the same issue. How did you solve it?
  4. Hello @Brothers, you have to go to the Study Config of the chart, and for each one uncheck the Keep in Scale checkbox. Hope it helps, sorry cannot make screenshot at the moment.
  5. I am interested Kyle, as my current process is to go through pre-market youtube videos, and save Carlos list to a spreadsheet
  6. Thank you @Carlos M., I really enjoyed the book and I do recommend it. The author is trader and the book is about probability thinking, risk/reward, consistency in random environment and how not to blow up as a trader . I have seen your courses regarding those topics and I think you will love the book. Cheers, Seydou
  7. Hello there, my name is Seydou from Berlin, working as a freelance data scientist from Berlin. I recently read "Fooled by randomness" by Taleb, that got me curious about trading then I found Andrew's book. And then here I am, looking forward to know and learn from each of you! Seydou
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