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Change your Default Desktop

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Quick Tip to having your custom desktop.dsk file open automatically when you login to DAS.


Many DAS users, like myself just get in the habit of logging into DAS, having the DAS defualt

Desktop load, and then manually changing to our own custom desktop we created by the following steps . .


1. File

2. Open Desktop

3. Selecting your custom.dsk file


When you log into DAS, it automatically will open the DAS file titled "Default.dsk" that is preloaded with their software.

So of course you can just open the original Default.dsk file and customize the file to your liking.

But there is also another simple trick if you already have your custom.dsk file.


1. Access your DAS file folder located on your Hard Drive. For me it is in:

C:\DAS Trader Pro


For simulator it is in:



2. Select the "default.dsk" file and either delete it or change it to any other name

such as "DASDefault.dsk"


3. Find your custom.dsk file and change the file name to "Default.dsk"

4. Move this new "Default.dsk" you just renamed, into the Das Trader Pro folder

5. Now upon logging into DAS the custom desktop you created and just renamed "Default.dsk"

will automatically open

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Can I use my Das Demo default.dsk file with Das trader Pro?


Yes. However, there might be a few anomalies. I remember a few of my windows (Positions, Account, etc.) reverted to black backgrounds. The rest of the layout stayed intact.

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Thanks so much for posting this.  The steps were easy to follow, and now I have my custom set up launching at the start.  Yay!

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On 9/9/2019 at 5:36 PM, abbey1988 said:

i cannot figure out how to make this work 

the file needs to be labeled "default.dsk" not "custom.dsk"

Try to re-read the post I made above on this forum and follow the steps exactly and slowly.

If still having problems I can help you trouble shoot it.

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Where actually is the custom file? I am just using a 14 day free trial from DAS and would like access to this file to follow along with the educational videos.

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