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  1. Here are my suggestions: Header: Trade With The Power of Community Sub Header: Learn, Grow, and Adapt with Us Header: Trade With The Power of Community Sub Header: Are You Ready? Increase Your Edge, Perfect Your Trading With a Community for Serious Traders Header: Trade With The Power of Community Sub Header: Traders Focused on Process Over Profit And then underneath these taglines you could put key essential points in a stylistic way, of what makes BBT special: Our Dedicated moderators Meetups Internationally, Our Resource Sharing, Etc, Etc.
  2. Hi Debbie, check out Kyle's Youtube video going over the details of how his hotkeys work. This is probably a really good primer for everyone else too who is unfamiliar with his hotkeys, I'd definitely recommend watching it before the Webinar!
  3. Read more here: https://www.trlm.com/knowledgebase/makes-spoofing-different-layering/
  4. Mike, I agree, I think the folder structure should be completely gone, just didn't know if you wanted it that way for a specific reason. Also, for what to add for tracking statistics, the general idea is all that is needed, e.g. emotions, erros on trade. Keep it generic and allow the user to add what they feel is necessary. Whatever they add just gets attached to that trade in a table for lookup later. New idea: Can the program simply read the das spreadsheet only once, and add that data be placed in a persistent db like mysql? Then all future lookups can be run on Db, no excel sheet needed. This will remove the redundant need of constantly having to read in external sheets every time you want to look at trades.
  5. Market knowledge from decades ago still rings true today--some things never change(SnapBack)! I'd poke holes in your analysis if I knew what the hell I was talking about. Good stuff. As a new trader, I am observing how much the market has power over individual stocks. Analysis could be on the money and then the market just takes it wherever it wants to go.
  6. Hey Mike, I have some ideas to make this more intuitive for an end user. I think the program should automatically create folder structure and names for the end user while also giving the user the option to edit this file structure if they so choose. This will allow the end user a much more user-friendly experience. Perhaps they only pick the parent folder where everything will be housed. So a dialogue box could appear at the beginning asking if they just want to use the default file structure and they hit OK and are on their way, you create the folders for them automatically, as well as log names and database names. You could have an advanced button that lets them edit file structure if they choose. But I think most end users just want the program to work initially, they don't want to have to set up all these things. Need to give end user error and how to fix on file structure page. Pressing 'OK' and then nothing happens is confusing. One of the big things I want in journal software is to be able to track statistics. I would love another page that lets me analyze statistics of different strategies. This would mean creating database structures for more things.l. I want to be able to enter into the DB on my error: FOMO or Greed, DAS key error etc similarly to how you enter strategy into DB. That way on the statistics page I can go back and look at how many trades had those qualities in them. Also the statistics page can include a lot just by what data is already collected with P&L, time frames, Price, average Risk:Reward etc over time. On opening, can you have it automatically load the charts? Pressing update to see my charts is annoying! I think there should be an R:R value for actual, right now it calculates theoretical with 'Target' instead of what actual profits were gained on the trade. Hey, thanks for helping me get this to work, I will continue to use it and if you're interested let you know of any bugs or ideas I have.
  7. Hey Mike, I got a BarCharts API and set it in structjour, however, when I click 'Update' on one of the chart windows, the command prompt shows: QWindowsWindow::setGeometry: Unable to set geometry 2560x1429+0+29 (frame: 2578x1476-9-9) on QWidgetWindow/"MainWindowWindow" on "\\.\DISPLAY2". Resulting geometry: 2560x1361+0+29 (frame: 2578x1408-9-9) margins: 9, 38, 9, 9 minimum size: 1834x1429 MINMAXINFO maxSize=0,0 maxpos=0,0 mintrack=1852,1476 maxtrack=0,0) QWindowsWindow::setGeometry: Unable to set geometry 2560x1433+0+29 (frame: 2578x1480-9-9) on QWidgetWindow/"MainWindowWindow" on "\\.\DISPLAY2". Resulting geometry: 2560x1361+0+29 (frame: 2578x1408-9-9) margins: 9, 38, 9, 9 minimum size: 1938x1433 MINMAXINFO maxSize=0,0 maxpos=0,0 mintrack=1956,1480 maxtrack=0,0) QWindowsWindow::setGeometry: Unable to set geometry 2560x1437+0+29 (frame: 2578x1484-9-9) on QWidgetWindow/"MainWindowWindow" on "\\.\DISPLAY2". Resulting geometry: 2560x1361+0+29 (frame: 2578x1408-9-9) margins: 9, 38, 9, 9 minimum size: 1675x1437 MINMAXINFO maxSize=0,0 maxpos=0,0 mintrack=1693,1484 maxtrack=0,0) QWindowsWindow::setGeometry: Unable to set geometry 2560x1441+0+29 (frame: 2578x1488-9-9) on QWidgetWindow/"MainWindowWindow" on "\\.\DISPLAY2". Resulting geometry: 2560x1361+0+29 (frame: 2578x1408-9-9) margins: 9, 38, 9, 9 minimum size: 1834x1441 MINMAXINFO maxSize=0,0 maxpos=0,0 mintrack=1852,1488 maxtrack=0,0) QWindowsWindow::setGeometry: Unable to set geometry 2560x1445+0+29 (frame: 2578x1492-9-9) on QWidgetWindow/"MainWindowWindow" on "\\.\DISPLAY2". Resulting geometry: 2560x1361+0+29 (frame: 2578x1408-9-9) margins: 9, 38, 9, 9 minimum size: 1938x1445 MINMAXINFO maxSize=0,0 maxpos=0,0 mintrack=1956,1492 maxtrack=0,0) My stocks for the day on the left panel are successfully showing however no chart shows and Structjour is also unresponsive. Edit: I added 'bc' to my preferences at the bottom of the stock api window and it seems to have worked..I see my chart!
  8. Bump, anyone know what stocks Nasdaq Combo Net Tick actually tracks for the TICKQ$? All Nasdaq? Nasdaq 100?
  9. Hey Mike, I have the new version installed, So I guess I was just a little confused, I assumed the program itself would automatically create the necessary folder structure for me. I created my directory for January and now my 'Directory Naming Scheme' shows green when I hit Set Default. Question about uploading DAS export files..is there a way to just upload a database file so I don't have to constantly upload trade export files? Is it daily I need to upload those export files? Trying to understand the normal 'flow' of how I would need to move data from DAS to Structjour day in and day out..Thanks for taking the time to help!
  10. Hi Michael, I ran the command however it appears to just hang after this output: [directory structure removed for brevity] python filesetcontrol.py Cannot locate directory 202001_January/_0120_Monday/". Cannot locate directory 202001_January/_0120_Monday/".
  11. Hi Michael, I tried setting my default folder and exporting my trades.csv file to it, structjour crashed and now when I try and load structjour I get this error: C:\Users\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\Scripts>structjour.exe Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\lib\site-packages\structjour\view\sumcontrol.py", line 848, in theDateChanged self.loadFromDate() File "C:\Users\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\lib\site-packages\structjour\view\sumcontrol.py", line 903, in loadFromDate statementDb = StatementDB() File "C:\Users\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\lib\site-packages\structjour\statements\ibstatementdb.py", line 62, in __init__ self.createTradeTables() File "C:\Users\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\lib\site-packages\structjour\statements\ibstatementdb.py", line 80, in createTradeTables conn = sqlite3.connect(self.db) TypeError: argument 1 must be str, not None
  12. What file should I be looking for from DAS to import? I attempted to export a bunch of .csvs from DAS and import them but structjour just crashes. Edit: I am using BBT SIM version, unsure if this version works or generates the correct file I need to import into structjour..
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