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  1. Thanks, @PilotFish. Just a thesis with some probability I've attached to it. Price pays!
  2. I'm migrating from ThinkOrSwim to Tradestation so I can get more flexibility entering orders and automate more of my trading. There's a fee for Level II data (free with TOS), but it's only $11/mo.
  3. @True This is exactly what I was looking for! TD Ameritrade turned on realtime data on my free sim account (just had to ask) and I really like the OnDemand feature so I can watch any of BBT's pre-market shows and practice using the watchlist. Are you still using TOS?
  4. Hey @Abiel, I'm using the DAS sim that obtained through BearBullTraders. I'm reading on reddit that DAS may not respond quickly enough to fill Marketing Limit Orders on the sim. Is this true? I really want a true simulation, including use of hotkeys and marketable limit orders. Thanks, Buck
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