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  1. Is it possible to adjust the commission in DAS sim? Or does anyone know what they are defaulted at? Would like them to match up with IB tiered. They seem higher than that right now. Thanks
  2. Are these sessions recorded? Would like to watch but usually unavailable the afternoons when they occur.
  3. Yes sir. That is exactly what I used.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I put the studies I want in the right side “studies in chart” and select commit. They are there on the chart for the rest of the day. I save desktop afterwards replacing the old file but they revert back to other things when I reopen the saved desktop the next day, like different moving average numbers I don’t want. Example 4 and 15 sma show up in studies when I saved 9 and 20 EMA. It’s weird. I have just gotten use to clicking each chart every morning and opening up the saved version to get what I want but I know this isn’t right and it’s a waste of time. It should reopen all my charts to what I saved automatically I would think. Every once in a while it works as it should. The rest of the time it does what I described above. Not sure if there is some setting somewhere I am missing? I was having similar problems with my saved desktop opening up weird for a while with chart placement all messed up on my external monitor and that just magically fixed itself one day and hasn’t done it since but this issue is ongoing. My computer is brand new only used for trading.
  5. Does the auto import to traderview from DAS sim work for anyone? I put in my username and name on the request form and I get a denied message from traderview the next day every time. My DAS sim account is through here at BBT with a prefix of TRBBT. Have also tried the same as my login with just BBT prefix and account number. Neither way works.
  6. I am having problems with my charts saving and reopening correctly. All my chart settings stay when reopening desktop except for premarket high and low lines and 9 & 20 moving averages. I save the chart settings to default each time after changing them to what I wanted, I also save desktop as my default setting every time I close out of DAS but it never keeps those 4 settings. It keeps everything else. I always have to click on each chart every morning and open up the saved from default chart settings every day to reload only those 4 missing settings. Any idea why they won't save to the overall desktop saved settings?
  7. Thanks for the reply, it hasn't done it anymore for some reason after I posted the question. Haha. Typical
  8. Good question. Practicing in sim for a full size unrestricted account of 25K (100K buying power). In sim the executions of 500-1200 shares of the typical BearBull watchlist stocks are "typically" immediate. Occasionally I miss a fill but not that often and rarely get a partial. So I'm also curious how realistic the sim executions of larger sizes translates to a real account. You can watch other people but who knows if they really live or actually just in sim.
  9. From the book, when Andrew says "Marketable Limit order".. are you setting up a Hotkey with a LIMIT (+.05), or a MRKT (+.05)? Are you using the same thing for buying Long then selling the long.. and vice versa for Shorts? Or are people using MRKT for selling a position? I understand the difference between a MRKT and LIMIT but marketable limit is confusing. I understand the concept of what the objective is but not sure which type of order exactly to use in the DAS sim. Right now in SIM mine are set on LIMIT + .05 and it seems I almost always get a horrible fill at the +.04 to .05 in the wrong direction or no fill at all in high volume medium to large floats that aren't moving very fast which doesn't seem right? Almost always starting off in a 4-5 cent hole. Connection is fast, using a hotkey, not sure what is going on.
  10. Thanks! Yeah I deleted it, decided not to bother you to create an icon like that. I'm sure you are busy, but that is very helpful and just what I meant. I will use that!
  11. When I reopen a saved desktop after closing down for the night my laptop screen layout looks fine but my second monitor that was setup perfect when saving is all messed up and it takes me forever to reconfigure. No idea why? Things are still there but shifted off to the right, some out of view off the screen so I can't even grab them to drag back so I have to reload from scratch and waste valuable time on my morning review. If I just clear desktop and reload it during the day it all appears fine.. but when I shutoff my computer then restart in the morning it's all messed up. New to Windows and DAS, extremely frustrating coming from a Mac that is so much more user friendly. Is there a way to prevent this?
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