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  1. Today I had the opportunity to test your version of the hotkey and the order of the statements did indeed fix my issue. Thank you very much!
  2. No, I am not looking for a break even stop loss, but a stop loss at a specific price target. I would like to double click at the chart to set my PRICE and then send a stop loss. The hotkey I used in my initial post does indeed set such a stop loss, but its a limit order instead of a market order. I wonder how I can change it to a market order.
  3. Hey BBTs, I observed that my stop loss order hotkey may be incorrect. Maybe someone of you can lead me to the right direction. It happened multiple times so far and made me lose money and trust in my stop orders. Take a look on this example trade I recorded lately: https://streamable.com/vedx5 In this video I traded $UBER on my IB account. One minute before, I decided to move my stop loss order to my initial entry price as I was not confident in this trade anymore. What follows is a breakout in the opposite direction, getting way over my stop loss where I decided intervene and send a COVER ALL hotkey manually. How can this happen? This is my hotkey which was used to place the faulty stop loss order. ACCOUNT=Uxxxx;CXL ALLSYMB;Route=STOP;StopType=MARKET;Share=Pos;StopPrice=Price;TIF=DAY+;Price=StopPrice;BUY=Send; It looks like a market order. However, when I checked the log file I saw the following lines which can be mapped to the hotkey activity based on the timestamps (see lower left side in DAS in my video): # 2 min before the breakout (I set my stop loss via hotkey) Note the first line which includes "Limit" 12:04:13,DASDebugLog,NewOrder OnBuy:UBER BUY UBER 625 SMAT STOP Limit 38.68 at 38.68 12:04:13,DASDebugLog,Sending new order from montage:BUY UBER 625 SMAT STOP Limit 38.68 at 38.68 12:04:13,DASDebugLog,Hotkey: ACCOUNT=xxx;CXL ALLSYMB;Route=STOP;StopType=MARKET;Share=Pos;StopPrice=Price;TIF=DAY+;Price=StopPrice;BUY=Send; # The breakout happens, the stop los is TRIGGERED 12:06:12,TradeLog,Sending,Buy,UBER,625,38.68,SMRT,12:06:12,xxx,,Oid:25927 %a,73884,6189,257,25927,UBER,SMRT,38.680000,625,1580835972,,, 12:06:12,Msg,Msg:Accept Buy 625 UBER 38.68 --SMRT--12:06:12-- 12:06:12,TradeLog,Accept,Buy,UBER,625,38.68,SMRT,12:06:12,xxx,,Oid:25927 %a,73884,6189,258,25927,UBER,SMRT,38.680000,625,1580835972,,, # 2 seconds later I hit my cover all hotkey manually 12:06:14,DASDebugLog,Hotkey1:ACCOUNT=xxx 12:06:14,DASDebugLog,Hotkey1:CXL ALLSYMB 12:06:14,Msg,Msg:Sent 1 cancel orders 12:06:14,DASDebugLog,Hotkey1:Route=SMRTM 12:06:14,DASDebugLog,Hotkey1:Share=Pos 12:06:14,DASDebugLog,Hotkey1:TIF=DAY+ 12:06:14,DASDebugLog,Hotkey1:BUY=Send 12:06:14,DASDebugLog,Route SMRTM is selected 12:06:14,Msg,Prepare new order BUY UBER 625 38.7 12:06:14,Msg,Prepare Buy:shrtqty 625, holdqty:625, qty:625 12:06:14,DASDebugLog,NewOrder OnBuy:UBER BUY UBER 625 SMRT Mkt 12:06:14,Msg,Msg:order send pending! 12:06:14,DASDebugLog,Sending new order from montage:BUY UBER 625 SMRT Mkt 12:06:14,DASDebugLog,Hotkey: ACCOUNT=xxx;CXL ALLSYMB;Route=SMRTM;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send; Note the first 3 lines which indicate that my hotkey is actually a stop limit order to sell the stock at price 38.68 if 38.68 is reached. Obviously this is not my intention as I want to get stopped out with a market order that will always get filled. This leads me to the question what I have missed here? I searched for other hotkeys and they are basically all equal to mine. EDIT: @mods you may want to move this thread into the "day trading tools" subforum.
  4. This is great, I will try it out in the next days! Trustworthy local data storage instead of web services; exactly what I was looking for. Seems like you open sourced the app, do you mind potential pull-requests in future?
  5. Hey BBT, I'm Lukas, 25, living in Germany! I study computer science and I'm interested in the markets since I was a kid. Never got the into it until I wrote a paper about cryptocurrencies, a product that I understood (other than stocks and such). I owned quite a lot of cryptocurrencies and enjoyed the bubble. This was back in 2017; it was 2018 when I exited break even. Markets can be brutal.. However, I learned quite a lot during my ride and I began to dig deeper into various books about the markets. I tried swing and day trading in the stock and forex markets on my own with real- and paper-money but I'm sure I will be hit with a big loss if I continue what I am doing. Needless to say that I own Andrews books and I'm watching the community for a while now. just signed up for a 3 month simulation phase. Subjectively speaking, I think I am the right type of person who can day trade. This will be tested in the next three month.
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