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  1. Hi Carlos, I just finished the audible book today. It is just amazing. The rank of this book on amazon is not that high but in my opinion, this book is even better than "Trading in the zone". "Trading in the zone" is written by one successful trader, but this book is like by written by ten successful traders. And if you pay attention, you will discover that they have so much in common. They are serious about trading and they have passion about trading. They see trading as a great method to have a more freedom lifestyle and they were willing to take the risks before they consistently profitable. The most important messages in this book for me as a new trader are: 1. Trade defensive. Which means you should always avoid letting your losing trade take you down. Set up a stop lose and keep the money in your pocket. With the capital, you can always get back in, but if you lose the capital, you are out of the game. 2. Don't say "trade with the money you can lose!". This is very mind blowing for me although it's just one chapter in the book about this, and there are people in the book have the opposite opinion. It did change my mind. Now I believe "This is the seed money for our family, not the money you can just lose." I should pay attention and try my best to keep it and make more out of it. 3. If you have passion in trading, 6 hours a day is okay. 4. The ones who take trade more serious have more potential to success. Thanks for sharing your book list with us. If possible, please share more with us. I will definitely read them all. Yuanzhi B
  2. Yuanzhi

    Position sizing

    Haha. Thanks! Yours are much better. I will upgrade to your keyboard once I can make money from day trading.
  3. Yuanzhi

    Position sizing

    Thanks for sharing! I modified your hotkey as risk 50/trade for me. And decorated my key for it as well. Don't laugh at my keyboard. haha May I ask what is the send order use for? I dont see a script for it.
  4. Hi Robert, Thanks for sharing. I understand the trailing stop for short or sell. As the price move up we want the most profit as possible. So when I long a stock the trailing stop should below current price. No problem. \ But if I am now short a stock, I want to cover at using trailing strategy. Shouldn't the order be above the current price? Why the green hollow arrow still below the current price?
  5. You are correct. I got into the trade too quick without really check my exits. I would say as soon as I feel it could go down or go up I went short or long without second thought. Thank you so much for sharing with me about your thoughts on both trades. I have learnt a lot from you! And I'm sure I will keep learning from you!
  6. Hi Hugo, Thanks for answering my questions. I remember both $nflx on Tuesday and $ge today, I took both trades in sim. I made some money out from them. However, I realize I have big problems when it came to risk management. 1. For nflx I got in long with 100% BP. For a period of time I lost 500$ unrealized. Although I hold on it and finally it went up. If I can made better risk reward I would bought less and still made about 200$, which would let me feel better about myself as it would be the same when I go live. This one I made was just like a gambling. 2. For GE, I went short at first with no stop lose so I got out Immediately which was stupid in the first place. Then I felt like it gonna do ORB down, I went short again, and I added more size on short till 500 shares. Because it took so long to go down, I lose my patient and got out... I have been in the sim for a week. Although I made some money, I feel awful about my trades. They are more like gambling not trading. Your post and this one made by onosendi are both very helpful for me. I will go follow both of your strategies and see what happens. I will keep you updated. For $MU and $IQ, I agree with you that they are very choppy and very hard to trade. I made some money on luck on $IQ at the first two days then I kept losing money on it as I try to use some strategies. It it feels like $IQ is for gamblers not for traders.
  7. Thanks Hugo, for sharing this for us. May I ask how did you decide when to jump from level one to level two? When your correct rate hit a certain level?
  8. Yuanzhi

    Position sizing

    Nice! May I copy your style? lol. I am now planning to put tick on my keyword just as what you did. I love it! And also, DO you mind share your hotkey file? What is the function for send order and cancel order here? I thought the sec you press Long+Modifier+Q the order will sent. Maybe it's used to send a stop lose order? I am new to day trading, much appreciation in advance!
  9. Yuanzhi

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