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  1. Ah ok, I've never traded TQQQ before, but I'll keep it in mind. And Bollinger's book sounds interesting, will definitely give it a read. Thanks again!
  2. Hi Roberto, Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the $SPY derivative you mentioned. Also, my plan is to trade the Mountain Pass strategy as taught by Peter here https://bearbulltraders.com/course/strategy-essentials/lesson/reversals-2/topic/mountain-pass-trading-the-double-top-bottom-pattern-peter/ which doesn't use trend lines or Bollinger bands.
  3. Thanks for the feedback, Peter! It does make me feel better that it was a tough day in general. And I agree, $X was not a smart trade. I have a rule that says I'm supposed to stop after any losing trade and journal the trade before continuing. I didn't do that today. I broke my rule and jumped into $X almost immediately after being stopped out of $TSLA...and it cost me!
  4. 5/13/2021 Feeling pretty good with how I traded today. I'm definitely gaining more and more trust in myself to do what I'm supposed to do. One small b/e loss on $BABA and one mostly successful green trade on $AAPL. Trade #1 - $BABA - Long - B/E Loss If I could do over I would've set my B/E hotkey and had an even smaller loss. Trade # 2 - $AAPL - Short - Win Missed some on this one, but this was my plan. Got all out once the stock moved back across VWAP. All I would change here is my 4th partial. Would like to have taken it closer to the low. To view my full Mountain Pass Trading Journal please visit: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wEcXkeS09E280c-Nx4wwqEs62okY0dpi12JWbXp-PZ4/edit?usp=sharing
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