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  1. Hi Everyone, My name is Sudhir. I'm 38yo from Sydney, Australia. I work as Systems specialist at a Enterprise software company. I'm into early days of day trading and have recently joined the community. So far I have gone through few day trading courses on Udemy, read two books by Andrew and now going through essential courses. Before reading Andrew's book and joining community, I did some live trading in August, got lucky with profits in my first week and then had bad loses in week 2 and 3. (basically I got stopped out a lot of times, plus bad strategy and also had some issues with my slow performing laptop where TWS wouldn't accept my order changes lol freeze mode!) Finally decided to look for advanced tools(das trader), purchase a pc and engage myself into continuous education. I'm really impressed with wealth of education offered by the community including weekly webinars and the methodical approach to focus on key areas : technology, strategy and psychology. Due to my time zone, I may be able to trade initial hours only. So I will have to eventually develop strategy accordingly. I'm taking it slow for now as there is so much information to digest from BBT community and then practice before I'm ready. I look forward to engage and learn from you all. Hopefully a day will come where I can give back to this community.
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