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  1. I have 3 people interested. Once the venue is confirmed, let us know!
  2. Welcome, Sudhir. We look forward to having you as part of the community!
  3. Weclome to the community, Nate! We look forward to engaging with you in the chatroom.
  4. PeterD

    NYC Meetup with Thor


    Michael, there is no button, we will change the statement above. Hope you can make it. In the Reviews you asked about your son. All are welcome. Please bring your son (assuming he is of legal age to be in the bar!)
  5. Today was a tough day. $SPY and $TSLA trades I get. The $X trade I'd not have taken....easy to say now, of course. Anyway, let's hope tomorrow provides more opportunities.
  6. Welcome, Gjeret! We will strive to be on the interesting edge of boring....keep smiling and I look forward to seeing you in the chatroom!
  7. Welcome to the community. Ask lots of questions! We love to help. Cheers, Peter
  8. Great. Don't be afraid to reach out if we can help with your journey!
  9. Shannon, welcome to the community. We are very happy to have you. Please do not be shy in asking questions here in the forum or in the chatroom. You'll find everyone helpful. We're all had to start at the beginning and part of our philosophy is to help out those coming in after us. Glad you were not too shy to make this post and I hope to hear from you in the chatroom! Peter
  10. Welcome to the group! We're all here to help.
  11. Matt, welcome to BBT! I certainly hope you find value here. When in the chatroom and the forums, don't ever hesitate to ask questions and get support. Everyone is great about helping out. We've all started with no knowledge and want to give back to help other. See you in the chatroom.
  12. Adam, welcome! Sounds like you've already figured out some of the challenges facing traders. This is never as easy as people would either like it to be, or believe it should be. I like your patience approach and hope to see you in the chatroom next week!
  13. Cole, welcome to BBT. While you've described yourself as an introvert, I invite to get the most out of your trial as possible by asking lots of questions. You'll find tons of people willing to help in the community so don't be afraid to ask! Hope to see you in the chatroom on Monday. Peter
  14. Sorelle, welcome to BearBull Traders! I'm certain you'll find it completely worth it. Please feel free to reach out if I, or any of the moderators, can help you along the way. Look forward to seeing you in the chatroom. Peter (from Ottawa!)
  15. I've seen the advance material and this will be a great session to answer your questions. Please post any you have here and I'll get them to the presenters!
  16. Welcome to the community. I look forward to seeing you in the chatroom!
  17. Great to have you with us, Gail. I appreciate your cautious approach. I hope you and yours stay safe with some big storm closing in on your region. Cheers.
  18. Robert, as a former Canadian in NC...did you end up there through Nortel by chance? I spent a lot of time in RTP with Nortel's IT department since the IT executive team was there. Please don't hesitate to reach out if we can help with your trading journey.
  19. David, welcome to trading. I certainly hope your school finds an effective way to cope with our current reality. I know school boards across North America are struggling with how to deal with the protecting the students while properly educating.
  20. Thanks, Gar! Happy to have you as part of our community. I look forward to seeing you in the chat room!
  21. I forgot to mention, everyone MUST come with a mask tomorrow and I’ll ask that everyone do their best to limit exposure to Leonard, his house and his family while we are enjoying his back yard. Please be respectful and safe in these challenging times. Thank you!
  22. Leo, has very generously offered to host us at his home. He will post his address here and we’ll meet for 3pm tomorrow. Im looking forward to it. See everyone tomorrow!
  23. Leo, very generous offer!!! Let do it at your place. Post your address and we’ll meet for 3pm tomorrow. Look forward to it, everyone!
  24. I will be passing through Toronto on Sunday and will stop by! Where and when do people recommend??
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