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  1. Very happy to have you with us in the community, Roosevelt. Please feel free to ask questions of us! Good luck on your trading journey!
  2. Funny you should ask!! I just did an updated webinar on that. It can be found here: https://bearbulltraders.com/lessons/from-the-beginning-setting-up-a-training-plan/
  3. Welcome, David. Take your time getting into trading. Fit it into your life as you can. There is no rush. In fact, slow is often better. Enjoy your young family and build for the future as time allows. What matters is focus, not time. Glad to have you with us at BBT.
  4. I hope all you traders in Melbourne are staying safe as I just saw it was declared a "coronavirus hot-spot".
  5. Martin, welcome to BBT! I was just talking about Melbourne last night with my wife. We were both saying how much we'd like to return (we lived on Roslyn St in Brighton from 2007-2010) and see our friends again. Love Melbourne. Good luck in your trading and don;t be afraid to reach out if we can assist you in your trading journey in any way. Peter
  6. Jad, welcome to BearBullTraders! We look forward to seeing you in the room.
  7. This is awesome to hear. Happy to have you as part of the community!
  8. Welcome to BearBullTraders! Look forward to seeing you in the chatroom!
  9. Logan, welcome. If you trade in the afternoon, hopefully you'll join Mike and myself in the chatroom. Mike is a recently retired marine (don't hold that against him). Look forward to hearing from you!
  10. Tricia, welcome to BBT. Please use all of the available training resources and leverage the extensive knowledge and kindness of our members both here in the forums as well as in the chatroom. Pleasure to have you with us!
  11. Mike, trading is a long term game so don't rush into anything and don't put pressure on yourself to achieve quickly. Build your skills and experience and hopefully one day you can replace that job...but not until you are consistently making more than the job trading!!
  12. Ashley, sounds like swing trading might fit your life best at this time. Brian Pezim's book is great for that and you might consider signing up for his alerts and newletter here: https://bearbulltraders.com/swing-trading/. Welcome to BBT!
  13. Welcome. Great to see you here. Take your time and don;t be afraid to ask questions. We are all here to help! Cindy, I hope to see you in the chatroom. Say hi and good luck on your trading journey!
  14. Anyone know how RVOL is calculated in DAS?
  15. I will be there with my wife. Look forward to meeting so many of the traders in the room I chat with every afternoon. See you in Toronto! Peter
  16. Wish I could be there. Have fun and a drink for me!
  17. From this I can't be sure what the issue might be. Do you keep your Orders window open? Next time you do this, keep a close eye on it of the orders as they are sitting waiting to be executed (and take a screenshot of the pending trades). That should give you a clue as to what is going to happen. DAS should only execute as per the commands in the Orders window.
  18. Steph, how did you enter these orders? Did you use function keys (hotkeys), the Montage buttons or just through the Montage directly? Also, when you set your stop, what type of stop did you use? (limit, range, market, etc) Depending on the answer I might need more info. Plus, if you did use anything with a script (the first 2 options) can you post the script. Thanks.
  19. I will be at the summit and will try to be there on Friday night if possible. Cheers!
  20. Everyone, in working through the logistics, it seems we will just not have time to include a trip to Ottawa for Andrew in June. He would have loved to come, but his packed schedule just does not allow it. If there is enough interest in the future, we will look to schedule a stop in Ottawa at a later date! Thanks, everyone, for your understanding.
  21. Sounds good. We'll see if we have interest. I know there are other Ottawa traders out there, but they are being shy. Let us know, everyone!
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