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  1. Hello everyone, I am getting set up and am wondering which would be the best cable internet provider you can recommend,  one that has good service and provides turbo speed.  Thanks for suggestions. 

  2. Hi, my name is Grace, won’t mention my age but let’s just say I am retired and a senior, I’ve been reading Andrews books and will re-read again with more focus this time. I’ve been managing my own retirement portfolio for a few years now and am content with my progress. Oh yeah, I am and have been all my life, a Montrealer (Quebec, Canada) and proud of it. The stock market and investing is not new to me. A little funny story I will share with you today just to show you how much we’ve come a long way from the first day I set foot in a stockbrokerage firm as my first job almost 60 years ago. I moved up the ladder and worked in many departments, but get this, once I asked my boss that I wanted to train on the “floor” to be a trader, Ha! I was laughed at and won’t say what his comments were. This never left me. Yes, I probably would have been the only female on the floor, but I was not afraid, or skittish, or shy about it at all and was confident I would be good at it. Those were the times then and I am not bitter. I moved on, but the love of active trading was always there buried deep in my soul since that first job. Fast forward to now, life happened, raised a family and enjoying a couple of grandkids and travelling. I have crossed paths with a lot of brokers and investment analysts and advisors through the years. I love to do my own investment research. Day trading has been sitting in the back of my mind since I retired my good job at a major University a few years back. So here goes... I have yet to get set up, and am working on this now. In the meanwhile re-reading Andrews books, getting in on convos in chat room, checking out the lessons online, and just immersing myself in the community are my next steps. Wish me luck people. Grace
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