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  1. I'm having a peculiar issue with stop losses, likely a Trader Workstation (TWS) software issue, but I thought I'd ask on here before contacting their tech support. I make a trade via hotkey with an attached stop loss and profit level. I am able to modify either one for the most part.; however, I've run into numerous trades lately where I update the stop loss and it reverts back to a lower value or throws an error. It is as if there is some kind of price threshold that it won't let me surpass. Has anyone else experienced this? I plan on videoing this in action as proof to send to IB as a bug... at least I hope it is a bug and I am not missing something fundamental. Thanks for any info you may be able to provide.
  2. Aiman - thanks for the response. I look forward to the day when I am consistently profitable enough to afford DAS. Partialling out would definitely help.
  3. I am not currently using DAS, still working in IB's Trader Workstation, but contemplating a switch eventually.. likely sooner rather than later. One of the flaws I am finding with TWS is the difficulty of partialling out. Using their limited options to partial out will remove any stop loss you have associated with your original order. As you might imagine this can present a problem should the price action turn on you quickly. I was wondering if DAS functioned the same way? Does your original stop go away when you partial and you have to create a new stop? This may just be a universal thing with all systems and not unique to TWS. Probably just need another hotkey to re-set a stop. Thanks for any input you may be able to provide. Patrick
  4. Awesome video, thanks for taking the time to make it.
  5. I use TradingView as well. The data plans are $2 for the NASDAQ and $2 for NYSE PLUS the cost of a premium plan. The real time data from IB is $1.50 per month for each as well. You may be able to get away without real time data and just use delayed data for swing trading... I'm not totally sure on that though as I don't swing trade enough to have a real valid opinion. TD Ameritrade's ToS will charge you a higher commission per trade + you'll also have to pay for the real time data (the cost of which I do not know). Hope this helps!
  6. I haven't actually been using the charts in TWS. They are too clunky and difficult to use in my opinion. I have an account on TradingView and use their charts as they are so much easier to use. I just watch them and buy/sell in TWS when I see a trade I want.
  7. No issues here. I have the same memory setting as you. Only issue I have run in to is the 1-min charts not showing any candles (have to cycle through different time frames to get them back). What does your Mosiac setup look like (how many charts, etc.) and how is the overall health of your computer?
  8. There are two options that I have been exploring. Option one is "Close Portion of Positions" hotkey. Downsides of this is that it isn't instantaneous, as a window pops up that you have to click through (let's you set your %, +/- price, etc.), it's not super fast, and it will do this for ALL of your open positions (long or short, unless you change to just long or just short). The other option would be to utilize separate Buy / Sell hotkeys with a known QTY of shares which are equivalent percentages of what you typically buy (e.g. typically buy 100 shares, so have a hotkey for a sell of 25 shares). You can hit that 4 times. Downside is of course if you do it too many times then you are shorting. Any thoughts?
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