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  1. No, you would have to set-up a cash account with your broker. Kasper
  2. Kasper

    Power Hour Trading?

    How is your risk to reward in the last hour? Are you risking too much for a small move? Kasper Jensen
  3. Kasper

    Power Hour Trading?

    You don't have to master the open if you do better at the close. I have never been able to successfully trade the last hour as you do. You can try different strategies and risk management if you are having trouble trading the open. However, Focus on what you are good at and trade the hack out of the last Hour What strategy do you use when trading the last hour? Kasper Jensen
  4. Kasper

    Lesson Learned Today

    I apologize for not responding back. For some reason, I don't get any notifications in the forum. I'm happy your problem is resolved. Question: how many trades do you usually do every week? Kasper Jensen
  5. Kasper

    Setting Up Live Account with Brokerage

    Are you setting up an account below 25k? If so, CMEG is the way to go. CMEG will allow you to have both a sim and real account which you can change in the montage. Also, what is the exact problem you are having setting up an account? Kasper Jensen
  6. Kasper

    Lesson Learned Today

    did your stop not trigger at the right price? Kasper Jensen
  7. Kasper

    Broker for swing trading

    Take a look at https://www.ig.com/ Are you outside the United States ?
  8. Kasper

    Newly Proposed Wall Street Tax

    People seem to blame the stock market for all their troubles. The (high-frequency trading) is my favorite because nobody is saying anything when the trade is going in their favor. This type of tax has been proposed several times and it always ends up nowhere.
  9. Kasper

    Pre-trade Checklist

    There must be a good risk to reward for me to enter a trade (R2.1), I'll pass on the trade if it's under R2.1. Also, the stop loss has to be realistic. For example, I would never risk 20-30c on a stock like AMD because of its limited movement. Checklist - R2.1 - Stop loss (depends on the stock. You can use the ATR to figure out the movement) - Decent target (High/Low or moving averages) Good risk to reward, Realistic stop and a decent target. Kasper
  10. Kasper

    SIM & P&L

    I don't think it's possible to save that information with DAS. However, You could set-up an account with TraderVue and import the information each day.
  11. Kasper

    Day Trading Futures ( /ES)

    Yeah automatic trading does not mean you can just sit back and do nothing hehe. I go over every trade each day and calculate the stops and targets using the ATR. I had to make a few changes these last few months because of the increased volatility in the market. I've put in some trailing stops to protect myself from the rapid reversals we are seeing during the day. The strategy itself is taken out of a book, so it is nothing special.
  12. Kasper

    Netflix as a swing trade

    Any thoughts on netflix. I added below 300 and still waiting for a move to 410.
  13. Kasper

    Day Trading Futures ( /ES)

    For the S&P 500, I use an automated system. 3 things that must happen for a trade. 1. Price must close below the Upper/Lower Band 2. MACD Line must be -1 or +1 depending on long or short, 3. RSI must be above 70 for a long and below 30 for a short. Stop is 10% of the weekly ATR and the target is 15% of the weekly ATR. The system did well this week However, it does have its down days as well. Good week with only 3 trades. Didn't do that well in the middle of the month. A lot of chop. This system can also be reversed for a sideways market!!!!!!
  14. Kasper

    Day Trading Futures ( /ES)

    I swing trade the Dow Jones using the MA200 on the 1-hour chart. I enter the trade when the price closes above or below the MA200 with a stop above/Below the MA200 depending on the position. I scale out using resistance lines and keep the last contract until the price crosses over or under the MA 200. The biggest problem with this system is when the price is chopping up an down the MA 200. This system does not yield a lot of trades. (Maybe 2-3 a month)
  15. Kasper

    Swing Trade CL

    Looks like CL is making a run for the MA200 Do you think it can go back to the 70s ?

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