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  1. Kasper

    Anne's Trading Journal Psychology A9.12.19

    Honestly, this does not look like a bad trade. Of course, I cannot see the entry and stop level. But it looks like you bought at the bounce from the moving average for a move to the high of the day? How was the risk to reward?
  2. Kasper

    CMEG Broker Selection

    CMEG is a good choice if you are trading a small account. (less than 1000 shares) Short list could be better. it is not as good as IB. I haven't had any problems when transferring funds. However, International wires can sometimes be tricky. Yes, it comes with a DEMO account. Kasper
  3. Kasper

    1 Minute Candlesticks

    1-2 min rule is just selling/covering if the price doesn't move in your favor in the first 1-2 mins.
  4. Kasper

    1 Minute Candlesticks

    My favorite strategy on the 1 min chart is waiting for the price to go back to the EMA-20. Most of the time it is possible to get in for a quick scalp and lock in some good gains. However, I also use a 1-2 min rule just in case the price decides to move further up or down depending on your position. If you choose to only use the 1 min chart, expect to get out of the trade relatively fast. you can always keep a few shares for a bigger move if the price moves higher or lower.
  5. I have the DasTrader app on my phone and Ipad both with separate data packages However, I'm not sure if that would work doing a citywide blackout. Kasper
  6. Kasper

    My view on averaging down

    I do it every now and then if I'm long above the EMA-20, and it moves back to that level. However, you need to calculate how much more you will lose when doing that. I think the danger happens when people keep averaging down just to be right. Don't trade to win. Trade to make money Kasper Jensen
  7. Yeah these guys can be interesting at times. Have you tried calling them on their TOLL free number ? Kasper Jensen
  8. No, you would have to set-up a cash account with your broker. Kasper
  9. Kasper

    Power Hour Trading?

    How is your risk to reward in the last hour? Are you risking too much for a small move? Kasper Jensen
  10. Kasper

    Power Hour Trading?

    You don't have to master the open if you do better at the close. I have never been able to successfully trade the last hour as you do. You can try different strategies and risk management if you are having trouble trading the open. However, Focus on what you are good at and trade the hack out of the last Hour What strategy do you use when trading the last hour? Kasper Jensen
  11. Kasper

    Lesson Learned Today

    I apologize for not responding back. For some reason, I don't get any notifications in the forum. I'm happy your problem is resolved. Question: how many trades do you usually do every week? Kasper Jensen
  12. Kasper

    Setting Up Live Account with Brokerage

    Are you setting up an account below 25k? If so, CMEG is the way to go. CMEG will allow you to have both a sim and real account which you can change in the montage. Also, what is the exact problem you are having setting up an account? Kasper Jensen
  13. Kasper

    Lesson Learned Today

    did your stop not trigger at the right price? Kasper Jensen
  14. Kasper

    Broker for swing trading

    Take a look at https://www.ig.com/ Are you outside the United States ?
  15. Kasper

    Newly Proposed Wall Street Tax

    People seem to blame the stock market for all their troubles. The (high-frequency trading) is my favorite because nobody is saying anything when the trade is going in their favor. This type of tax has been proposed several times and it always ends up nowhere.

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