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  1. Hi everyone, been lifetime member since March 19 2018 and started with day trading for 8 months in sim. Since I got an upgrade at my job, now working on evening shift and can't get up soon enough for market open, I decided I would throw myself into swing trading. I wonder what you guys are using to chart, find setups. I currently have my money on I.B. and I am wondering if I need to subscribe to any market data plan with IB or if there is a costless option like using Think Or Swim for charting and just putting orders in with my IB Trader Work Station. Feel free to share your experience and setup also, very curious to see what you guys are up to. -Vince
  2. All right guyz! It is time for my first Weekly review since week #1 is behind me ! Here is a screenshot of the stats : Overall very happy with my improvements!!! PLUS, if you get my worst trade of the equation wich is the 5cents ticker and emotion tradeand also my biggest loss ever since I wasn't caring of getting out, that would put my average loss to 23$ instead of 28$..... wich is pretty awesome and would also means my Win/Loss Ratio would be greater than 2:1. But hey, it is simulation means it counts !!!!!! Here is all trades : I could't trade Monday because DAS Account wasn't ready It happened twice yesterday that I took 100% profit instead of scaling out due to a hotkey mistake too maybe out of stress or I dont know Couple trades where I should have let the last 25% run until a sign of weakness like break of 1Min-9ema or new 5 Min low ar X Y Z Like in this trade of KMX: Its is not alot but if I would have followed my plan and exited last piece at a break and close under 1min-9ema I would have made 7.50$ more and 7.50$ / 57.00$ is 13% more. NEVER Took more than 200 Shares even Twice I took only 100 on that KMX Last screen shotand I dont know why since my stop was exactly 20cents wich was the 20ema on 1min chart... so shoul have taken 200 shares here and make twice but hey, green is green and CONSISTENCY is my goal. Because when you are able to be 1) Consistent 2) Having an Accuracy over 50% and 3) A Profit$ to Loss$ Ratio of at least 2:1. You know have a viable Business in your hands.. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND BOYS AND SEE YOU ALL MONDAY MORNING IN CHAT and like Luna would say.. MIAW ♥
  3. Allright... Broke my 3 green day streak today! At first I got up and look for something to destroy and finally did nothing physical, I just layed down on my bed for 2 minutes and breathing very deeply. I will start by telling you guys wich rules I broke ( I hope you have some time in front of you because there's lots of them unfortunatly. : 1) Traded a 5cents Ticker #HRTX Wich is higher than 2c and one of my rule is to trade only when spread is 2cents max. 2) Risked and lost more than 40$ on a trade THREE TIMES 3) Did Overtrading by Chasing/Revenge Trading on MU all over 4) Trading Patternless shit just like the stock owe me something instead of putting my ego up my @$$ 5) Traded even after hitting my daily Max Loss! , again on that 5c tick stock.... #DoubleFail I would have ended my day with only a .5% loss but with that HUGE last trade out of emotion Finished my day down 2% So right now I'm break even on the week and if count tickets im Down I uploaded a Screenshot of that last trade so you guyz can see how BAD its was trading out of Emotions 1) Chasing the Reversal and 2) Being FUCKING BLINDED by emotions not seeing that it was a bullflag and 3) Not getting out when a new 5 minutes high was made out of frustration. If only these triggers were inverted lol.. Now that I am done entering all my trades in my Journal, I feel WAYYYY better and almost happy that I had a Losing day and here is why : - We learn WAY more on losing days that on winning days. - Now I know where I made mistakes and all I have to do is correct them and NOT repeat them - Proven me that often More is in reality Less! Quality over Quantity is Key!!! Profit wise and for commissions even tho I know commissions should not be in my mind - I know if I would have not traded after my Daily Max Loss I'd still be up on the week I also realised that entry is key be cause as you can see on the MU ORB15 screenshot, If only I would have waited for the pullback on the 1Min chart and entered where I've put a BlueStar, I would have catched a move almost twice as big as I did.... So NOW that I have clearly identified the problem, logic is that I find a solution to improve on those points right !? So we have problems 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, listed on top so here is the solution for each one of them : 1) I will print my Trading Rules and stick it on the wall in front of me and Highlight each keywords of each rules 2) Same as #1 since I'm not allowed to Risk more than 20cents per trade 3) Today I'm writing down the Rules of the 3-4 Patterns I'm allowed to Trade wich are : ORB-15Min / VWAP Reversals / 9EMA Pullbacks / The VW9P 4) Same as #3, having Patterns in front of me will ehlp not trade out of ''feelings'' 5) Man up and just STOP after max daily loss you pussy Other than that, *Meeting in Montreal Tuesday was really nice and even after like 2 hours being there I turn to Peter D. and asked : Am I dreaming or is he really sitting in front of me ? xD Could not stop smiling during photo *Currently on day #18 of the NOFAP Hardmode Challenge and Feeling really great overall *Went from 153lbs to 163lbs on empty stomach so Bulking is going good Its always good to have something else going on at the same time so when one is going less well than others we don't feel depressed Okay enough said, thank you if you are still reading I really appreciate it and hope you guys doin great and improving everyday #BabyStepsTowardGoals Have a great day everyone ♥
  4. That was really nice meeting you Andrew you are a true inspiration.
  5. I'm on my way from Sorel-Tracy #SouthShoreRepresent
  6. Really proud of my day, took only 5 trades !!! Win% of 60% Win$/Loss$ Ratio of 3:1 +1.5% Here is a screen shot of my best trade of the day on, a Reversal on PAGS ! Got scared out with the last 50 shares, should've let it ride over VWAP See you all tomorrow in chat and maybe some tonight in Montreal
  7. Here are my starting rules for the next 3 months. I might change them along the way. See you guys tomorrow in chat BIBONOW’S TRADING PLAN (Simulator) Capital : USD 10000$ Risk Management: - Maximum Risk per Trade : 0.4% (40$) - Maximum Daily Loss : 1% (100$) - Daily Maximum Gain : 2% (200$) - Stop Loss Can’t be further than 20 cents from entry point. - Never Take more than 200 Shares Stocks to Trade: - NASDAQ Stocks only - From BBT’s Watchlist - Float : 25 Million Shares + - Price : 10$ To 99$ - Spread : Maximum 0.02$ Rules: -Maximum 5 Trades Per day -Always take at least50% @ Profit Target -Take No Trades Before 9h35 -Take No Trades After 11h30 -Cellphone Closed from 9h00 to 12h00 -Journal ALL Trades except hotkey mistakes GOALS: -Win$ / Loss$ Ratio over 2 to 1 -Winning more than 50% of my trades
  8. Hi everyone! My name is Vince ( Bibonow in chatroom ), I'm 28 years old from Montreal Southshore. My first language is french by the way. Quick story: I had all kind of different jobs in my life from 20 to 27 years old such as : Bartender, Physical trainer, Poker player for a year, Forklift driver, Financial advisor, etc. All of 2017 to April 2018, I was a Financial Advisor for IA Financial Group. In every job I had always came the same feeling after couple of months working... : What the fuck am I doing here earning this CAD500$/Week working 40 hours, gaz, getting to job, road, I wont do that all my life thats for sure blah blah blah and one day, it was in February when SPY took a huge hit, people in the office were all talking about changing clients portfolio to somewhere else to dodge the damage and I did not have any knowledge about market AT ALL even tho I was a F#cking financial Advisor, to me I was Insurance seller ahahah. Well I thought okay so its like if you bought something High price and Sold it lower price right ?! And they were all like no no no. So at this point I had no knowledge what so ever and I reached to one of my good friend : Google Started to read, and one thing lead to another I found out this guy who I'm sure 95% of people in BBT knows, Ross Cameron from WT. So I watched SHIT TON of videos and started to read ALOT, I've read 4 books in 3 weeks wich are in order : 1) Stock Investing for Dummies, 2) Day Trading for Dummies, 3) A Beginner's guide to day Trading Online by Toni Turner, 4) How to Daytrade by Ross Cameron, 5) How to Daytrade by ANDREW AZIZ. I was hooked after Andrew's book I then elaborated a 4 Phases plan Phase I : Find an evening shift job so I can trade the Open 9h30 to 11h30 Phase II: Trade in a Simulator for at least 2 x 3 Months and save as much money as I want for future Trading Capital Phase III: When ready, Deposit $ And start trading with small share size to get emotions down and stress and you know Phase IV : Is when I will be consistently profitable and leave my job to Travel. At this time I had a Job I did not like anymore and with my girlfriend it was kind of hard due to 1h distance and always arguing for little things over and over again + having different goals in life not being at the same stage, she was more mature and ready to settle in a house, kids, etc. SO, on March 6th 2018, my 28th Birthday, I left my job, broke with my girlfriend (broke her hearth too..), who I'm still in love with (don't tell her please)and had a pretty rough week I must admit.... Took me 6 days to complete Phase I, on March 12th was my first day at my new job as a Forklift Driver on an EVENING SHIFT and I started the Simulator on March 19th. I only missed ONE morning of trading since. Long story short, On March 19th, I started my Journey as a Day Trader on the simulator and went for 1 month in chatroom to get used to it all and the last 2 months by myself to have a harder time and learn more. As everyone here who started to daytrade in simulator, emotions are always there, at first I felt REALLY Lost and found myself looking at a screen full of what the hell is that and this and where do I start. You do one trade and win, Im the best I'll make a living tomorrow out of it, the next trade you lose and feel like a complete failure... The first month served as getting used to platform and terminology and you know doing shitty trades experiencing how to calculate share sizes, stoploss, entry, exit, scaling out, hotkeys, manoeuver with charts, etc. 2nd month I started journaling trades DATE, TIME, TICKER, SCREENSHOT, PATTERN, TREND, LONG/SHORT, SHARE SIZE, PRICE ENTRY, ENTRY TECHNICAL, RISK, REWARD, R:R RATIO, WIN/LOSS, PROFIT, THINGS TO CORRECT, 3rd month is now over and I learned alot. Juin 15th, Buy Lifetime Pro Membership BBT and 2nd 3Months of DAS, @ around 2PM get fired the same night at the end of my shift 11PM, Yeh.... ***************************MY PLAN********************* For my 2nd 3 Months of simulator: - Trade only stocks on Andrew's watchlist - Journal EVERY SINGLE TRADE I MAKE with the only exceptions of Hotkeys Mistakes - Make a weekly recap video of my week. What was my Win$/Loss$ Ratio, Win Rate%, Lessons learned, Minimum Share Float stocks need to have, Price Range$, etc - I will create a plan this weekend with Risk% per trade, Max Daily Loss, The Patterns I will trade, etc that I will post here. - I will probably streaming on Twitch every morning probably in french I think with people watching I will be kinda forced to follow the rules I made - I would also really like to make friends with some of you and discuss DayTrading together and share our path I attached a screenshot of my journal for those interested SIDE CHALLENGE I am currently on a 100 day Challenge (Currently on day #13) START : Juin 4th ENDS : September 11th ( I will go longer for sure) 1) NOFAP Hard Mode It means No Ejaculation AT ALL with the only exception of wet dreams since I can't control that 2) No Nail Biting 3) I'm 6 feet tall and 153 Pounds in pretty good shape. Goal is to get to 185 pounds! It is honestly almost impossible but they say set higher goals so I do. (Already at 161 lbs after pooping 3 times this morning thanks to black coffee) Feel free to comment, give opinions and tips ideas or anything. AND, If you live near Montreal PLEASE enter in contact with me SEE YOU GUYS IN CHATROOM MONDAY MORNING #WeeVap #VeeVap #VWAP
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