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  1. Hello, i want to get a hotkey that does, calculate my share size out of my stop-loss (from my 1% capital) from my account, when i double click on the chart, and then its find the share size, that i can buy/short. Everyone please?
  2. Hey all. I'm back from now! Hope everyone is doing great! Will set the new pc up again. Great day.
  3. That's why i don't doing recaps, and so on... Right now i'm learning, and working my ass off, to learn everything about trading. And just don't have the energy to focus on the forum, and chat. i will be back. MadsFromDenmark!
  4. images.jpg.33373678a8528bf9490a1cf10795746d.jpg


    That's why i don't doing recaps, and so on... 
    Right now i'm learning, and working my ass off, to learn everything about trading. 
    And just don't have the energy to focus on the forum, and chat. 
    i will be back. 


  5. Set your goals.
    Make your plans.
     Chase your 

  6. Thanks Brendon! Santa come early this year! Oh man, great video!
  7. Week 2: Monday: +55, later that night, it came up in me, and i did see (i traded on the 1 min chart for every trade).. Thursday: +52 Wensday: no trading. Thirsday: +50,69 Friday: -66 First trade of the week: Monday, did have a thoppy day on work, bad sleep.. But decided to trade anyways. I did see later that day, how i traded, and took every trade against my (1 min) .. CLVS: Shares 461 Price 21,65 +42,17 I did not follow my strategi, I was looking on the 1 min chart, and did got short, out from that. But if i just had look on that 5 or 15 min chart, i would never take that trade, out from my strategi... Did scalp out with that Vwap, and was just (lucky) to get out with profit. Bad trade Pets: Shares 319 Price 32,61 -114,84! Bearish engulfing crack, no new 5 min high, got a late entry and should have shorted it when it crack on the 5 min, but was looking on the 1 min chart, and trade (of out that).. AND, i did not follow my stop-loss rule! And because i got that late entry, and not looking for the 5 min, (stop-loss) where i should have set it, i missed a huge move downward!... Just because i traded it on the 1 min chart, and not the 5 min. CLVS: Shares 377 price 21,67 +20,64 Again i did a trade out of the 1 min, shorted it because it broke the (moving averages) on the 1 min, fast scalp out, and out of the break even... If i just look on that 5 min, would i go short in that strong uptrend hell no... Bad, nothing to say on that. CLVS: Shares 592 Price 22,16 +107,30 Small ABCD pattern on 1 min, did buy on the small pullback, and scalp out good. Stop-loss under the moving average. But again, 1 min chart (trade) CLVS: Shares 488 Prices 21,63 +0 Again i did take a trade of the 1 min, break my rule of the stop-loss, and did let it run... Was hopping it to come down. And it did come down, and out in break even...! That one, was a good (learn, money)..! Thursday, 1 trade over and out! Tvix shares 319 prices 49,13 +51,96 Bearish engulfing crack, on the 5 min, no new high on the 1min, wanted it to crack down on the vwap, and the blue moving average.. After i did see that, i shorted it. Did scalp out of the trade, and all out when it hit the 50 moving average on the 5 min. Funny thing, i said it on the chat, that i expected it to crack all the way down to 46, and it did... And because i said that, i did see it cracked it on the 15 min, and got no (support zone) after it. (Just a lesson to me, not to go all out of the trade. Thursday :2 trades AMD: Shares 463 prices 19,41 +21,80 New 5 min high, break those moving average on the 1 min chart, and cracked it on the 5 min, and expected it, to hit (high of the day), It dropped, and got support of the 1 min MA, so waited and lot the trade (handle it) i did see it could't get over that 50 MA, on the 1 min... So i got out of it. and i did see those big sellers. Good trade. ALGN: shares 63 prices: 225,33 +28,69 ABCD patter, on the 1 and 15 min chart.. Did take it of a Moving average trade, and did see it got support of the MA, so got in. Got filed a bit late, did scalp out of it, and was looking on the (s&p500) and it did consolidation period, so got out.. Friday, was no rules day! Said to my self, you now have the time to be on the all day, so you forget your rules, and see how you will handle it. And got damn it was hard, all of those emotions, that came, so (inspired) to see what your rules doing, if you are following them.. I know now, what i do wrong, when i got those emotions on, what takes i trade (for my strategi) and how i fell... Will, do a (new) post, in here only for Friday, because there are a lot in it! Have a great weekend guys! Mads from Denmark! Over and out.
  8. Quote for the day:
    The simpel it is, the better i like.

  9. Quote for the day:
    If you can explain it simply, you don´t understand it well enough.

  10. Nope, not here, i want to stick to my rules, and not let the (program) do it for me.. Need to get those feelings in, and practice myself to do it. Just like take a losing trade, or get out of a trade, if it doesn't do the way i want. I will learn, to hit the (stop) / get me out of the trade bottom. I know, i need to stop when i hit 3 losses trades. I know, i have a max stop loss for the day for 250 $ I know, i only can lose 83$ pr trade. If i can't handle that, and learn to risk it, by myself, i will not (overcome) myself to keep my controls, i think i will fell ( The program, will stop me out) (The program will, do the job for me) And if it does it for me, i will not get the psychology felling. What are you guys felling about it? Please let me hear. Have a great day. MadsFromDenmark.
  11. Quote for the day:
    A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

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