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  1. @peterB Yep, thanks. Just needed to wait 24h. It's ok now! Everything else were correct so i jumped the gun, and thought something is wrong. Lack of patience, thats nice to have as a trader...
  2. They take it from your trading account at the end of the month.
  3. Hey, I just opened account with them and it went really smoothly. The whole process was 10 days(counting weekend), including one request of additional information, me responding to it day later, funding and account activation. They send 10 emails keeping me on track whats going on and giving instructions. Fast and easy. In my first email to them i told them that i would like to have demo account and use BBT discount code. They were up and running instantly.
  4. I use both. Depends on situation. It is good if you can use LIMIT orders as you get better price for the stock(think if you trade 3000 shares a day and you save 3c per share =90$ a day), but what i mean is that at the beginning it is not the most important thing to get the best price. It is more important to get in a good setups and have good risk to reward Also it depends how you trade. I think in Andrews fast paced style it is essential to get in fast and get out fast. If you are catching bigger swings, then i don't think there is such a hurry that you can't take LIMIT orders. I think Norm is using some sort of LIMIT Order -Hotkey... I like Tiered sizing. I trade small and make partials, so it make sense to me. The fee structure depends on how you trade. You need to calculate how many partials do you take and how big size you trade. IB has Tiered and Fixed. Tier is 0,0035$(min. 35c) + ECN. Fixed is 0,005$(min. 1$) and includes ECN. CMEG has 0,0065$(min. 50c) including ECN.
  5. Hey guys, Haven't yet started live trading and thinking also about broker. Wouldn't it be good to have same account to day trade and swing trade, as you can use your swing trading money and shares to count them in PDT rule? For example if you use 15K in day trades and 15K in swing trades it still counts as 30K to PDT rules. And day trading money is always there for you to swing and swing shares are as collateral to your day trades. Make sense?
  6. I have now experimented in SIM how profit targets affects my trading. And the conclusion was, a lot. 1. When my daily goal is too far away(measured by how much i need profit per share or trade) i tend to overtrade a lot or stretch profit taking so that stock can turn against me. If i trade good setups with ok profits, but P/L is still far away i continue to trade so i would get to the goal and many times it leads to giving profits back, which destroys my psychology and P/L 2. If my goal is too small. I never learn to take bigger gains as i stop out early. The pressure is smaller, but so are the gains. I it will not prepare you to trading that will be profitable. Also if the gains are too small, greed kicks in and after that my decision are bad. So you need to look relative profits(%). This is why Andrew say's that the profits are not important at the beginning. If you make relatively great gains(%) you can gradually raise share size and make more absolute profit(€)
  7. Are we talking about ECN fees? They are separate from comission that brokers take. You can get them even in DAS simulator. Go to top bar "Trade" -> "Account Report". I'm in simulator and calculate costs 0,0035 per share + ECN fees shown in Account Report. The more you have tickets/scale, the more they add up. Then there is different lot's. "Board Lot" is block of shares that are measured in hundreds(100, 200, 300, 1000 etc.). Block less then a hundred(60,70, etc) is "Odd Lot" and numbers between hundreds are "mixed Lot". All these have affect ECN fees. It's quite easy to understand. If you add liquidity like Board Lots you get rewarded by lower fees. If you make it harder to the market to fill orders you have to pay like in Mixed Lot. My biggest weakness is overtrading and these fees has major impact if you overtrade. And Roberts post shows the range were i have seen them vary. But it's great that DAS calculates them so you don't need to guess or average them. In few strategies i have tested by using LIMIT orders because it adds liquidity and it not only reduces ECN fees but you can get rebate for adding liquidity, hence reducing fees even more. Never seen these rebates in live or done research so not sure does it really work in practice. But at least ECN fees are smaller. Mostly i just try to scale fewer times than Andrew because it'll eat small account if you scale six times on small share sizes. I still wouldn't start using LIMIT orders in fear of fees. Like Andrew says, at the beginning(or for a while after) it's not important at all. You need to learn everything else first and then you can make adjustments so you can be more cost efficient. But it is still good to know these things exists.
  8. Hey, has anyone tried Edgewonk trading journal? It seems good if it keeps all that it promises. It has flat rate of 169$ for life and 197$ with trader development program. So i think the pricing is good. I think i'll take the free trial at least once i go live. One review i've read says: . While each trader will come to their own conclusion, TraderVue has much better analytics then Profit.ly, while Profit.ly has slightly better and more active social networking. EdgeWonk, on the other hand, has arguably better analytics than TraderVue, without any social networking capabilities. https://edgewonk.com/
  9. Wow. Nice trades. And very good to hear from someone who's going throug the learning curve and shows progress. It is encouraging for others, like me. Nicely followed your rules! Keep up the good trading.
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