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  1. Banjo, I'm game to try something you guys. PM me your discord etc. Thanks!
  2. Lenny, I'm working on ORBs too, as I'm sure many are. I remember from my notes having been stopped out some time back similar to your example above. One of my "note to self" was how in mins 2, 3, 4 and 5 the volume just never showed up to the party. Now I'm always leary when min 1 hogs all the volume. Food for thought.
  3. @Michael McCausland, YES! Some tickers on some days seem reasonably close to as "fluid" as the real market opening/day, but in my experience (quite a few hours in replay now) most tickers on most days, even the historically high volume favorites aren't terribly realistic. I'm truly grateful for the feature add to DAS, but the data flow needs improvement and of course we still don't have L2 data. Maybe that's a good handicap and would make me better at certain portions of my skill set? Or maybe its truly a hindrance, I haven't quite decided. Either way, would really like to see a near term fix for the time and sales / price action flow to be more fluid. I continue to work on my 5M ORBs and according to my replay performance, I'm horrible compared to live market/real $ (I'm not that great there either, but better than replay ) I attribute it to such poor price action and terrible fills compared to real. YMMV...
  4. Need to opt-out for this time. Significant conflict has come up. Hope you all have a great time!
  5. Planning on making it to both, but definitely the summit. I'll know as the date gets closer.
  6. FWIW, been using Tradingsim since Nov '18. During the month of Nov and early December I experienced data flow/server issues more often than I care to remember. That said they were responsive to multiple feedback I provided even in very off hours of the day/week. I can't remember exactly when, feels like later December early January they had a meaningful update that has all but fixed the issues I had earlier. Pre-market is now available which has been an excellent improvement. All that said, would I recommend? Definitely. For me based on my saving for PDT equity (timeline) it made much more sense to pay the $300 for 12 mos to sim trade there and be more strategic with spending money on BBT membership, DAS sim, Windows laptop, External screens etc. As far as the user experience for actual sim trading, Ross and Robert covered everything well. BTW, works well on Macs so long as you're using FF browser. Hope this helps!
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