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  1. I am a new member. Trading is new for me. I read Thor's book with great interest and the strategies he describes totally speak to me. I initially paid for DAS Trader Pro simulator. My DAS subscription ended. NinjaTrader has some nice features that are not available in DAS Trader Pro, so I opened an account. After the 14-day trial I realized that NinjaTrader does not allow Canadians to open paid accounts. Any other country would work, but Canada. They told me they were working on it and advised me to check every week. I phoned ThinkOrSwim and they told me that with a Canadian address I was not able to open an account either. I had an idea that maybe to start I could just use Bookmap. I can set it up so that it also displays candle sticks. The problem is that Bookmap does not have the Camarilla pivots study. I heard that some people used Sierra Charts. I checked that Sierra Charts do have Camarilla points (which is great), but only up to the 5th levels. I guess I could live with that, but they don't provide phone support. I will have to dig through their documentation and figure out what works and what doesn't. I will do it, because I don't have a better idea at the moment. Question: If you are trading futures from Canada and use Camarilla pivot points and Bookmap, and use a platform that is more cost effective than DAS Trader Pro, please let me know. My goal is to have a setup I can use to check if I understood the strategies, can execute them correctly in a simulator and am consistently profitable. When I achieve that I can use a different setup to trade with real money (maybe by that time NinjaTrader will be available for Canadians. Please note that they said it would be available only for customers from Ontario [figure out why?]. I am in Ontario, so I guess lucky for me) I really like NinjaTrader and the possibility to set a stop when the price reaches a moving average. As far as I know, one is not able to do it in DAS. Thank you!
  2. IMPORTANT NOTICE - 2021/12/08: I've noticed some major issues with interacting with DAS this way - a method I usually try to avoid at all costs, the User Input layer - where the script misfires and ends up interacting with the montage (in my test case, it canceled a bunch of Open Orders I had in place, including my stops), I feel that this is too major of a potential issue to recommend. Because of that, I do NOT recommend using this script. If there's enough interest (added a poll), I may replace it with a proper program that doesn't have to interact with DAS via the User Input layer. I'm leaving the script linked for REFERENCE ONLY. If you still feel that a utility like this is useful and want to see me create a better (and much safer) way of doing it, please vote in the poll. ----------------- Okay, I think I've got this in a decent enough state for an initial release, so here it goes, hopefully we don't break anything and if we do, I'm not responsible. Might not be the most elegant because it's using AHK's script syntax and I'm not that familiar with it ... in fact, I'm not fond of it. What it is: It's an AutoHotkey script that will detect if DasTrader.exe is running and then send a sequence of commands to export the Trade Logs (Orders, Tickets, Trades). This can be further automated using Windows Task Scheduler (instructions below). By default, the save-to folder is in your My Documents \ TradeLogs \ YYYY-MM-DD, but this can be changed by editing the top line of the script (see Config section below). As a note, if DAS is not found to be running it will try to start and login before proceeding. It uses the machines local DATE, so be aware of that as your exports will save to a date relative to the local timezone. Instructions for Configuration: VIDEO Tutorial: This script was covered in the 11/22/2021 Monday Tech Class, which can be found here (when it goes up): https://bearbulltraders.com/course/technology-monday/lesson/kyles-tech-webinars-2/ For the script to run, you'll need to download AutoHotkey from https://www.autohotkey.com Run the installer and choose "Express" install, unless you know what you're doing. Download the relevant script file here: Disclaimer: The following script is provided for REFERENCE ONLY and is not recommended for use at this time. If you choose to do so please note that you do it on your own accord. No warranties/guarantees and it is unsupported. v1.0: DOWNLOAD (Please see the warning at the top of this post) Unzip the download to a folder of your choosing, for simplicity sake, let's put it in a folder C:\scripts\ [you may need to create this] Now if you have DAS Trader Pro installed to C:\DAS Trader Pro\ and you don't mind the default save directory of your My Documents\TradeLogs\, you don't need to configure anymore and you can jump to the automation portion. IF you don't have DAS saved in C:\DAS Trader Pro\ or you want to change the save locations, right-click the DASExportTradeLogs.ahk file you unzipped and go to "Open With" -> "Notepad" (unless you have another txt editor of your choice, just don't use WordPad or MS Word). On the top of the file, there are two variables "logoutput" and "dasfolder", you can edit the right-hand side to a value of your choice. By default, these are set to these values: ; Default Settings logoutput = %A_MyDocuments%\TradeLogs\ dasfolder := % "C:\DAS Trader Pro\" ; Uncomment (remove semicolon) to make your own. ;logoutput := % "C:\Trade Logs\" ;dasfolder := % "C:\DAS Trader DEMO\" If you want to change these folders, uncomment the lower variables by removing the semicolon and edit between the parenthesis. Example edits below: ; Default Settings logoutput = %A_MyDocuments%\TradeLogs\ dasfolder := % "C:\DAS Trader Pro\" ; Uncomment (remove semicolon) to make your own. logoutput := % "C:\MY TRADELOGS FOLDER\" dasfolder := % "D:\MY DAS INSTALL LOCATION\" AUTOMATION: To automate this script, you need to use Windows Task Schedule Go to the Start Menu, type: Task Scheduler Once it has launched, on the right hand pane under "Actions" click "Create Task" In the dialog box that has popped up, the tab will be "General" Name: Give it a friendly name you may remember, I chose "DASTradeLogsForLoveOfKittens" Leave "Run only when user is logged on" selected Switch to the "Triggers" tab Example screenshot below: In "Triggers", select "New..." button towards bottom. Set: Begin the task to "On a schedule" Set to "Weekly" and select Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Under "Advanced Settings" Check: Stop task if it runs longer than: 5 minutes [type it in] Check: Enabled Hit OK Example Screenshot below: Select the "Actions" tab and hit "New..." alongside bottom. In the "New Action" dialog: Action: Start a program Program/Script box, copy and paste the following: "C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe" In the "Add Arguments" box, type the location of our script and the name .. for this tutorial, we unzipped it to C:\scripts\DASExportTradeLogs.ahk Hit OK Select the "Conditions" tab and set .. Checkbox on "Start the task only if the computer is idle for:" Set to your choice, 10 minutes is a good number. Checkbox on "Wake the computer to run this task" See screenshot below: Switch to the "Settings" tab Leave checked "Allow to be run on demand" Check: "Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed" Check: "Stop the task if it runs longer than:" and set to 10 minutes Leave the rest as is, see screenshot below: Hit "OK" until you're out of the task creation screen. All done. You can test to make sure you got the parameters right by finding the task name you assigned it in the "Name" column, right-clicking, and choosing "Run". Hands off as it does it's thing. For best results, run DAS Trader and navigate to the main menu -> Trade -> Reports, then set your settings to be like the following screenshot, as a note check "Show training orders/trades" if you want to include both SIM and LIVE account (unchecked is just LIVE account). I'm sure I forgot something ... ChangeLog: 11/24/2021: Initial Release
  3. Bonjour chers amis de Bear Bull Traders! As your newest lifelong member, thank you for the warm welcome, for the truthful and vibrant community, and for these two awesome books on Day Trading that saved me much heartache! I devoured the first one (with hundreds of highlights and notes) and will finish its sequel this weekend before I engage with your trading group this Monday. I look forward to joining you in the chat room when it opens on Monday morning. (I'll leave a detailed review for both books on Amazon shortly) A bit about myself: I'm a Quebecois working as an engineer in San Francisco. From working twelve hour days for a year, I have accumulated a nest egg of about $50K in my trading account, so now my top priority for foreseeable future is learning if I can live off the market using these savings before the inevitable cost of living dwindles my trading account to ineffectual levels. My employment in San Francisco is ending in a couple weeks and am relocating to sunny Florida. I will soon live in Coral Springs Florida (close to Boca Raton) and would *love* to connect with local Floridian Bear Bull Traders and do fun activities under the Florida sun! I then intend to take a full six months off for an in-depth study of day trading with the hopes of making it my main source of income for the next cycle of life. In dollar signs, my target is to earn a modest $150 per trading day with a $50K trading account. (Averaging a consistent 0.3% per day within six months.) If I can do that my entire life changes and I now afford to invent for a living! (I'm a uber-geek and professional inventor) I pride myself on following a careful and scientific approach to learning complex topics and thus far day trading appears extremely challenging, confusing and opaque. I intend this to be my next career and I intend to invest the same passion and precision that I invest in my engineering career. So far in the two months of study on how to approach day trading, on many occasions I have been appalled to witness how 'manipulated' the market appears to be. Just a couple weeks back as an example, when Trump decided to suddenly reverse course on Mexican tariffs, I invested many hours to understand why all the stocks that stood the most to gain had an huge unexplained gaps minutes after the Friday market close *before* Trump tweeted his decision. Having witnessed on several stocks price action that made no sense minutes after the Friday close, I accelerated my study of Dark pools and the unfair influence of the sophisticated automated systems Wall Street professionals use. Reading in your books your regular warnings to 'stay away from common stocks' and your mistrust of market manipulations, I decided to join your group in the hopes of learning from traders more experienced than I am on how to select the best 'stock in play' that have the best odds of avoiding shady market manipulators. There are four key things I hope to learn from Bear Bull Trading: 1. How to best avoid market manipulations. 2. How to master the stock scanning tools and find my own 'stocks in play' 3. How to develop semi-automated trading helpers that can reduce the tedium. 4. Form friendships with a community of great traders and participate in the growth of the group. For the immediate future however my goals for the next month are 1) absorb as much as I can from your morning trading sessions, 2) duplicate your trades in a simulated account (while trying to understand them), 3) gain mastery of effective scanner tools to attempt to find great stocks in play and 4) gradually phase into my real-money account as simulated results warrant. However my real fascination with this (as a lifelong coder) is what can I do to create automated scripts that can 1) ease the tedium and 2) hopefully help me trade on stocks in play of secondary importance (while my attention is focused on stocks of primary interest) For the last two months I have been studying the (very impressive) NinjaTrader 8 platform and I'm eager to apply my coding skills to the platform so that (hopefully) I can teach the platform to properly scrape manually-seletcted stocks in play and (if things go well) even automate some trades on stocks of secondary interest while I manually trade stocks of primary interest myself. One a key issue I'd like to get some feedback from the community so I approach my very first trades properly. In my reading so far I have grown increasingly wary of short positions and intend to engage the first leg of my trading journey limiting myself to only long positions. As a result, I was thinking of using my RobinHood account to avoid commission fees and possibly open the door to free programmatic scalping that would otherwise result in prohibitive commission fees. This strategy would enable me to create over time a programmatic tool on top of the NinjaTrader 8 platform to do some scalping on stocks of secondary importance by taking long positions only without facing prohibitive commission fees. Some questions remain however: 1. Do you think RobinHood is too slow to fill day trading orders? 2. How do you feel about shorting stocks? (What is your short / long ratio?) 3. Do you use any automated or semi-automated trading helpers to ease the tedium? 4. Are there any NinjaTrader users / developers in here? Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I sincerely hope to invest in this community and give back to the best of my ability. Jean-Pierre P.S. I'm open to making Day Trading friends and love to connect with people sharing my DT passion. To save some typing feel free to call me anytime at 415-666-6997 (or contact me via email at JeanPierrePoulin -at- gmail.com) Update: I've since abandoned RobinHood as several people mention it is too slow & unsuitable for scalping and day trading. I'm currently attempting to find the best broker for me and the higher fees will probably really damped my attempts at semi-automated scraping... but will try it in simulation nonetheless.
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