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  1. Got if figured out, reacquainted myself with command prompts. Also, the default installation location for ThinkorSwim in Windows 11 is c:/users/(username)/appdata/local/thinkorswim
  2. I'm running TradingView alongside DAS, which has a robust alerting feature - I wish DAS weren't so cumbersome. The main issue I have with DAS now is that each new alert I set up is not preserving "default" settings, especially those pertaining to audio settings. I've got the hotkey setup, and the alert window is open, but the settings for each alert I send from a chart don't use the audio settings, which means I have to go back and edit the newly created alert to my preferences. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks all!
  3. Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out how to show this indicator on the chart - with post-pre market data turned on and visible - so that the volume data reflects from market open time only, and not aligning with the beginning of pre-market (which skews the bars off to the left so far that they aren't visible when zoomed into the chart during later, open market times?) Thanks all!
  4. Same. Just spent some time trying to figure out how to get the executable to work using CMD, there was a sub-directory in the package that did not unzip, just kind of a hot mess for those of us like me who don't muck around under the hood much. Just enough knowledge to figure out I have little idea how to implement this - the basic goal is to be able to use third party configuration settings in Bookmap/Thinkorswim...seems like a bit more trouble than it's worth for us non-PC techies.
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