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Utility - Bookmap for Think-or-Swim Config Editor, Updated 6/30/2022, v1.0

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Updated: 6/30/2022 @ 2:34pm (PST)

** IMPORTANT NOTE: This program is released as-is without any warranty or implied support, please read all of the information, and understand what you're doing. This is a personal release by Kyle and not affiliated with BearBullTraders, so please do not request any support through the BBT support channels as they will not be answered.

What it is:
Bookmap Think-or-Swim Config Helper (say that five times fast) is a command line utility (.exe) you can use to run various functions against the Bookmap config file if you're using the Think-or-Swim version. For some reason, the ToS port of Bookmap does not include these features natively.

The way the ToS version works is that it uses the lastUsed section of the config file to apply to any newly opened feeds if a symbol doesn't have a matching config. To make things more confusing, configs are stored with their feed# (e.g. AMD@DXFEED#3), so it's possible you will load an AMD chart and it will inherit the default settings stored in lastUsed, despite you previously setting the config for this symbol. I got tired of this and decided to make a fix.


  • Print or Save the symbol list (saves the currently stored configs in the Bookmap config)
  • Extract a Symbol's config to an external file (for importing later).
  • Clear all stored configs from the Bookmap config.
  • Inject a previously exported config to the lastUsed setting (so newly spawned charts will inherit the config you want them to).
  • Overwrite all existing stored configs with a previously exported one (good if you use detached windows, as it leaves the window settings untouched).
  • Auto backup of Bookmap config file before any destructive (change of data) action is taken.

Instructions for Usage:

Please see the ReadMe.md file on the GitHub for more detailed information, including the commands to use: https://github.com/kylek29/bookmap-tos-config/

DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/kylek29/bookmap-tos-config/tree/main/dist [zipfile: BookmapToSConfigEditor.zip]


- None yet, but I will make one on it.



  • Post here and I'll try to answer any issues as I have time.



  • None yet. Everyone should collectively cross their fingers.



- Initial v1.0 release.

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Profile / Project Pages (Dynamic Hotkeys, StreamDeck Files, and other contributions are located here)

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Same. Just spent some time trying to figure out how to get the executable to work using CMD, there was a sub-directory in the package that did not unzip, just kind of a hot mess for those of us like me who don't muck around under the hood much. Just enough knowledge to figure out I have little idea how to implement this - the basic goal is to be able to use third party configuration settings in Bookmap/Thinkorswim...seems like a bit more trouble than it's worth for us non-PC techies.

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Got if figured out, reacquainted myself with command prompts. Also, the default installation location for ThinkorSwim in Windows 11 is c:/users/(username)/appdata/local/thinkorswim

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