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  1. Hi Kyle

    Is there a way to set DAS alert for stock crossing previous day close


    Sam K

  2. sam1202

    NYC Meetup with Thor


    count me in
  3. I am also a new trader on SIM, I just downloaded your excel spreadsheet and find it very useful. Thanks for putting this together and sharing with the BBT community, I plan to use it to track my progress
  4. Kyle, Thanks for sharing Trading Plan example, this is very helpful! I am a new trader on SIM, and will be using your example to create my Trading Plan. Andrew has referred to your trading plan in his new Psychology book. I also have been using your hot keys in SIM, they make risk management easy. Appreciate your help and contribution to BBT! Regards Sam K
  5. Hi, I am looking to use Kyle's new "Rolling hot key" that Thor has mentioned in day trading sessions. where can I get the hot key and it's description Thanks Sam K
  6. Hi My name is Shiv, I am new to day trading & this community. I got interested in day trading after reading Andrew’s books. I have been on DAS simulator for 2 weeks, getting used to It. Will really appreciate any guidance or suggestions on starting trading journal. I am based in South New Jersey, and would like to sign up for any meet ups in New Jersey & New York area Thanks Shiv
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