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Not sure if this is the right forum for this as I couldn't find one where it "fit" the criteria perfectly, so move it as needed.

In the documents linked below is an example trading plan that I created many months ago from various sources, as well as my own thoughts. I've developed many business plans in a similar fashion and the way I get the most done is by typing up a list of questions, printing it out, and writing (or typing) thorough answers to those questions. You then wait a few days (reset your mind) and return, putting those answers into concise statements / paragraphs to form the basis of your overall business plan. 

For a trading plan, you may never do the second part (putting it into concise paragraphs), that's OK. The intended purpose of a plan (for business or trading) is to make you think and develop a vision for what you feel is success and how you intend to go about reaching your goal. Just like a business plan, you may deviate from it, you may go slower than you projected, and / or you may alter it along the way. It doesn't matter how you use it after you create it, it's just there to put you back on the tracks if you come off or serve as a reminder to the longer term goal if you're having a short term struggle.

Some Tips:

- I encourage you to really reflect on your answers, get granular with them, the more you get out of your head now is the more you'll be able to power through in the end. My last major business plan I wrote risk-aversion scenarios for coupe d'etat's (it was for the Middle East) and an assortment of what-if's related to the region  - you won't need that here (although, maybe you have terrible in-laws and it's not out of the question), but it helps to think complex (possible) scenarios through as you'll be more prepared to react if it happens.

- Set realistic goals. I took a few psychology courses on goal setting at university for my degree and they all seem to agree. Break the goal up into small obtainable steps and build momentum. So don't say "I want to be a billionaire in 5 years," reframe it as "In 5 years, I'd like to have my house paid off entirely, and I'm going to do it by ...". A goal too far out of reach or without structure is useless, even if there's a slim chance. 

The document has questions for the following sections:
- Introduction --> Just a brief overview of what's intended.
- Overall Goals & Strategy --> Questions regarding your intended trading goals and strategy.
- Education / Evolution --> Questions about how you're going to gain knowledge and evolve to meet your goals.
- Psychology --> Questions for how you plan to deal with the psychological aspects of trading.
- Timeline --> Your intended timeline of milestones. How you plan to progress through it.
- Future You Statements --> Prejourney Statement (message to yourself to be read after you've completed the journey, written in the future-sense like you're talking back at yourself.)
- Time Statements --> Done at certain intervals, a quick journal of your progress so far. 
- After Completion Statements --> Area for you to reflect after this leg of the journey is over and you're about to start the next.


Template File (with example data): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hKLkaPc4pYXNIpjv26ud3pFLWbeBogvL/view?usp=sharing
Template File (blank, just questions): https://drive.google.com/file/d/14VL_ZVk1gBgqpKNeYwiNJDYwfWfSF2gS/view?usp=sharing

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@KyleK29,Wow! Really impressive. This is a real detailed plan. Very interesting,it can be a great tool to help new traders. However,I wonder if there’s a brand new trader staring out who can fill all this out. You need to have a substantial amount of knowledge for this chart alone. But really,before someone takes on such an endeavor they should have a clear path and plan to success. Thanks Kyle a lot for for this contribution to the BBT community. All the luck to your success.

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