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  1. Meirlandau10

    NYC Meetup - Part III

    @shaye11211 looking for a partner to head to party today.
  2. Meirlandau10

    NYC Meetup - Part III

    Hope to be there too.
  3. Keen246 think IB is a better deal for beginners that trade small size anyway. Their commission structure is a minimum of .35 per ticket vs a minimum .95 at Centerpoint. I was at Centerpoint and switched to IB mainly for that reason.
  4. Im not sure. I did see that my balance went up after a few weeks perhaps they refund you after the end of the month.
  5. Yes,Robert. I haven’t spoken to them about it because I was changing anyways but this was my experience. And Hugo logged in to my computer as well,via team viewer,and couldn’t get it passed that date.
  6. Hi, I just wanted to share my experience with Centerpoint with my fellow members. I went to them because of their low commissions and no charge of the DAS platform,however being that I trade maybe 50-100 share increments I need to pay a minimum of $.95 per execution as opposed to $.35 minimum at the tiered IB option. Also,the setting up the account was pretty slow as the whole process took me longer than a week as with IB I got approved instantly and I made a wire transfer which was available immediately. And,while leaving Centerpoint I paid $ for a wire transfer for same day transfer which they did not deliver on. Additionally,with their Shorts although there were borrows available at one point there was a charge of $.33 per share which is $3.33 for 100 shares. And lastly their daily charts where only available to date back until May 2017. So,all and all if you have a choice between Centerpoint and IB,to me IB is definitely the better choice as I have described above. All I’m trying to do is be helpful for my BBT trademates. Thanks everyone for reading.
  7. Sara,Dr Steenbarger’s is very different than Trading In The Zone. It is much more of a practical guide how to go about trading from a behavioral standpoint along with tips and suggestions where as Mark Douglas’s book is more of a mind set on how to view trading and losing etc.... I’m holding about half way through it and I’m finding it well worth the read. All the best. ‘s
  8. Meirlandau10

    What went wrong?

    I see what you’re saying,very good point. As a new trader it is quite challenging to take in account so many things in real time,where you need to make a decision within seconds or less. Thanks Abiel for your feedback.
  9. Meirlandau10

    What went wrong?

    Can I please have an opinion on what I did wrong with my first trade here,on SQ? As far as what I saw, a break down to open and then a consolidation,therefore expecting another breakdown,like a reverse ABCD. And,did I have a stop loss too far,it was the 9ema on the 1-minute chart? I’m having a hard time diagnosing the problem(if there is one). Thanks in advance.
  10. Meirlandau10

    DAS Trader Pro - update available

    Thanks Lee I figured it all out.
  11. Thanks,this ha elped me.
  12. @KyleK29,Wow! Really impressive. This is a real detailed plan. Very interesting,it can be a great tool to help new traders. However,I wonder if there’s a brand new trader staring out who can fill all this out. You need to have a substantial amount of knowledge for this chart alone. But really,before someone takes on such an endeavor they should have a clear path and plan to success. Thanks Kyle a lot for for this contribution to the BBT community. All the luck to your success.
  13. Thanks,Paras. I can resonate with a lot of what you’re saying,although I have much less experience than you. I started out about two months after being introduced to day trading by my financial advisor. Not liking the idea of trading fake money I started out trading 10 share lots and had some success over a short period of time. After that I decided to up it 100 share lots and then the emotions took over and I wasn’t following any rules as I was just trading impulsively.,causing a substantial amount of loss. So,I changed two things over the last few days 1. I’m taking journaling much more seriously,writing down the strategy and taking notes analyzing the trade I took. And,now I’m going to start exchanging my trades with a trading partner as we’ll view each other’s trades. 2. I cut my share size down to between 25-50 shares,depending on the volatility of the stock. And,so far so good, as I see some results. Although it’s small amounts of money,however,now I’m just trying to focus on turning around my losing streak and becoming consistently profitable. And,I’m also feeling much more optimistic about the future. All of this I couldn’t of being working and battling with the greatest and most helpful community in the world,Bear Bull Traders. Thank you everybody for being so helpful and supportive,I greatly appreciate it.
  14. @Abiel,thank you. They actually told me they are working on enabling it. Would to get your opinion,about switching to DAS+IB,for this reason alone and pay the $150 dollars a month for DAS,as I believe this feature will save me more than $150 a month. And,what plan at DAS does BBT traders recommend?
  15. @Abiel,does anybody have experience using these risk controls with Centerpoint Securities? On the DAS platform these feature is completely grayed out,I called them and they told me,they can only set max loss and max position loss for me manually,however,they cannot set “enable auto-stop”. I’m very disappointed about that and thinking of signing up directly with DAS because of that. For me,my main challenge is not stopping out of a position early enough which in turn can become a large loser,therefore, if the risk control cannot help me then maybe the broker is not a good fit for me. Thank you for reading and would like to hear if anybody else has experience with this.

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