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  1. Abiel,

    Could you please send me your DAS config files so I can try with my desktop?

    You offered to send these back on October 10 and I have not received them yet.



    1. Abiel


      Sorry, I forgot about this. Do you still need it? 

    2. mlestina





    3. Abiel
  2. As an update, I think I got this question answered by the on line customer support Chat. Essentially, they said that the thing Peter was referring to on his 7/9/20 video at 27 minutes was at https://bearbulltraders.com/simulator/ where, under the banner "Weekly Practice" several trades are described. Also, the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O85A_qpqaj0 is where this DAS replay feature is described by BBT. Apparently, there are no videos of replays from BBT posted on BBT website or elsewhere, it is just the descriptions of trades under the Simulator BBT page. I hooked up with Peter in the Chatroom Mon Oct 12 afternoon and he said, "I actually meant the Weekly practice. I don't think there were any videos, just trade suggestions." I think this clarifies this. Matt
  3. Jason, Thanks. I have another question regarding Replay. I was just watching Peter's July 9, 2020 video entitled "From the Beginning: Setting Up a Trading Plan", and at about 26:55 into the video, he says: "Leverage our Replay Practice that we've got, it is something that we recently set up. The Replay Practice you can find in our [i.e. BBT's] Education Center, and it gives you sample trades you can take. The team has done a great job to set this up and give you a suggestion of great trades that you can take. These trades will leverage different types of trading strategies to make them work. It is a good way to figure out if a given strategy is feeling comfortable to you because we sort of set up these practice sessions if you will. " I tried looking for these in BBT's Education center but I couldn't locate them. Could someone please tell me where I can find them? Or is it better to ask Peter directly? Or must I have the 3 month Sim subscription first to access them? Matt
  4. Kyle,

    I wrote a bit of a book review which may help you:

    Here is the link:

    You need to then scroll down and find my posting.


    1. Khoi Dao

      Khoi Dao

      Very detailed and helpful. Thank you Matt


  5. Ive just started my 14 day free trail with DAS (version and cant find the replay function. Does the 14 day free trial not have it? Does the discounted 3 month DAS SIM I paid for thru BBT (but have not yet activated) have it? Or do I need CMEG as a broker to get it? Is it advisable that I get the replay feature if I am just starting out on Sim? Matt
  6. KHarp83, I never before heard of Venom by Cobra! Why hasn't Venom by Cobra never been mentioned or discussed in any of Andrew's books or in the education videos on BBT? I know the education videos seem to discuss at some length the commission structure between IB and CMEG, but why isn't Venom by Cobra never discussed? Matt
  7. Paul, That is great. But it happened to me at Fidelity (this was unrelated to day trading). Please see attached. Matt
  8. Paul, that may be my strategy. Start with CMEG, then move to IB US when and if I become a CPT. My concern is if you call their customer service with a legitimate problem, you first have to go thru a long phone menu maze, key in a whole bunch of stuff, wait a half hour on hold, and then when a person answers your call, they have a long list of rigid questions (often a repeat of what you previously typed in) you are forced to answer before they are willing to help you with your problem. And if you then get thru that, you may then find that either they have no motivation, power, skill or desire to solve your problem. Then if you as the customer show any dislike or frustration, because your customer service agreement may be an "at-will" contractual relationship, they could restrict or cancel your account at any time for any reason, usually because they want to retaliate against you and hurt you. I am concerned that if I went with IB US, being what seems to be the only US broker that pairs with DAS, I would be put in a bad position of that happened to me. IB US may actually be just fine, but they also have a lot of power over an individual customer, and thus there is the potential that they can at some point use that power to bully. I therefore feel less vulnerable with CMEG. Please mark me if my logic and concerns above are awry, but I thought that one good function of a group like BBT would be if some customer gets victimized like this, they dont have to suffer quietly but instead could let others know what is going on so others can be more alert. Please let me know whether any of this makes any sense or if I am an aberration. P.S. I wish airlines were required to publish the number of people they have banned.
  9. I dont have 2 brokers. Actually I have zero. I am just starting Sim. But in 3 months I may need to choose one. Dont like the US $25k pdt rule. Further, I am concerned that if I rub someone in customer service the wrong way, Im afraid they could restrict or cancel my account, as often customer agreements are "at will" meaning they can cancel your account for any reason at any time. Hence I am concerned that IB US may be both inconvenient and leave me vulnerable. Please mark me if I am wrong.
  10. Thanks Paul. I did call DAS just now (702.943.1881) and they said I would have to pay double if I linked DAS to both CMEG and IB US simultaneously. Although you can link DAS to more than one IB US account simultaneously for no extra charge, that does not apply for different brokers. Also this question that I asked is premature as both the 14 day free trial and the 3 month BBT promotional discount for DAS do not use or require a broker.
  11. Can I pair and use my same DAS account for both CMEG and IB US simultaneously? In other words, can I have a single DAS account and pay for just a single DAS account and use that same DAS account for an account in my name in both CMEG and IB US? Will DAS allow me to do that? Matt
  12. I am thinking of using Chartlog and was hoping someone could tell me: 1. When the BBT discount code 'BBT20' (see adrian80's comment above) expires? 2. How much is this discount for and for how long does it apply (the sticker price is $240/year or $20/month)? 3. Does BBT plant to offer a new discount when this old one expires? Matt
  13. I am new to trading, live in Kingstowne and am beginning to consider getting a trading buddy or a virtual group. Please reach out if you are interested or may be interested in the near future. I only joined BBT in July 2020, read about 6 books, and plan to start SIM trading shortly. Hence I do not yet have a journal or whatever, so it is a bit early, but would like to see if others would be interested when I get going. My email is [email protected] Matt
  14. Carlos, I missed this as I was not a member on Jan 20, but was wondering if you could answer the following: 1. How important is it to do a journal when I Sim? Is journalling only for live? When I journal, should I use Chartlog free or paid or Tradervue free, silver or gold? 2. As I am new to trading, how do I know when it is a good time in my development to activate my DAS discounted subscription? Should I error on the side of too early or too late? Matt
  15. Thanks for the video. I was wondering whether there is a link or video or book or whatever that explains the T&S tape, what the different colors mean, how to stratagize by reading the T&S tape, the different features available in setting up the tape, etc. Please mark me if I am wrong, but this seems to be missing for the most part from the books and the education center. For example, I understand that a colored entry on the T&S is a transaction at a price relative to a bid and ask on the order book, but I do not know whether it is a buy, a sell, whether the buyer or the seller is aggressive or passive (i.e., market vs limit vs stop order), etc. Where can I learn about this? Matt
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