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Carlos M.

DAS Trader Pro - Basics Live Q&A

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Hey everyone! 

We are scheduling a live DAS Trader Pro Basics Q&A class this Monday, January 20th @ 9pm EST!

We have received several basic questions about DAS that we will go over in this live Q&A. If there is something you would like to ask or discuss in regards to DAS Trader Pro, please join us, we will have our platform up and walk through the answer live. 

Hope to see you there! 

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I missed this as I was not a member on Jan 20, but was wondering if you could answer the following:

1.  How important is it to do a journal when I Sim?  Is journalling only for live?  When I journal, should I use Chartlog free or paid or Tradervue free, silver or gold?

2. As I am new to trading, how do I know when it is a good time in my development to activate my DAS discounted subscription?  Should I error on the side of too early or too late?


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Hi Matt. Journaling your trades while in sim will help to build your habit to do it and to improve as you advance in your sim training, so when you start live your journaling skills will be developed and template will be tested, improved and ready.

Before activating your DAS sim subscription make sure you:

Watch all Classes and DAS Lessons in Education Center. read this forum post too. If you are a Lifetime Member watching Success Webinars and Psychology Webinars is advised. Ideally you should watch all the content in the Education Center and webinars.

Take a look at this 12 week simulator program. You want to be familiar with everything in that program.

Watch these DAS Trader Tutorials in youtube. Every week we add new videos.

Prepare your trading plan and journal template. In the Downloads section of the website you will find a Trading Plan and Journal template https://bearbulltraders.com/lessons/trading-plan-template-2/

Download the BBT TradeBook from the Downloads section of the website. Review it and adjust it as needed.   

Use our Knowledge Base and Forums to search the questions you may have. If you search and don't find answers, ask here in the forums.

When you are ready, download the DAS 14 days free trail and set it up as you prefer. After the 14 days you can activate your 3 months DAS subscription, keep using the same DAS installation you used for the trial. 


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