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  1. Seems to be a bug in the Excel sheet, it's not flipping the Trigger portion. Give me a few minutes. *EDIT* New version in OP. Please regenerate those hotkeys using this version and see if they work for you properly now.
  2. Been playing with this some, since you asked for feedback (I assume you have a developers ear on this), I'll post my suggestions here. I really like it, a few solid enhancements I think would be: Functionality: 1) Double-clicking a flag should send that OrderID to the chart's connected Montage for easy replacement. This would make it very fluid with modifying the orders in a streamlined workflow. Right now double-clicking it just loads the clicked price to the montage (if double-click-to-trade is turned on). 2) Maybe Shift+Click could update the order's position size to your current position? Aesthetically: 1) Ability to adjust the font size on the flags, they can get quite big otherwise. 2) Color change --> Right now, short positions are blue and long positions are red. Be nice to have different colors for if it's a STOP order or a standard order. See attached screenshot for example.
  3. If you're in SIM with a BBT account, make sure you to drop the TR from your username when logging in. So if it's TRBBT####, your login would be BBT####.
  4. I confirmed this issue with the newer versions of DAS and I think it's the order of operations causing it to default to limit. In one of the DAS versions the stops started defaulting to Stop Limits in certain scenarios. Try these, if they work I'll put up a new update with the fix: CXL ALLSYMB;Route=Stop;Share=Pos;StopPrice=Price;TIF=DAY+;Price=StopPrice-0;StopType=MARKET;SELL=Send; Hi Bo, I tested your hotkeys in my version of DAS and they worked as expected. Even tried a few common mistakes to no avail. It seems like a calculation is failing somewhere. Can you post your DAS version and also go into Setup > Other Configuration and check "Debug Message". Try the hotkey out and then send me the latest file in the your DAS folder /LOG/ via PM? It'll help me see what it is doing.
  5. With regards to the not deleting trades, maybe create a special account tag all users get called "Trash," so users can trash certain trades they don't want statistics on? I understand the reasoning behind not allowing the deletion of the trades, but it's not a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, I have *a lot* of dummy SIM trades when I'm testing things (hotkeys, DAS updates, etc.). Right now, I'd have to manually edit those out of the DEBUG LOGS before sending them up or start completely fresh. Just a thought.
  6. Can you post the hotkey command(s) that you are using? And / or did you create them using the configuration Excel sheet yourself or did someone send them to you? I find that the ones users pass around tend to fail because a lot of messaging programs strip out (sanitize) the "*" in the command which causes calculation issues.
  7. All of them. Just kidding. Depends if they can do dynamic typing and/or convert to the necessary datatype for a field. Probably at least 5 floats would be helpful (if they can still write to INT based variables). Unfortunately no. I wish there was a reoccurring Trigger Order that could do it. You have to just be vigilante with updating. I did make some requests that should make hotkeying it a tad easier in the future. Does your username start with TRBBT? You need to drop the TR part of it, so it's just BBT####. Otherwise it won't let you login. Be careful with it though, I've managed to crash my PC 4 times yesterday (hard lock ups). The chart tools don't play nice at the moment.
  8. The part that says "Price=Bid-0.05;" should be "Price=Bid+0.01;". Did you generate this with the configuration tool? There's an option to select "Short SSR" on the type drop-down on the latest version. It'll do this for you. Thanks for the heads up. I just played with and it has some other improvements: BidAsk Spread in Level 1 data. Hotkeys to configure line styles. Replay functionality (if you have the data package). The trade-from-chart functionality is interesting, but it lacks a lot of variable access, so we may not be able to use it for the initial order calculation. However, ALL orders can show up on the sidebar .. but right now, double-clicking those doesn't send them to montage. If they can get that functionality in it'll be really helpful for different scenarios (like updating position size quickly).
  9. 1) Yes, I meant the Order window (Open Orders). 2) It's not about monetizing with me. I follow a pay-it-forward approach to creation and knowledge sharing, so most of what I create will be published here for the community. Some of it will be limited (e.g. the AI I'm working on wouldn't be released, but the trade signals would be available to the community). I will release the majority of things I create to the community if I can do it A) legally, and B) with as minimal of difficulty as necessary (e.g. doesn't require a complex setup or a ton of knowledge). The API I created fails both of those parameters. I can't release it, even for free, because I used techniques to alter the program's memory while it is loaded into RAM (changing memory data or OpCodes on the fly) - this is the same way you'd hack a multiplayer/video game. This is not a legal issue when it's on my PC, where it becomes an issue is if I distribute that code. It fails the second parameter because it's a complex setup to do it. With that said, I would love for DAS to embrace a more open mentality to other programmers - providing the CMD API to non-professional traders at a reduced rate (or free), and / or allowing for more advanced scripting. Most trading platforms have a much higher level of scripting ability. Heck, giving us ability to do IF/ELSE, more complex math functions, and the ability to create our own data variables would be a huge step.
  10. 2. I'd have to play with it. For REPLACE orders, you have to double click the open order in the Orders window. This is because the montage clears the Order ID (OID, it's a hidden variable attached to the montage), double-clicking it will pass in the value. I'll experiment with some things to see if I can figure out a hotkey example for you on that. **EDIT** I played with some. I don't think it's possible to use the double-click function because of how they have it implemented. When you double click the Range Order (sends it to montage) and then double-click on the chart, it sets the STOP to LIMIT .. when any of the routes change, they clear out the Price function. You can't push the price to HighPrice until it's set as a StopOrder (they have a block in place). If your hotkey switches it back to a STOP RANGE, it will then clear that price variable before you can copy it in. The problem is, there's no intermediary Float variable to store the double-clicked price that survives the route change function. I really wish they'd give us some user storage read/write variables to use to clean up a lot of this stuff. A more manual approach is like this: 1) Go long on a position. 2) Send a 1:1 Range order with hotkey. 3) Double click the range order in Montage. 4) Manually adjust the HighPrice to where you want it and hit "REPLACE" button on hotkey. 3. Do you mean that when you hit a hotkey to sell 100% of your position, it only sells 50% of that position? Can you post the hotkeys? If I understand the sequence of events is [long for example] --> Go Long, Scale-In, Sell 100%. Or is this a Stop Order / Price Target hotkey? 4. Yes, I've requested it as well. Hopefully they add it, as it would be really useful.
  11. KyleK29

    Orders being rejected?

    Out of curiosity, did you try it again right after to see what would happen? As others have said, it could be broker related. But it is worth noting that since last week (Thurs, 8/15/19), I've been getting random rejections using the SIM. If I try immediately after, it goes through. This also occurs with some trigger orders (they reject when they send). The error I get is "Rep Order Val Limit[1279]," it's rare and random (like you, the Withheld Buying Power is below the account Equity) so they may have made some changes on the order servers that they're trying to work out. I've seen a few others mention this in chat as well the past few days.
  12. User @Misjo asked in chat this morning how to do this. So here's a quick video, posting here to add to the shared knowledge base. Question was: How to set an order so that if the price of a stock broke above an upper range limit that it'd go long and if it broke below a lower range limit it'd go short. Added that if one triggers, it cancels the other. Set Upper Range as: - Stop Order, Price is the "Up to" portion of the order (e.g. fill me up to this amount. Can also be a StopType: Market to not worry about this). - Trigger Price: The price at which you want this order to fire. - Hit "Long" button. Set Lower Range as: - Stop Order, Price the "Down to" portion of the order (e.g. fill me down to this amount, can also use a Stop Type: Market) - Trigger Price: The price at which you want this order to fire. - Hit "Short" button. Once range is set, open Open Orders window (Trades > Open Orders) and right-click one of the pending orders, select "Trigger Order" and then when the Triggers window pops up, hit the tab "Cancel Order." On the that tab, select the corresponding order you want to cancel (if we are doing the LONG portion, we'd have the option to select the SHORT portion). Do the same for the other Open Order. VIDEO: As always, enjoy my lovely "has this guy hit puberty yet" sounding voice below. Any questions, just post here.
  13. @Igor Was able to play with this today, great work man. What do you plan to do with this? Are you going to open-source it or keep it proprietary? I'd love to contribute if you do open-source it. Remove the "LOG" part from your filepath, it should just be the DAS directory --> C:\Traders Elite Pro ETFA\ .
  14. Ahhh yes, I uploaded it and totally forgot about it many years back. Left it for prosperity. Fun fact about that cat, I got him from a professional boxer and he was an F1 Bengal w/ a gene that made him white w/ blue eyes. Cat dad was an asian leopard (it's a boxer thing). That cat was as close to a dog as you could get and every night he'd bounce on my dog, wrap around his neck, bite (thrashing his head) .. obviously it was an attempt at murder, but also very cute. He'd escort you on your walks, bark if meowing didn't work, and weighed around 19lbs. He was legitimately catnapped. I'm not making that last part up, someone took him when they moved.
  15. Hi Igor, Nice to see a fellow developer knocking some stuff out. I have a few programs that do this (I haven't had the time to finish a UI, so I never released them) so I'd be glad to share any of my techniques if you want ideas. I assume you solved how to get a consistent trade breakdown (instead of the way DAS does it). For the live trading importation, you can do it by parsing the debug log. I'd have to find it, but I wrote a prototype log parser (in Python) at lunch one day that worked pretty well. All of the trades flow through the debug log and are consistent in their output. There's another way to get at the items, but it's technically more complex (e.g. may not be as user-friendly unless it can be made reliable) and that is to use the Windows API to lock onto DasTrader.exe in memory (RAM), get the memory address, and then scan for a known byte pattern (since it uses dynamic addressing). From there you can do just about all you want with it (including pushing your own OpCode functions).

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