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  1. Hi Carlos,

    hope you can help me with this chart setting( open order should be visible on the chart as a line  that you can move it up or down) below its explained in DAS website.  I am practicing in DAS SIM, but my chart Configuration Area does not have the option SHOW ORDER >SHOW ORDER LINE; if you can help me me this option or refer  me to someone,  I will really appreciate it.

    Screenshot (72).png

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    2. Haroon


      Hi, Carlos M.

      Thanks for the response, really appreciate it.   I use  the version  ""  Build time Jun 27 2019 


    3. peterB


      same for me. "Show orders" tickbox is missing in the version

    4. Haroon


      Hi, PeterB

      I contacted DAS help desk, the order line is not available in version . they send me a link to upgrade  to the latest version, but is only available for SIM as of right now. I am practicing in SIM and it works for me. if you are in real acc you have to wait until  it releases fully .

  2. 1074431052_ScreenShot2019-11-09at6_10_41PM.thumb.png.ae8537a0f532b6c730bca04db562f5d6.pngHi BBT,

    I am trying to put a stop loss by clicking on the chart, and a  stop line should be placed and displayed on the chart, but I could not find how to configure that.

    I got the following info from  DAS.com but in my Platform I don't see the options "CHART AREA" explained by DAS. 


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