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    Hi, I would much appreciate if you could help creating a DAS hotkey for options trading? I'd want to buy a contract with the size based on criteria; - contract size: limited with a defined buying power ($2000) - Price entry: mid price - Attached a market stoploss: 85% of average cost Thank you so much for your help.
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    Hey, A couple things. First, with this script, before you hit the hotkey, you need to click on the chart where you want your stop loss to be. That might be why it's not getting a valid price. Second you'll want to change your Route to "Limit" while in sim. StopPrice=Price-0;DefShare=BP*0.925;Price=Ask-Price+0.00;SShare=20/Price;Share=DefShare-SShare;DefShare=DefShare+SShare;SShare=Share;Sshare=DefShare-SShare;Share=0.5*SShare;TogSShare;ROUTE=LIMIT;Price= Ask+0.05;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send;DefShare=200;TriggerOrder=RT:STOP STOPTYPE:MARKET PX:StopPrice-0.05 ACT:SELL STOPPRICE:StopPrice QTY:Pos TIF:DAY+
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