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    You should 100% look into Kyle's hotkeys. It will automatically calculate how many shares to take based on your equity and how much you want to risk, it will enter a position and it will place a stop loss all with one hotkey. It will make your life a lot easier.
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    Ah, because the instructions I posted are only for setting a stop loss. It's for if you are already long in a position. If you're already long, and you bought 100 shares of stock xyz, and you want to set a stop loss. You need that stop loss to sell those 100 shares back to get out of your position. Although, are you actually asking how to set up a stop loss at the same as going long or short?
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    In this video Andrew explains how to setup a stop loss in DAS Trader https://bearbulltraders.com/lessons/how-to-place-stop-loss-in-das/
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    Hey Nathaniel, First step is to make sure your Montage is in the Stop Order style: Right click montage at the bottom > Style > Stop Order Your Montage Trade section will look like this: Lets say you are long 100 shares on a stock at $50.00. And you want a stop loss at $49.80. Simply put 100 shares into the Share field Change the Route to STOP Change the Stop Type to Market Put 49.80 in the Trigger Price Click SHRT
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