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    Purpose: Provide a overview of the markets by using different instruments and evaluating prior activity. Use overview to understand market directionality, strength/weakness, and driving factors. Focus on areas with most potential. Outline: My process involves reviewing what the markets did last week using the Index ETFs, Index, and Futures in order to understand the day structure and market profile from the prior session. I will often mark areas of consolidation and volume acceptance as levels of interest to carry forward outside of daily levels and trends. Once an overview of the market products is assessed, I like to quickly scan the SPDR Sector ETFs for any obvious standouts relative to the current SPY Percentage Change. This is normally done close to Market Open around 9:00 - 9:15 ET. I like to have a list of candidate stocks that are good representative names for any sectors that are 'in play' relative to the markets. For example, if Energy stocks are moving independent of the markets, I would want to find a good Energy stock that has high Relative Volume and Percentage Change to trade 'the best of the best'. Instruments: Index Products: $SPY/SPX/ES Futures $QQQ/NDX/NQ Futures $IWM/RUT Index/RTY Futures Sector Products: $XBI - BioTech $XHB - Home Builders $XLB - Materials $XLC - Communications $XLE - Energy $XLF - Financials $XLI - Industrials $XLK - Technology $XLP - Consumer Staples $XLRE - Real Estate $XLU - Utilities $XLV -Health Care $XLY - Consumer Discretionary $XME - Metals Other Products: Bonds: $TLT/ZB and ZN Futures Oil: CL Futures Natural Gas: NG Futures Gold: $GLD/GC Futures Silver: SI Futures Volatility: VIX/VX Futures
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    Monday - June 29th, 2020 Markets closed weak last Friday, June 26th with major index products closing near the lows after a roughly 2% decline throughout the day. Notably Technology and major names like Facebook and Amazon were sold off heavily and led the entire markets. Sunday Night /ES Futures opened lower at 2986.25 with low at 2983.5 before coming back above 3000s. Getting above 3025 area would be of interest as that brings us into the major breakdown area from last week. /NQ Futures opened lower 9785.5 with low at 9780.25 before coming slightly higher. Overall below areas of consolidation from last Friday and still showing weakness. /RTY Futures opened lower 1362.2 with low of 1359.6 before coming much higher to test 1400. Showing relative strength given already recovered the breakdown area from last week. Monday Premarket at 9:00 ET $SPY - Trending higher from Friday low, holding at roughly 0.5% higher near Thursday's low. $QQQ - Range bound between Friday's low and Thursday's low, roughly flat 0.0% $IWM - Trending higher off Friday's low attempting to test Friday high, up as much as 1.5%. Bonds are slightly lower from last week, I expect a small pullback as bonds have had a nice run from the recent lows. $TLT recovered from recent lows at 153.00 area up to 166.5 in after market last Friday, a roughly 8.5% gain in roughly two weeks. Oil Futures pulling away from 41 Gap Fill Highs, up slightly today. Natural Gas Futures very strong up 6.25% from recent selloff last week, I expect a strong bounce from these extended yearly lows. Gold Futures flat from last week, extended at 1800 resistance on /GC. I expect $GLD to have a pullback this week before attempting a breakout. Silver Futures down slightly after a major run over the past months, consolidating in 18 - 19 range. I expect silver to underperform gold in the coming months, but still remain bullish. Volatility Futures down 2.4%, with 23/51 day contracts roughly same price (slight contango). Sectors Premarket at 9:15 ET Strong Sectors: Industrials with $BA up 6%. Financials with most large bank names up close to 1%. Weak Sectors: Communications down with $FB down 4%. Things to Watch: Since major Tech was down heavily last week, watching $XLK and MAGAF names closely. If selloff continues, other potentially 'risk-off' sectors may get bought at these lows like $XLU (been weak for a while).
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    Tuesday - June 30th, 2020 Futures Watch /ES Futures closing at the highs and fading slightly lower into today's PM. Tightening range and consolidation with a volume pocket above to get to the Volume Point of Control (POC). /NQ Futures closed strong and had a slight fade pullback, currently hovering near the 10,000 mark and no direction clear at this time. /RTY Futures closed strongest yesterday and appears to have tested Volume POC twice. Ideally other markets will drive directionality. Premarket Review at 9:00 ET $SPY - Flat around 304 area. Market expecting more information before making a move. Watch 303 area major consolidation yesterday and high volume node. $QQQ - Flat around 242.75 area, had a major pullback off the 237.35 tweezer (double bottom) lows from yesterday. Watch 242.46 yesterday pivot high before closing rally. $IWM - Flat around 141 area, break above Friday highs so showing relative strength for a move higher in the coming week. Watch highs and lows from yesterday defining the range we're in. Bonds slightly higher, $TLT at a volume node and may consolidate as it did last month between 162/168.5 Oil Futures down 1.8%, but showed some strength in correlation with the markets yesterday, so may be pulling back similar to S&P. Natural Gas Futures very strong up 3.8% after yesterday strength, watching again today for continuation. Gold Futures consolidating below 1800 resistance, fairly flat. Silver Futures flat and volatile range between 17 and 18.5. Not on watch. Volatility Futures up 1.9%, keep watch for this to show a early signal for market directionality. Premarket Sectors at 9:15 ET Strong Sectors: From yesterday, Metals and Home Builders performed well. Volume was light overall across all sectors. Today, watching Technology for continuation and Utilities for a break of Friday highs. Semiconductors ($SMH) are quite strong, so may help Technology carry forward. Weak Sectors: Financials and Energy are continuing to be the weakest sectors overall, daily ranges are reduced on Energy so possibly slowing momentum to the downside. Things to Watch: $WFC due to relative weakness in weak Financials, possibly due to dividend cuts over other banks (failed stress test). $FB getting away from 220 after two volatile days. $MU gap up and strength in semis.
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    Wednesday - July 01, 2020 Futures Watch /ES rallied hard yesterday into the Volume POC 3100 which was the likely probability once reverting back from the Sunday lows. Pulling away from V. POC may lead to another test of 3040 high volume area and lower consolidation area. /NQ pulled away from Volume POC approx 10000 and is extending past the one SD range. Probability favors a pullback back into the range, but as the strongest sector, the alternate case to retest 10300 is certainly on the table. /RTY has been oscillating around the Volume POC 1420 area with tight range consolidation on Monday, break away lower into Tuesday before moving higher, and now right back in the area. Given correlations with other markets, look for a tightening range before aligning to the prevalent trend of other products. Premarket Review at 9:00 ET $SPY - Starting to trend higher into PM highs, may be attempting to retest 310 and yesterday highs in the afternoon. Expecting some strength and exhaustion into daily resistance levels 310.51 gap entry and 311.61 gap fill. $QQQ - Flat with yesterday resistance above 248.16 and PM highs. Looking for an extension higher and pullback given futures volume profile. $IWM - Slightly lower coming into PM highs and yesterday highs 143.62. Daily has 144.50 area as resistance with multiple tests on prior days. Bond Futures lower about .30% and $TLT gapping lower into 162 lower end of prior range. Oil Futures volatile this morning with large ranges around Volume POC 39.69. Natural Gas Futures pullback back after a two-day rally from the lows, also pulling away from V POC 1.718. Gold Futures breaking yearly resistance levels yesterday around 1800 and falling back into the breakout area. $GLD extended past Volume SD Range and pulling back into 166.3 V. POC. Silver Futures pulling back after strong breakout rally yesterday, very extended looking to revert back to 18.15 top of SD range. Volatility Futures down 1% pulling away from Volume Range and headed to test lows 30.31. Premarket Sectors at 9:15 ET Strong Sectors: Industrials with airliner catalyst, Financials trying to break yesterday highs. Health Care with Pfizer catalyst. Weak Sectors: Materials and Consumer Disc. inside bar starting the day. Tech is starting flat. Things to Watch: $PFE - Pfizer, BioNTech Press Release Confirms Early Positive Data From Ongoing Phase 1/2 Study Of Coronavirus Vaccine Candidate $UAL - Extending capacity for flights $FDX - Earnings
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    Day 119 - Jul 1 , 2020 11 Tickets 2 Symbols Green Day Personal: Canada Day today..wasn't rested at all, up late....ended up sleeping in. Got to screens late, but did all research and market prep - was not rushed. Accepted fact i was late and was fine with it - much clearer mind set. Goals for the day: Report Card = 100% Watchlist: RVOL at open: Trades BYND - Short - Asymmetrical Triangle BYND Forming tight consolidation just below VWAP, tried to push through but rejected VWAP and VPoC and broke through lower trend so I took it short. Stop above VWAP (pivot high - but too wide) Look for LOD+. Broke down but SPY is strong and has a positive catalyst - will see what happens. Looking to take some off into 144.5 PM Level and then hold on to the rest. Didn’t like the 5min hammers and break of downtrend so took the rest off. Ended up hitting right at PM Level I exited first time and then dropped another 6 points. Good: Good read, perfect asymmetrical triangle here with rejection off VWAP and a shakeout candle right before the drop. FDX (1) - Short - Descending Triangle (LOD Break) Was looking weak coming down forming a descending triangle just above 158. Took it short as it broke down, although 158 didn’t act as much resistance… Ended up taking half off right away on fake breakdown doji (In game plan) and got stopped out for the rest. Good: Following game plan Improvement: SPY moving up - was not playing with market. Note: 12:18 - FDX setting up a descending triangle. Would like to see another rejection at 159 and then come back down for the break. - Did not follow my own plan, took a loss because of it. FDX (2 ^ Above) - Short - Descending Triangle (LOD Break) Trying it again on the drop - didn’t like the wide bar - but selling coming in and thinking we could see a run for rest of the day. Took some off into Premarket Mirror level, and then didn’t like the potential bottoming volume hammer doji so took some more off. Came down had some more increasing volume and doji right off 155.90 level - looked like holding so I covered some more - final partial was break of downtrend. As soon as I got out we put in a real nice reversal shooting star for potential short - but 5min buying is coming in - change of character. Good: God job sticking with this - overall was weak and I hit stock with what it presented me. Improvement: Look for a better entry here - stop was way too wide. Better entry would be break down, and reject around 13:10 - should be adding into this, as stats show re-test is a great entry. Trade Ideas (Potential Trades) 10:36 - INO - Long squeeze out of asymmetrical triangle (Winner : 2-3R) 10:44 - FDX - Bear Flag looking weak below VWAP. Thinking this will flush, target 158 (Winner : 4.5R) 11:06 - INO - looking like a bull flag VWAP Break and Go - too wicky to topside (Loser) 12:18 - FDX setting up a descending triangle. Would like to see another rejection at 159 and then come back down for the break. Took this trade…didn’t wait for rejection - came up to touch 159 to the penny 12:33 - BYND setting up for ascending triangle off level I have marked (mirror) . (No Entry - Broke below previous low ) 12:33 - FDX testing downward trendline - will see what happens here. Would be more comfortable shorting this as it break again but will see. Wanting to go short at the top of trend - but know its better to wait. 159 showing some size (44 lots vs 1-5 lots other levels.) (Winner) 13:24 - INO Asymmetrical still holding. Also a Bear wedge with lots of bids at 20 - missed the 20 breakout would be chasing at 19.8 (Winner : 3-4R) 14:07 - INO Huge bid at 19 - 1000 lots. Not a great entry unless it consolidated there for a while and continues to hit that level. Broke right through within seconds (No entry) 15:15 - INO breaking out 20.20 level after holding MAs and putting in a Few hammers - 20.20 entry 19.87 stop (Loser) 15:37 - BYND asymmetrical short below 141.6 and long above 142.5 (Loser, but no Entry - no trading in last 30min - stats are terrible into close) Trade Review Goal 1: Playbook Setups Only = PASS Goal 2: No Adjusting = PASS Wasn’t going to trade as It was Canada Day and wasn’t rested up. Got to screens late, but did all the prep and just started trading later in the morning. Ended up taking a few trades, happy with entries they matched majority of my criteria but stops were too wide - therefor got less shares to keep for the bigger move. Trade management is still the name of the game for me… NOTE: Have started keeping track of "Trade Ideas" for trades that I am thinking of taking, but don’t for one reason or another. If followed to game plan - would have had another 6R + on the day if they were taken. Will keep monitoring, with more detail that way I can see WHY I didn’t take them when I should have…… Things I did well: Followed rules for when I wake up late - did full research and took my time getting into trades. Playbook Setups and Adjusting Stops Things I did poorly: Trade Management - should have been up an additional 2R if exit strategy was followed. Daily Report Card 1.Playbook Setups Only (ABCD, VWAP Break N Go, Triangles looking to add 1-2 more) = 3/3 = 100% 2. Placing trades with defined risk, and profit targets (No adjusting) = 3/3 = 100%
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    TL;DR: Here are some sheets with concise information about strategies members of BBT use. Shoutout to the mods and contributors for the information for these strategies. After watching Peter's amazing presentation about his 'Mountain Pass' strategy a couple nights ago, I put together an information sheet with the setup details similar to ones I had already created for a few other strategies. After putting together the Mountain Pass sheet, I decided it, among the others could be useful for my fellow BBT community members for any of the following reasons: You could use them for your playbook. If you like the layout, you could use them as a template to make your own information sheets/playbook. They could serve as a tangible, concise, introductory resource for beginner traders, who are new to these strategies. The strategy information has all been taken from the education center, success webinars and Andrew's books. I take no credit for any of the theory behind the strategies or any of the images. All credit goes to Andrew, Carlos, Peter and Hiltzy for laying out the strategies so well. I plan on doing more of these as I expand my playbook to include strategies such as Rising Devil, Fallen Angel, 1-Minute ORB, etc. So I will share those in this thread as they are made. If you have any comments, criticisms, or if I have information wrong about any of the strategies, let me know and I can make some adjustments to the sheets. Also, if you have your own playbooks / strategy resources you'd like to share, you can do so in this thread, I'd love to see what you've done. Note: Some of the information, particularly the rules such as "Place stop losses at technical levels." are notes I've made to myself based on results I have found. Some of these may not apply to you individually. Here is what they look like: The files for each strategy will be posted below.
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    @Christopher Patterson Thanks for long reply, your comments are always inspiring. To enlarge the search space, I have created a custom formula, ATR%, in trade-ideas and screened around 50 top rated stocks that look familar. Theme Symbol Name Price ATR % Float (M) Aerospace SPR Spirit Aerosystems Holdings, Inc 24.02 11 104 Aerospace BA Boeing 186.4 7.8 564 Aerospace SPCE Virgin Galactic Holdings, Inc. 16.12 7.4 175 Aerospace RTX Raytheon Technologies Corporation 62.46 4.7 863 Airlines and Cruiseline NCLH Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings 17.72 12.1 213 Airlines and Cruiseline AAL American Airlines Group, Inc 13.82 10.9 419 Airlines and Cruiseline CCL Carnival Corp 17.19 10.8 401 Airlines and Cruiseline UAL United Continental, Inc 36.97 9.9 246 Banks WFC Wells Fargo 25.86 5.4 4,087 Banks BAC Bank of America Corp 24.02 5 8,666 Banks JPM JP Morgan Chase & Co. 95.48 4.3 3,024 China GSX GSX Techedu Inc. 55.12 8.1 83 China IQ Iqiyi, Inc ADS 23.36 7.6 315 China PDD Pinduoduo, Inc ADS 84.51 6.3 588 China BILI Bilibili, Inc ADS 46.87 5.2 240 Energy OXY Occidental Petroleum Corp 18.48 8.6 899 Energy OKE ONEOK, Inc 33.62 8.4 412 Enterainment PLAY Dave & Busters Entertainment, Inc 14.01 12.9 30 Enterainment DKNG DraftKings Inc. - Class A 34.81 10.1 240 Enterainment PENN Penn National Gaming, Inc 32.95 9.5 116 Enterainment MGM MGM Resorts Intl 17.34 7.8 469 COVID-19 VXRT Vaxart, Inc 8.01 17.5 46 COVID-19 INO Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc 21.7 16.6 142 COVID-19 NVAX Novavax, Inc 77.77 9.6 58 COVID-19 MRNA Moderna, Inc. - Common Stock 59.68 6.9 272 COVID-19 DVAX Dynavax Technologies Corp 8.5 9.1 77 COVID-19 SRNE Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc 6.11 8 177 Others ENPH Enphase Energy, Inc 47.13 9.2 118 Others ACB Aurora Cannabis, Inc 12.7 7.1 109 Others BYND Beyond Meat, Inc. 148.72 7.1 57 Pandemic VIAC ViacomCBS, Inc 23.81 7.3 351 Pandemic ROKU Roku, Inc 119.5 6.2 101 Pandemic PTON Peloton Interactive, Inc. 57.97 5.7 176 Retail M Macy's, Inc 6.89 9.2 309 Retail GPS Gap, Inc 13.04 8.9 205 Social Media TWTR Twitter, Inc 30.86 4.5 767 Social Media SNAP Snap, Inc 23.76 4.3 863 Technology SQ Square, Inc 110.17 4.6 357 Technology AMD Advanced Micro Devices, Inc 52.28 4.4 1,164 Technology MU Micron Tech, Inc 50.62 4.3 1,106 Vehicles WKHS Workhorse Group, Inc 14.68 12.4 70 Vehicles CAR Avis Budget Group, Inc 23.65 11.3 57 Vehicles PLUG Plug Power, Inc 8.58 8 320 Vehicles NIO NIO, Inc 7.86 7.6 754 Vehicles LYFT Lyft, Inc. 33.11 6.1 238 Vehicles UBER Uber Technologies, Inc. 30.76 5.2 1,249 Work From Home FSLY Fastly, Inc. 82.88 8 71 Work From Home CLDR Cloudera, Inc 12.63 7 255 Work From Home NET Cloudflare, Inc. 35.38 6.5 150 Work From Home WORK Slack Technologies, Inc. 30.66 6.1 396 Work From Home CRWD CrowdStrike Holdings, Inc. 101.53 5.5 149 Work From Home ZM Zoom Video Communications, Inc. 251.25 4.2 165
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    @Kendrick C. What Up Ken! First, I want to say that I'm still learning too and there's a lot to say on this topic, so the following is my opinion... To start, I spent around 30 minutes just watching the market before I took that triangle play on $PLUG, and in that time a lot of plays went without me, you just have to accept this, even plays that I am 95% sure are about to happen I'm okay going without me if I can't limit my risk, there are a lot of times that I need a stock to pull back to a resistance/support, retest, then I can enter with a tight stop, if it just goes, it goes, it's not worth chasing, even if you did enter and it did work, you're just reinforcing a bad habit that'll bleed you out as time goes on. You don't need to hit every trade you see, if you can trade the first 1 hour the market is open and take 1-3 A+ setups, and you get very good at managing your trades, you can make excellent R's per week, I'm talking 15+ R's per week which is actually amazing if you extrapolate it out for even just a year. So, with that out of the way, I believe that a first principle of price action is that VOLUME moves PRICE, i.e if nobody is interested in buying and selling shares, the price is not going to move, notice $SPY during the covid breakout Larger volume => large price moves When a stock has a catalyst day traders get excited because the volume for that particular day should be significantly higher than previous days (this is called RVOL) and.. increase in volume => more significant price movement. So, all that being said, i look for stocks that have a significant catalyst (downgrade/upgrade, some novel news, maybe earnings, anything i feel is significant) OR are trading with high volume in the pre-market (more on that later) Typically stocks that have a strong catalyst are trading much more than usual in the pre-market, but it's not always the case. I pull my stocks from 3 different sources, the first is a list I keep on hand of around 20 stocks that typically have moves intra day, have a pretty good spread, and decent float. Here is that list... Second, I look at the BBT pre-market show on youtube and go through EVERY single stock myself, I look each stock up on finviz.com, I look for a catalyst, I look at float, I generally look at ATR (I just want to see it .50+ really), I look at the level 2, and I look for daily levels / pre-market levels myself ( this is so important imo, in the beginning you can rely on carlos / norm, but you should really be finding your own levels and making your own game plan) Third, and one that I'm really surprised more people don't do...I have a volume scanner that I run right when I open up DAS, here's what the settings are ... Typically I get about 5-15 stocks to pop up and I sift through those, the ones that have good, tradeable levels, or just insane volume, or just anything that I think is interesting I'll look up on finviz and add them to my list of potential stocks for the day. After adding the BBT stocks I like and the ones from the volume scanner I have a list of maybe 10-15 stocks, and I go through all those more carefully to see which ones i'm interested playing intra day, and which ones I think are good for an opening play. For an opening play I'm looking for a level in the premarket that's trading near where price is that has acted as both a significant support / resistance, and I want to trade off this level in the first 5 minutes, for example $GE yesterday gave such a sick 2 min orb off a really obvious level .. So I get hopefully 3 stocks to watch at the open, looking specifically for a 1 / 2 / 5 min orb, and after about 5 minutes, I start going through all the stocks I have, which is quite a bit, and looking for anything setting up. I want to add here that not everyone, and probably even most people don't trade like this, they like to just watch 3-5 stocks throughout the day, you gotta find what works for you I wake up at 4:30, get a workout in, get some food in me, take a shower/shave, I'm at my computer right around 6am, and I spend 30 minutes doing all the things I just mentioned, and try to maybe take a few minutes sometime prior to the open to take a few deep breaths, maybe step outside and just get away from the screen in preparation for a solid hyper focused hour of trading. In terms of "executing" you just gotta trade a lot man! No way around that one, I feel like I have a pretty high hit rate for opening plays in the first 5 minutes, and that's because I'm very meticulous about finding levels in the pre market, if I can't find a stock with nice tradeable premarket levels, I probably wont touch it the first 5 minutes. As for the ABCDs / Triangles / range plays / parabolic reversals, just trade! Cut yourself some slack, don't worry about P&L, worry about identifying trades, entering trades, and managing trades! Learning is always priority number 1, always. 2 things to conclude... After writing all this, i would image it seems like a lot, and it definitely is, but you get better at finding what you like and don't like, and you'll see a lot of the same stocks pop up day in and day out and have a sense for whether you're interested in them or not. Lastly, Make sure you have an idea of what spread is and what's a nice looking level 2, for example... There is a ton of liquidity and a 1 cent spread, if the price has a very deliberate move in one direction, the spread still isn't going to change much, so if you get a stop out there wont be much slippage, and if you enter, you should get a good fill. Good luck man! You don't have to figure out everything in one day, just everyday try and give a really good 1-3 hours of solid learning, then go live your life! (the only one you're probably gonna get :P) -Chris
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    Hi All - My name is Julio Hernandez. I'm from the Washington DC area and am working remotely for a small consulting firm. I've been trading for about 6 months now, mostly options and have found that I struggle with knowing how to lose. I let me losing trades longer out of pride/hope and lost some hard earned money. I found Andrews book on How to day trade for a living because I really wanted to learn how to trade the right way - so far I have alot to learn but I'm happy with the process. I'm grateful to be part of the community and can't wait for the journey to come. Thanks!
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    I've been keeping a journal on SIM for the last few months. Now it's time to share it and eventually ask for feedback on some of the moves. 6/29/2020: Hit daily target. GOAL: Calm, organized, mindset. no fomo moves, look for clear signals GOAL: A clear ORB move with multiple confirmations. Watchlist: BYND - Near an important level FB - Catalyst and negative trend BYND: Entered twice at 10% of BP. Need to change that to 20% of BP as I usually take a double position. Target was my level at pre-market review level of 129. In Recap: Did a calm pre-market for BYND and FB to see levels. AVOIDED FALSE POSITIVES. When other signals are indicating choppiness, lack of follow through. Missed some moves and didn't feel FOMO. Stuck to looking for a clear ORB based on several factors including pre-market. Picked a stock I knew with, BYND, FB. Understood their moves. Only 3 trades. ORB is hard to set a target in high speed. Should have sold 50% and set the breakeven.
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    Thursday- July 02, 2020 Futures Watch /ES spent most of yesterday hovering around 3100 V POC, with a great defined range of 3090/3110 after the first test of 3090 in the morning session. Currently pulling away to test high end of range and recent pivot highs. /NQ achieved the alternate case yesterday, reaching right to 10300 before closing slightly lower. We're very extended from our range this morning; however, since we've already shown a move away, be careful for a climactic high as an exhaustion move before returning back to test 10125 top of range. /RTY tested to top range yesterday before reverting back to V POC and consolidating. Currently breaking top of range, so look for recent highs 1460 area as resistance and a retest of 1445 area if we are to continue much higher. Premarket Review at 9:00 ET $SPY - Up 1.3% and testing 314.5 daily pivot high. Getting above that area may trigger a number of stops and lead to an aggressive gap fill. Look for 315.64 second pivot high and gap fill 317.16/318.22 lows. An unusual activity into a holiday, but we're getting there. $QQQ - Up 1% after three strong days from the lows set on Monday. Futures suggest it's extended at ATH, but as our overall strongest sector, be careful trying to reverse trend on this with liquidity being low in this area. $IWM - Up 2.%, leading the bullish day so far after a weak day yesterday (closed lower vs other two Index ETFs). We may be seeing a larger gap up due to the lower starting point, but we're also slightly above 144.50 resistance area which could lead to a triggering of stop losses to go much higher on a breakout. Bond Futures down slightly, $TLT selling off PM after the recent stats on Payroll and Unemployment. Testing 162 low of range, but today is the kind of day to break a range if markets rally higher quickly. Oil Futures up 1.2% as energy sector is strong testing top of Volume Profile Range. Natural Gas Futures up 1.3% after pulling back slightly from recent rally, at V POC. Gold Futures down .7% falling sharply in PM. $GLD testing top of breakout range 165 area. Silver Futures down .7% falling back to V POC. May consolidate asd market directionality is defined. Volatility Futures down 5.2% extended away from V POC and showing the opposite profile as other products like /NQ. Premarket Sectors at 9:15 ET Strong Sectors: Most sectors up around 1-2%, but Financials, Energy, and Real Estate are standing out above 2% Weak Sectors: None. Always watching other major sectors like Tech and Healthcare for any divergence against a strong market. Things to Watch: $C and $JPM great financial names when financials are in play. Breakout potential in $OXY
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    Tuesday SIM +2.2R MU 1MinOrbDown -1.0R First candle was white, closed above VWAP. and had a big down wick. Probably not the best short. NVDA 1MinOrbUp +2.5R good trade UBER 5MinOrbUp +0.6R Not a clean chart on the 1 minute, but that first five minute candle with the big wick down, and VWAP holding as support looked good. Finished the month of June +25R, this was all in SIM, but I am very happy with my improvements this month. I am tempted to go back live tomorrow since it's the 1st of the month. But I had a plan to get 3 positive weeks in SIM before going back to live. So I should stick to that plan and finish the week out in SIM, then plan on going live Monday.
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    Hi, In Das, can a hot key be setup so that it puts a horizontal line at 2R, 3R etc? If not does anyone know how to script for it? Thanks Munish
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    5-Minute Opening Range Breakout (ORB) 5_MIN_ORB.pdf High of Day Break / Low of Day Break HOD_LOD_Breaks.pdf VWAP Reversal VWAP_Reversal.pdf Mountain Pass Mountain_Pass.pdf 1-Minute Opening Range Breakout (ORB) 1_MIN_ORB.pdf Rising Devil Rising_Devil.pdf Falling Angel Falling_Angel.pdf
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    Hello, Thank you all for the positive comments! I've made a few more sheets in the same style for three more strategies. Here they are: 1-Minute Opening Range Breakout (ORB) 1_MIN_ORB.pdf Rising Devil Rising_Devil.pdf Falling Angel Falling_Angel.pdf I personally have taken very few Rising Devil and Falling Angel trades, but they are strategies I want to practice. So bare that in mind and use these sheets as supplementary, "at a glance" information, to the content provided on the BBT website and YouTube. Here are the videos I grabbed the examples for the Rising Devil and Falling Angel strategies from: Meir Rising Devil Recap: https://youtu.be/uhgZ7ohqExI Thor Falling Angel Recap: https://youtu.be/Q1oCiT1hOug
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    2020-7 - 1 & 2 Tough day overall on 7-1. But I made some nice positive trades in the afternoon by watching the scanners in the BBT chatroom. Felt pretty good since my watch-list had gone stale, I felt the scanner gave me some good additional trading opportunities. Green Day on 7-2 I ended up 1.1R but was as high as 3.5R. Kept trying to go for my goal of 5R for the day... One of the things I read on Andrew's book was if a trade was not going your way to exit it right away. I felt I did a great job of this on 7-2. This has been a big change for me as I have really have been trying to let trades run all the way to goal or stop. Also trying to swing for the homeruns. It feels different to be quick on the exit trigger, but I think it is making a positive impact. Will keep monitoring the strategy.. Really only traded one symbol $PFE all day and also took one SPY trade. Just a few trades to share: Trade 2 $PFE +1.55R Took for a reverse ABCD at 9:34 in and out... 11 AM Trade $PFE -1R 1/2/5/15/ORB and HOD This was a trade I was excited to take. I had alerts on my PC and my phone for this this stock to reverse and come back and break this level. (34.62) I got an excellent entry with 2000 shares, ready to make the homerun of the year. You have to ignore the 34.85 line on this graphic, since I clipped that later it is reflecting the high of this trading day. There was no sign of resistance on this trading day. I was convinced that it wasn't going to slow down until it hit 35 and would have the opportunity to continue. Well....It rose pretty good but then gave two back to back indecision candles at 11:34 and 11:35. Had I been able to exit (or even partial) at this point I would have closed another 2.5R. I wanted the homerun so bad I stayed all in. Then my house got crazy and I had to take my daughter. Stopped out for a 1R loss. Still hurting. How would you have played this ? Afterthoughts: Feeling great about having a green day. Feeling great about bailing out on bad trades with zero or close to zero loss. Still pushing trades as opposed to waiting for perfect setups. Traded the SPY for a +1R. Thinking I should add this in my game when the signals are there. Good use of the TI scanners in the PM yesterday. Happy 4th to All ! Weekend Goals: Study double bottom setups. I have two books that were recommended: Market Wizards and Volume by Price. Need to put a dent in both. Practice in Replay with the homework posted from BBT. Study commission structure and impact for IB. Add 10% partial buttons. Add Kyle's HotKeys to "Laptop" setup
  17. 1 point
    @Kendrick C. Yep, those look like all the usual suspects lol! Just a final note, make sure you give much more weight to the 2-3 stocks you have deemed "in play" for the day, good luck man! -Chris
  18. 1 point
    Thanks for the printouts as I've downloaded a few of the ones I wanted to try first and so far I think I've been able to understand them and use them to trade better since I've been able to take better entries and exit at the proper time.
  19. 1 point
    Hello BBT Family This is Rinesh from St. Louis. I am new member (1st day) to this Awesome Community. I have been investing for few years now trying to learn Fundamentals but had no clue to Technical aspect and Day trading. My introduction to Day trading was after I got furloughed couple of months ago and decided to explore this Field. I was very intrigued and excited on the potential of Day trading and joined a Chatroom having beginner's luck followed by humbling experiences to being overly cautious. I wanted to sustain; so I started finding articles , you tube videos and books on Amazon and found Andrew Aziz's "How to Day trade for a Living" and found it so awesome, so meaningful and had quite a few AhhHaa moments while reading it. (Example: Averaging down works 85% of the time but the rest 15% can take many gains away from you) I found the book and the scriptures therein so systematic and soon realized this is a field with it's own Learnings, its own mechanics, its own Science. No matter what I do in life I do it with passion, be the best in what I undertake and Excel. I wanted a structured Learning, Development and Growth. My intellectual mind resonated with Andrew's Book and thought process. So here I am. I am going to start my training, and practice DAS simulator to become efficient in order execution. I am looking to improve in Risk Management and become Psychosocially strong during trading. My desire is to work towards making this my full time Fun! Next Books queued for my mind: 1) Advanced Techniques in Day Trading A Practical Guide to High Probability Day Trading Strategies By Andrew Aziz 2) Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas. Thank you, Rinesh
  20. 1 point
    Really great. Thanks so much for putting this together.
  21. 1 point
    Martin, welcome to BBT! I was just talking about Melbourne last night with my wife. We were both saying how much we'd like to return (we lived on Roslyn St in Brighton from 2007-2010) and see our friends again. Love Melbourne. Good luck in your trading and don;t be afraid to reach out if we can assist you in your trading journey in any way. Peter
  22. 1 point
    Welcome @Julio Hernandez! You're not alone, knowing how to lose is a common struggle among traders. If you haven't already definitely check out @Mike B's Psychology module on discipline in trading! https://bearbulltraders.com/lessons/module-3-importance-of-discipline-in-trading/
  23. 1 point
    I think the volume tells an interesting story here 1. Lack of bull sentiment, we broke out of a resistance and the increase in volume wasn't all that significant 2. Bears jump in to push the price back bellow the resistance to re-test bull sentiment 3. Bears pushed price down which would give the bulls a better buying opportunity, however, the lack of volume is an obvious tell that the bulls aren't interested. 4. Having confidence there is little to no upward force on price, bears re-enter to push price lower again Also, a bear flag entry i noticed with similar volume confirmation, an obvious tell that the bulls aren't around R.I.P Reckful
  24. 1 point
    The daily is why I was watching NVDA on Tuesday 30th. Look at the big bottom wick on Monday 29th.
  25. 1 point
    Love the $PLUG trade - picture perfect. Looks like 3+ touches to the penny, right at VWAP with volume validation. Beauty.
  26. 1 point
    Thanks Tom - ye that INO is close to perfect setup for me. Mutli Touch to the penny, breakding VWAP and on the backside of a daily parabolic. I am in and out of SIM, have in been in SIM for last little while trying to get my edge figured out. Have been struggling with my trade management and sticking to rules. Has been a little better latley - 2nd week sticking to rules,, will need 1 more solid week and then ill be back live. How about you?
  27. 1 point
    I was watchin it in the morning, I think the spread was a little too large and I ended up dropping it, normally I stay away from stocks that are $100+ I don't have that great of a reason other than it seems to be that stocks that trade sub $100 have a lot more respect for whole / half dollar amounts /shrug. Hope all is well man, keep it up!
  28. 1 point
    @tntp45 Thanks! Fun day today .. interesting price action, really nice play on $PLUG though didn't manage it that great, i give myself a B- xd 2 different ascending triangle plays on $PLUG today, notice how in one price action runs, and in the other it comes back to test the level it broke entry
  29. 1 point
    Personally, I find that the media skews my judgment - more often than not, to the negative side of things. I try to minimize my exposure to the news & media, because I know how much of an impact it has on my overall outlook of things. It's important to me that I keep an optimistic outlook (as much as possible), so that I have the mindset necessary to succeed in both my personal and professional endeavors.
  30. 1 point
    Thank you Jarad for the awesome job! Instead of searching all internet we now can find almost all needed info in one [email protected] Great job!
  31. 1 point
  32. 1 point
    I just posted that on your thread. My stop was at 52.01, high of that candle was 52.02, then it dropped about 80 cents. Maybe next time I'll go .03 above whole dollar instead of .01. Thanks
  33. 1 point
    I know this is an old post, but I was looking for away to do this as well. You can do this by Right click on the chart - Data Config - Un-check the show pre/post Market. Now you should be able to view the charts without the Pre-market data.
  34. 1 point
    Monday SIM +3.3R BYND 1MinOrbDown +3.3R When second candle failed to hold VWAP, I went short. I thought about adding for the 5MinOrbDown, but decided against it, BYND can be very erratic, so I just decided to play with what I had. I also continue to make improvements on my self awareness. I had a couple of trades that I would usually have entered, especially since I was in a winner already. But I took a breath and realized they did not meet enough criteria for me and I stayed away. I looked and looked for another trade, but didn't see any that I liked. I need to keep improving on my self awareness. I watch William's meditation video in the morning after the pre-market show and before the open. This BYND trade worked exactly as I had pictured it during the 3 Min Meditation. I have also started muting the chatroom at the open. It is helping me concentrate on the trades I'm looking for without getting distracted by the trades Andrew and Brian are talking about.
  35. 1 point
    This is way more useful then MSNBC! I'll be checking this out, thanks J dog!
  36. 1 point
    @leilijHey! Congrats on going live and keeping it small. Handling losses is something traders never fully gain control of...so instead of trying to completely remove yourself from that emotion I focused on improving my accuracy. I found that being very picky on my setups helped me 'outweigh' my hulk days. For example last week I was up $800 then had a 2K unrealized, instead of wasting time sitting in the trade and potentially turning that loss into a 4k loss (which would be very hard to come back from), I took the loss and moved on. I was down $1200. I changed my approach to now work on smaller modest scalp trades and ended to the day green $800. Accuracy has helped me become profitable along with minimizing my losses. You reach a point where how much money is enough? Money became a less interesting driving force and it was more about 'can I trade well and win at the game'. I'll admit at the start it was all about the money lol. That's when I began to improve my trading.
  37. 1 point
    Jarad, Your summary will allow us a quick read into the market and what many traders may be thinking allows us to get to our watchlist based upon market biases.
  38. 1 point
    thanks J. super helpful explanation
  39. 1 point
    Hi Leili, congrats on the right decision to trade with 10 dollar risk and sticking to it. 1. make sure you have some room (like 3 cents) on the orders and that you trade a stock which trades with high volumes and that you use the right route. btw what Broker do you use? 2. it depends on youur personality and stye of trading and it will evolve over the time for sure. If you have a limit on number of trades then make the R target the half of your max allowed trades like if you have 10 max trades set your target to 5R. Or if your max daily loss is $40 then make it $80. It all depends on how it plays with your statistics. 3. you just need to accept you have no control and it is always 50% chance it will go either direction. What you do is to look for familiar patterns and ride them. But the fact that a stock is gapping up does not mean that the whole herd will go there and buy more of it as there are bigger fish in the pool who can take profits coz hey reached targets etc.
  40. 1 point
    All, I read an interesting thing yesterday, claiming that 66% of AMD's 5-Min ORB strategies work, which was apparently backtested over a number of months (and this 'news' item was several months old). I was skeptical to say the least. However, I decided to test the theory out myself, especially since AMD is in play quite often. It took a bit of work in Excel, and in historical charting software, and I stuck to the following rules & assumptions: SL set just beyond VWAP 25% partial at all R's, SL set at B/E after first R (Tested on 25% at R1, and then 50% at R2+, but it's less profitable in this instance) Based on 0.004 p/s commission structure, with $0.50 minimum per ticket ECN fees are *NOT* included I also only managed to do only 3 and a half weeks of back-testing before my conclusions were becoming a bit clearer. Here is the sheet for your reference (and if you wish to back-test stocks yourself). You can also customize your Risk Amount, and partial % factors. Summary Conclusion: Yes, indeed it does appear you get get 65-65% success rate on a 5-min ORB, at least on AMD. However, the returns based on the above assumptions and strictly sticking by the rules, are quite low. There are a couple of really nice days, but by and large the positive days are just meh. While many may not find value in this, I did want to verify the claim myself and after the work I put into it, felt it may be nice to share for other people's reference. Happy to receive any feedback. Thank You.
  41. 1 point
    nice study, though i would doubt the validity of it 1. it is very few data for it to be precise 2. the ORB is not an attribute of a specific stock 3. how many Rs it is profitable after the partialing strategy applied, is more important than the success rate itself 4. you did it for the 25% 1R strategy, how would it be with different partialing strategies? Anyway if you know that you get 1R in 65% cases then even 1R all OUT would be 5R (11wins-6losses) profitable with 65% success rate 5. some of the entries are not to be considered an ORB anymore. 5min ORBs are valid in the first few minutes, and on June 2nd i doubt that anybody would take this as an 5min ORBD though it would be perfectly playable as a 30 min ORBD or a 3bar play with better than 5min ORB profits what i wanted to say, there is no holy grale setup, you just need to know that the ORBs exist and people are trading it and you need to act accordingly. If it is a nice ORB then it is more likely more people will jump in so you can ride the trend with them, if it is not nice, you dont have to take it just because it is an ORB and it has 65% success rate.
  42. 1 point
    Friday SIM +5.2R I traded fairly well today, should have been more patient on some entries. I am actually very happy with a couple of trades I didn't take. There were two different times I was going to take positions, one I didn't because it was too far extended from VWAP, I think that was GPS, even though that would have been a big winner, it wasn't one of my current playbook strategies. The second was a break of HOD fifteen minutes in or so, I don't remember which stock that was maybe BBBY, I'm not trading HOD or LOD breaks right now. These two non entries are what I am most excited about from this week, it shows I'm starting to be more self aware while trading. Another big accomplishment today was it is the first day I CHOSE to trade in sim. My new funds hit my CMEG account, so I could have traded live if I wanted to. I made a deal to have 3 consecutive green weeks before going live again, I stucjk to the plan and conquered the temptation to get back in live. So I am happy with my progress this week, and look to build on it next week. I think self awareness is the most important aspect of my trading, so I'm really going to concentrate on that moving forward. NKE 1MinOrbDown +0.22R This was a good entry below VWAP, if I would have been more patient with my profit taking, I could have had a nice winner. NKE.2 5MinOrbDown +0.4R Good trade, it just wasn't ready for the big drop yet, it did happen 10 minutes later after I stopped watching it. WFC 1MinOrbDown +0.35R Stock tried to get above VWAP and rejected hard, so I shorted, no follow through. WFC.2 5MinOrbDown +0.23R This one also wasn't ready for the big move, happened 10 minutes later just like NKE. C 5MinOrbDown +0.17R Slippage got me on this entry C.2 5MinOrbDown +3.9R I got pretty lucky here, as I was hitting my hotkey for shorting, the price quickly moved closer to my stop loss, so that gave me more shares than if it had not made that move, either way, this was a good 5minOrb with ABCD on the 1Min. Did a little stat review in TraderVue before journaling. Group 1 is longs this month, Group 2 is shorts this month....I had no idea there was such a big discrepancy. Is this something I should worry about, or just see how it plays out next week before making any adjustments?
  43. 1 point
    Welcome @Lorin Stoll, love your back story.
  44. 1 point
    Hi folks, here is a copy of the playbook template I discussed in the Feb 14 recap. The file is obviously a sample meant for each individual trader to complete with their own strategies, patterns, and setups. https://drive.google.com/a/bearbulltraders.com/file/d/1bmu3XzT_KtzTfya2Fo7Uqc7DZG_N7q-B/view?usp=sharing Please download a local copy as .xlsx
  45. 1 point
    Andrew trades the open. I'm really not sure what his edge is but he is good. Carlos I think likes 5 minute ORB's. Thor does the premarket level breakouts, trades off of levels, and his triangle price breakout. Aiman does ABCD's, and is good at everything else. Peter does double tops with a moving average cross on the 1 minute. Robert H does Climactic Reversals, 15 minute chart reversals, and wedge patterns. What is your edge? Does everyone here scalp trade or is there anyone who holds there trades all day? How many trades do you take in a day? How are you finding your trades? Are you using a scanner? Or are you just watching a select few stocks for the day? Do you require a catalyst or just trade the chart patterns? For trend traders, what time frame chart? What kind of stops? Trailing, Range order, or watching for signs of weakness? I've been in sim for 3 weeks now. I'm trying to narrow some stuff down. I'm fairly good at getting in before a breakout and timing reversals, but I'm not good at taking profit and getting out before it stops me out. Help me out and tell me how you do things. Whats your strategy?
  46. 1 point
    Yes adding to a position is an advanced move. It's one that I almost never do because I have enough to learn already! What I see about this is that the entry was good but when it pulled back it did it with volume and it dropped below a level. You would never add to a position in that circumstance. When I see people like Andrew add to positions it's when it pulls back with lower volume and then is supported by a level. Indications that it may bounce and then head higher.
  47. 1 point
    I'd love a webinar dedicated to the journey of our mods. It could be structured as: 1.Backstory of how they got into trading 2.Their path from SIM to Live, 3. The grueling first year 4. The intermediary phase where they became more profitable 5. All the unique pitfalls they faced along the way 6. Where they currently are at now. It doesn't have to be a webinar, but could even be a dedicated spotlight section on the website, interviewee/sleek editing style. I think it's interesting to see how far people have come, and in their stories there are always nuggets of truth that help other traders along the way. Sorry for calling you out mods! But you guys rock and love to learn from you guys.
  48. 1 point
    I am tired of getting stopped out, what do i do ? I mostly scalp at the open i have a high win rate with stocks with tight spread less than 10 cents but with stock of 10 cent to 20 cents spread i get stopped out. I use a 30 cents stop on tight spread and wider spread. Should i stop trading stocks with wider spreads or just use larger stops , my win rate with wider spreads is not as high as stocks with tight spreads . thanks
  49. 1 point
    i personally never use any scanners and do only the pre market stock in play and watch those. if i look for an ABCD i just have to see it and no scanner will help me on that. i am trading the dirst 45 minutes only taking 3-10 trades (want to do less) scalping is what Andrew does and it really does not work for me. i think most of the people do trend trades but the hold time depends always on the person if he/she is willing to hold it and wait. Also depends on the strategy/setup you take. If you do 15min ORB then it takes much more than 5 min ORB etc. i use 1min 2min 5min 15min and daily charts and use hard stops+risk controls in DAS and it is recomended for every new trader to use hard stops. No excuses. It is like that. Only very few people can handle the mental stops since the start and failing it cost so much money that using hard stops is the only way to go. Once i reach 2R i start partialling and set the stop loss to break-even point. But that is the personal style you are looking for to evolve. I am trading 2 years and i am not a constantly profitable trader yet. https://www.bearbulltraders.com/education-center/ has plenty info on the strategies basically when you are starting i recomend you to do only to do what is in this video and nothing else https://www.bearbulltraders.com/lessons/advanced-lesson-3-how-to-trade-abcd-patterns/ untill you master it
  50. 1 point
    I joined the BBT community late last year, and it has made my journey to becoming a trader much more meaningful. Learning to day trade is proving to be a daunting undertaking-- a roller coaster ride that leaves me bruised and scathed along the way. BBT has been a source of support and inspiration when I needed it most. Andrew is a breath of fresh air compared to other trading "gurus". He is more than a mentor- he is a "long-distance friend" whom you can joke around with while he doles out invaluable knowledge and experience. The culture he has built around BBT is one of respect and support. I have often felt encouraged rather than intimidated during chats. It is truly a joy plugging in to BBT everyday, and I'm proud to be a member of this community. Edit: I'm Mark A on the chatroom Current Setup: Desk: Ikea Linmon 59"x30" table top, VIVO Electric Stand Up Desk Frame Workstation Monitor: LG 27" 4k, LG 34" Ultrawide 2k, VIVO Dual Monitor Desk Stand Free-standing LCD mount Desktop: Dell XPS 8930 Special Edition Intel i7-8700K CPU 3.70GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB 64GB DDR4 Memory at 2666MHz 512GB PCIe M.2 NVMe Solid State Drive 2TB SATA Hard Drive Hotkey: Elgato Stream Deck 15 customizable LCD Keys UPS: CyberPower 1500 VA 900 Watts 12 Outlet UPS
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