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    March 23 It feels so good to be back in my normal routine and being able to trade the way I want to trade. The past 10 days or so has just be chaotic for me. There was a ton of factors outside of trading that were piling up and I just could not focus on executing solid trades, so last week I decided I would just have some fun and trade in sim with no worries of the outcome. This allowed me to try all kind of different setups and see if anything felt good. I didn't do any journaling or anything last week as I just didn't have time for it. But today was a different story. I was able to take 3 trades today all utilizing the same moving average crossover strategy. I took $JD in the mid-morning and $PYPL, $T in the early afternoon. I hit profit target on $JD and $PYPL, while getting a partial on $T. Overall it was a great day and definitely needed after 4 straight losers 2 weeks ago. It just goes to show you that when you are able to focus and concentrate on trading your plan things work out well. When you go into trading with lots of external worries and stresses it definitely plays with your mind. Looking forward to tomorrow.
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    Monday 03/23/2020 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. I took 1 live trade with AMD. My watchlist: AMD, UBER, TSLA, MGM, CCL, and ZM. I was watching AMD at the open as default, since nothing else on my watchlist had a PM that was interesting. AMD opened weak with SPY. AMD made a reverse hammer. I shorted when the price broke the 200MA-5min with a L2 signal (but not a big signal). What AMD looked like when I went long: My target was PDC (39.60) with a stop 40.60 (when my 1min candle would go green and the break 40.50 where PM was respected). I took two partials and did have my auto stop at B/E. But I hate when the price flies through my stop and removes all my profit. So I bailed a little early (my cover was exactly on my 1st partial so you can’t see it on the chart). But of course if I held to my stop I would have reached my target and beyond. What did I do good today? Stopped at one trade. That took some resolve since I was only at +1R. But my goal is to find one good trade. Essentially, a trade that reaches my target. AMD did reach my target (and beyond), it was my fault I didn’t take advantage of it. So I took a trade that reached my target, so I am done for the day. What I am grateful from today? I took a short trade. I have noticed I have been taking a lot of long trades lately, I am worried I am getting a bias. It doesn’t help that I have less stocks that have shorts (shorts I can take quickly) with Centerpoint.
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    Hello, my name is Tasos , I am 20 years old and I originally come from Greece. I have been a member of Bear Bull Traders technically for four years, since 2016. However, I had to create a new account last year where I got a Lifetime membership. I began my journey of trading since I was 16, I dropped out of high school and was trading while working. I did DAS simulator for many years and had many conversations with Andrew. I failed. A lot. It would be incredible to calculate the amount of hours I spend these last four years looking at screens with candlesticks. I had to take drastic measures because of life events that caused me to leave trading to the side for a while, but it was always on mind and what I aspired to do for the rest of my life. I finished online high school and I am currently pursuing a BSc in Banking and Finance with a Minor in Financial Markets Trading, and yes there is such a thing (long way trading has come). I mainly participate and trade the FX market and have interests in commodities and basically all Macroeconomic subjects. I have come a long way from a kid knowing nothing about how this whole thing works and I am excited to see where I can reach. My goal eventually is to become a hedge fund trader or an IB. Nevertheless, whatever happens, trading is the reason I have goals in life. It has changed my life, it has taught me things about my life and made me the best version of myself. I decided to be more active in the Forums as of late since I do not have school obligations because of COVID-19 and plan to participate even more. Since I do not particularly trade stocks anymore I will be posting on FX market forum where I hope I can exchange ideas with people. Lastly, I know Andrew is a great guy and hope he remembers me and it feels good to be back and see how much the community has grown. It honestly is the best non-toxic community there is with actually smart individuals in this space. Safe trading!
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    March 26, $CAKE Took a trade on $CAKE in the afternoon. Got a good entry off the HOD and was looking to get back to VWAP. Everything was looking good and then some strange price action came in and stopped me out at break even. The wick candle you see happened in about 1 second. Quick pop filled me .20 cents above my break even and dropped right back down. Ended the day green so I won't too much but that did not make me happy.
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    3-26-20 AIS 0800, 7 hours, 7/10 PAT: Trading outside of my PB#s 3, 7 or opportunity scalps Arghh... Over-trading, taking scalps outside of my playbook costing me money Charts do the explaining Cons: over-trading, took plays outside of my playbook Pros: Got a great entry on my PB#3 first trade Rs: -1.8R
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    Thursday 03/26/2020 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. I took 1 live trade with MU My watchlist: AMD, MU, DAL, F, CCL, and BA. My main goal for today and tomorrow is simply to stay within my max loss. Tomorrow is the end of the month (I always end my month on a Friday). I am above my 20R goal for the month and if I max loss today and tomorrow I will still be above 20R. There has been so many months, in the last 2 years, that I give all my profits for the month on the last two days. MU was already ~+5% in PM on good earnings. SPY has been powering higher during the PM and MU was respecting the $45 level in PM. MU opened weak Bounced off of a 44.40 level and had two large asks just above $45. I went long as it passed VWAP. HOPM (45.50) was my target with the bottom of the candle as my stop (with slippage). My first partial was just to reduce risk. Sadly I took a small second partial, since I thought it will break higher now since it broke the $45 level. Price then dropped below VWAP where I was S/O I then took a SIM trade on F and got chopped up really bad. What did I do good today? Took a partial to reduce risk when MU was acting wild. What I am grateful from today? Didn’t blow up my account. I am thinking of even just trading SIM tomorrow since I already reached my goal for the month.
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    Day 55 - March 25, 2020 44 Tickets (Major Overtrading) 7 Symbols Green Day Watchlist: SPY (Trade #1) - Short - 1min - Technical Breakdown Initial thought on SPY was ABCD, looking like it was working until it broke through VWAP and no sign of buying. Broke previous day close took it short after it failed to retest and hold. Target was pre-market level, Seemed a little extended from the top Good: Not holding bias, wanted to go long but setup didn’t present itself to I went short on the breakdown. OXY - Short - 1min - Technical Breakdown (lvl 2 wall at 10.42) OXY forming descending triangle at 10.4 trying to break 10.4 wall on lvl 2, confirmed with oil as it was breaking down. Expectation is to take out the bottom and fall through. Dropped through 10.40 without any prints and held - took partial off wanted to see it work right away. Buyer came back and took it up to my physical stop (top ticked). Improvement: Thought I had good confirmation with oil and Lvl 2 but Need to do more work on reading tape. ROKU - Short - 1min - VWAP Bounce and Reject (sub setup: ABCD) Took ROKU short, both ROKU and market were coming up to VWAP, took it on confirmation of failure to hold, and made lower low multiple times. Took partial off as Spy ripped up but ROKU dropped, thinkign it might follow, kept the rest on as potential weakness relative to SPY, adjusted stop to just above previous VWAP pop - hold for this to trail down to LOD. Improvement: Terrible R/R on first partial - took it as I didn’t like price action. AAL (Trade #1) - Long - 1min - VWAP Break and Go Took it as SPY was breaking out. Added more as it pulled back into VWAP and held. Consolidated for a bit then started to make its way up, weak relative to other airlines (watching DAL). Took of partial into previous high in case it rejected. Had volume but failed to breakout, and seeling volume picking up sold another partial leaving rest to ride. Stop loss oversold and went short as I didn’t adjust it, covrred right away. Improvement: Seemed weak relative to sector - have to be careful as it kept rejection to break. Need to find a way to adjust stop rather than manually doing it. BA - Long - 1min - Technical Breakout Watching BA strengthen as SPY moved it. Looked like potential double top, with highwe lows being taken out on 1. Double top came and broke MA's instead of shorting I ended up going long on the breakout (FOMO) went again my own plan and paid for it. Improvement: Had a short idea, which would have worked out. FOMO'd hard and went long instead. Also adjusted stop as I didn’t like price action. DAL (Trade 1 and 2) - Short - 1min and 5min - Double Top SPY and DAL took a big rally and brought DAL up to daily level, yesterdays level held very tightly on DAL so I thought they would respect them today. Looked like it topped right at the daily level and came back down, failing to bounce back. Took a short thinking this was the double top. Stopped out. New high and then came back down, consolidated under the daily and couldn’t break back above - selling volume came in so I shorted as it broke consolidation and MA. Fake out and took me out again. Improvement: Careful chasing double tops on stocks that are moving 20-30% up - can always go higher. Could also be getting much better fills closer to the levels. MID MORNIG NOTE - my entries aren't great - need to fight for price. Leaving myself exposed with wide stop, small size and requiring a huge move in order to have a decent R/R. AAPL - Long - 1min - Breakout (Overtrading) SPY making highs and I just wanted to get in to join the action…not great R/R here as HOD is nearby would be taking profits into that level. SPY also coming up to potential rejection on daily. On this strengh it shuld be moving in my favor right away buts its not. Got stopped out. Improvement: Quite extended taking it long into HOD hoping it would rally. Chasing… SPY (Trade #2) - Short - 1min and 5min - Double Top SPY looked like double toped and selling volume accelerated, failed pop had no strength - short as we rejected off the MA with a doji. Worked out right away and took partials into previous levels which acted as support. Left final partial and took it off as it broke 20EMA on the 1, and made a new 5 min high. Good: Waited for nice confirmation here with volume coming in, and MA cross + reject. AAL (Trade #2) - Short - 1 min - VWAP Break and Go (-1 for not using risk hotkey on the scale in) Was waiting for airlines to turn, and AAL was weaker than DAL so I took it short as it broke VWAP, tested and failed to hold. Consolidated above VWAP and almost took me out. Dropped back down, on selling pressure and thought this would be it for AAL. Bounced off VWAP - rejected with bearish dojis on the 1min. Dropped below, and failed to break again so added on to my short. Ended up moving up from there and taking me out. SPY (Trade 3 and 4) - Short - 1mind and 5min- Double top and add on failed pop SPY starting to look weak into the close, pushing up but failing to make highs. Took it as we saw some selling volume pick up and broke the MA's. Stop was pretty tight just above consolidation. Just about took me out and didn’t like price action as candles made higher and higher lows on the 1. Took partial off. As soon as I did market went into a free fall with no moves up at all. Sold partials into MA and another partial into previous support, intention to add on failed pop. Didn’t give me a chance till close with a nice failed pop into VWAP for a quick scalp. Improvement: Honestly not the best setup here, could have easily went against me. Should have been shorting into the break of consolidation rather than coverting the first 2 timnes. No need to be covering my first position - what is that, why getting scared??? AAL (Trade #3) - Short - 1min - VWAP Break and Go Still had the thesis that airlines would selloff into close, perfect opportunity as SPY got absolutely hammered. Selling came in, and held just under VWAP, at previous support. Failed to hold VWAP and broke down on heavy volume - took it short and took partials all the way down as volume tapered off a bit, left final partial on for retest of MA. Good: Took advantage of opportunity and full market sell off, and stayed with my thesis after getting stopped out a few times on AAL. Todays Review: Only reason I'm green on the day due to a major drop in markets into the close - got lucky. Poor performance in many different areas. Chasing the action way too much. Creating a list before and barely even watched the cruise lines today - they have been very good to me, and completely ignored them as I was busy going from one symbol to the next. Analysis paralysis. Noted that my entries tend to be pretty poor, causing a wide stop loss therefore smaller size (using hotkey for $ calculated risk per trade). Need to fight for price. Need to find 3-4 symbols, plan the trade and then trade the plan. Rather then jump around randomly. Daily Report Card 1. Only Take trades using risk calculated hotkey = 11/12 2. Placing trades with defined risk, and profit targets = 8/12 Poor job on the report card. Overall just wasn't there today. Felt like a chicken with its head cut off.
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    3-25-20 AIS 0805, 7.5 hours, 7/10 PAT: Only PB#s 1,3 or 7. No over-trading. A+ setups only. PB#3 Live only BA PB#1 Using PM L2 and Daily at 14.00 went long on the bounce. Partial I tried at top of candle but price fell fast. All out at loss of 14.00 Reversed on same PM, I forgot to reset my size for my stop so it reversed the position by half size. I wanted to short it at 13.93 but missed it and was talking to my trading buddys how I missed it till I looked at my open trades LOL guess it was meant to be. Then I made a mistake when I added to the short and corrected it. Took a partial at PML and 11.75 on the stall of Tape. Added at PC took off original position. Tried another add at PML and all out on the fail. PB#7 Mistake was made when I entered in at 1030 for 12.80. As per my PB#7 I should wait for a pull back to the EMAs. This would have kept me in the trade for a long run and a bunch more profit. After this trade I scalped successfully and not so. and on to the reversal shorts. +4.8R Cons: Over-traded a bit at the end with the scalps Pros: Was able to recompose myself for a good short PB Trade: Document PB#7 Rs: +4.8R
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    3-24-20 AIS 0805, 7 hours, 7/10 PAT: ONE Stock once I find it. PB#3 Live only. MGM PB#2 Bounce off VWAP and broke a 11.05 L2 level failed to below VWAP -1R GILD Rev. ABCD Failed to C -1R PB#3 To early of a trend of the 9ema on the 5min failed at VWAP -1.4R PB#3 took it at the return to the EMAs on the 5min and failed below VWAP with an explosive move taking me below my Stop -1.8R MGM PB#3 trending the 9ema took a nibble in sim and when it came down to .40 took it live (and accidentally took 1/3 share size) and got out of sim right after. was able to grab two small partials before the dump and all out. +0.4R PB#7 Marked Chart +3.6R Cons: Over-traded the morning Taking trades outside of my playbook. Pros: Feeling more confidant in my PB#3 and PB#7 trades PB Trade: MGM PB#7 Rs: -0.2R
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    March 24 - Not a bad day. Took a while to find a setup today and it took a couple stabs at it before it worked out. First trade I got stopped out on after testing the stop 2 times. When it failed to continue to sell off and I verified that I was analyzing the stock independently from the first trade, I jumped back in at the same level. This time it worked out, but I did a terrible job of managing the trade once I was in it. It had everything to do with the fact that I was trading my P&L at that moment instead of just trading my plan. Still came out on top, but it could have been a much better trade. Out of the two trades the one I lost money on was my best trade of the day.
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    Tuesday 03/24/2020 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. I took 2 live trade with MGM and AMD. My watchlist: AMD, UBER, TSLA, MGM, CCL, and AAL. I was watching MGM as the opening approached. Then it broke a 11.50 level it had been respecting with an L2 signal so I went long. What MGM looked like when I went long (note the large asks): There was actually no level to use as a target and was not respecting dollar levels in PM. My stop was 11.15. The price popped up very fast and I quickly tried to take a partial (without checking the spread) and was filled at B/E. But the partial did reduce my risk. So when I was S/O shortly after it was only a -0.6R loss. Looking at the trade during review I see MGM made a hangman formation (5min chart) right as I took the trade. Those are very telling when volume is low. Hopefully, if I saw that, I would not have taken the trade. I was then watching AMD at the open. AMD opened strong at broke the HOPM with OK volume and a long bias L2. I went long and got a poor fill. But I saw the price moving up so fast I went half shares knowing the fill may not go well. What AMD looked like when I went long (note the large L2 asks): My target was the 44.75 daily level with a stop using the 44.12 PM level. The price fell back and I entered with the rest of my shares at the 44.12 level. Somehow I wasn’t stopped out but close enough I was quick to take partial profits. The price did reach my target and beyond and I exited when the price broke down below the 9MA-1min. What did I do good today? Used L2 well. Good risk management with stops and halving my share size. What I am grateful from today? The market gave me one good trade. Though I was not able to capitalize it, I am grateful for it.
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    Multiple rules broken today. My discipline was once again lacking. -2.8R. I convinced myself that BA needed to be traded pre-market, I thought, 4 shares could get me $80 today!!!!!! Well that was a terrible thought process and that is NOT PART OF MY EDGE. I held on to this long bias after the open as well, I tried 3 more longs when it went above VWAP. All 3 losers. If I would have left the first attempt above VWAP alone I would have gotten one partial and BE stop out. But after entering I got cold feet, Moved my stop closer to entry so I wouldn't lose as much money, my original stop loss would have held and my R:R would have been close for partial. Good Trade Ideas on ROKU, bad entries First thought was to play a BO UP at 12.5. When it lost pre market high 12.30, I changed my mind and tried short. Second short try, I thought we had a double top on the one. It failed and MAX LOSS for the day was triggered. I'M SO GLAD I HAVE THE MECHANICAL DAILY LOSS IN PLACE, MY POOR PSYCHOLOGY AND DISCIPLINE THIS WEEK AND TODAY WOULD HAVE MADE ME CONTINUE TRADING, AND MORE THAN LIKELEY LOSING MORE MONEY ALL DAY.
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    I have similar problems with shorting in CMEG. A lot of stuff others have shorts for we do not. It will just make us that much better later. Have a good night and trade safe tomorrow
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    3-23-20 AIS 0800, 7 hours, 7/10 PAT: PB#3 Live. Find one active ticker and focus on it for the day. GILD is my first choice for my all day stock. MGM this was my second choice but at the time GILD was not giving me any signals or entry PB#1 15min ORB failed to my stop at VWAP -1R GILD PB#3 Trending the 9ema on the 2min and failing to break the PM Low. There is also a reverse ABCD on the 5min. after consolidation for a bit it fell giving me partials and adds along the way. My adds were always 1/2 of the shares I had left and my partials were 25% Room4Improvement: I should have added more on my adds as the action was going as planned. These should have increased to atleast my original share price or even more. (chapter 9 of the Playbook, Trader Wus syndrom. +5R GILD PB#7 to PB#3 2nd new 15min hi, new 30min hi, 1 and 2min EMAs crossed and sloping to the 50ma, RSI on 15 was 19.1. Called this out way ahead of time but was back and forth to the desk so I caught this a bit late. Partials and adds should be self explanatory +4R Cons: Happy with the adds and partials as in where they were but not on the size (GILD 1st trade) Pros: Took the trades, partials and adds when called out PB Trade: GILD Rs: +8R
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    Hi guys, we are looking for ideas for Success Webinars, what would be great content/topics you wish to see in upcoming Success Webinars? Below is a list of topics that we are already working on, share your ideas! Come Into My Trading Room Series (Mods go over their trading setup in detail) Day Trading Options Extreme Reversals Strategy How to use Stop Losses Intro to Futures Trading Journaling (Psychology & Trades) Money Management Risk Management and Risk to Reward Analysis Strategy Backtesting Trade Managment (Stoploss, Profit, Adding, Target) Trading Leveraged ETFs: TVIX, NUGT DUST etc
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    March 23-29 Weekly Report Top Three Good Trends I absolutely choose to fight the fight each and every day and face the unknown. My risk management is on point again which is what saved my week from be a total disaster and my execution of trades was not on. I was present in the moment for each of my trades and was hyper focused on executing my plan after Tuesday when I was all over the place. My trading the last three days was right where it needed to be. I accepted the fact that I am not in the zone and that I need to take a real look at what I was doing wrong and how to adjust for the upcoming week. Bottom Three Bad Trends Entries and managing the trade once I was in was a huge issue this week. I think upon the increase in risk, I once again started to doubt my setups which is crazy because they still work even in this market. I could tell that I am focusing on the outcome/future instead of focusing in on what I need to focus on which is the present moment. My exits were the second big issue I had this week I was always worrying again about being wrong. My focus was not on executing it soundly because my mind was focused on future events or outcomes and a monthly goal that is not important. I put an arbitrary goal at the end of the month which this week put undue pressure on my performance. Emotions got in the way of trading because I was looking at the past. I was unable to forgive myself for the mistakes I made and dwelled on them preventing me from taking other good setups when they presented themselves. Focus for Next Week I stop my current sample set and reset. No point in going down the rest of path when the beginning was so out of the norm that it would not be a good representation of the data that I was looking for. I have re-calibrated my trade plan and will go into exit week was a solid plan to execute regardless of the individual trades Do not focus on individual trades, instead focus on completing 20 trades that meet your setup along with following your process. I have already paid for them so the only thing that I can do is make money by taking a trade that meets my plan. Focus is on the big picture not the individual little movements as they do not matter. Plan your trade, trade your plan.
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    3-23 to 3-27-20 What I did bad this week: Technical Errors: Wrong hotkey once Trade management: Jumped the gun in the early market Over-trading: Tried several scalps at end of day that were not part of my playbook and or trades that were not in playbook on 4 of the days What I did good this week: Respected my in trade and daily stops. Took most trades on all of the days that I was calling out Only took PB#3 or PB#7 live Feeling more confidant in my PB#s 3 and 7 Reading the tape well on focused days Adjusted in-trade trading plan for the current choppy market taking more partials and scalping more. Staying in control of my emotions for most of my trades Changes to be made this upcoming week: Work on playbook trades that I may need to scalp when Tape is slow or not doing what I anticipate Rules to stick by this upcoming Week: 1. After I call it a day by either MAX Loss, Profit Target or what I am comfortable with, only use the rest of the day in SIM unless it is an A+ setup then only give back what is in my plan 2. In-Trade and Daily Stops 3. Do Not chase or revenge trade 4. PB#s 3 and 7 are only to be taken Live unless Rule#1 5. Only A or better setups at time of Live trade Challenges for myself this upcoming Week: On mic trades only with my small group if available Take a planned break at 1100 or 1200 for other Bus. @ 0905 do some exercise and then meditate to calm myself Stay unbiased Notes: Rules are not to be broken, these will cost money every time My Challenges are almost as important as my Rules, Pay attention to them Goals and Rewards: +20Rs or more at end of the month to consider trading with more size in the future two months +11.6R for the week
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    My Plan to Trading Success: Background: One of my friends from German language class recommended Andrew’s book on ‘How to Day Trade for a Living’. After reading the book, I joined the BBT community in Oct’2018. I was on SIM for 3 months, completed the first BBT challenge. And finally I went live on 8thApr’19. I am new to Trading and hoping my journaling and feedback from fellow members will help me improve. My preparation before going Live: These are the books I read before going Live, apart from the BBT classes. It was very important for me to learn as much before going Live. Also, I read these books in the order mentioned below. I also listened to the Youtube audio version of Trading in the zone, the week before going Live and I must say that it helped calm my nerves a bit during the Live week. -How to Day Trade for a Living by Andrew Aziz - A Complete Guide to Volume Price Analysis by Anna Coulling - Advanced Techniques in Day Trading by Andrew Aziz -Trading in the zone by Mark Douglas -The 1 Hour Trade by Brian Anderson Strategy & Goal: During the first year(or 9 months) in 2019, I don’t have any target to make. My primary goal is to gain experience Live trading, to be emotionally stable when things don’t go my way and manage positions to my plan. And achieve all this limiting my loss. Good thing, I have control over how much I can lose, so I have decided to keep 100$ per week that I can lose (ie. 4000$ till end of the year). This is the max amount I will lose to the market, nothing more. This is not ‘Scarred Money’. It is something that I am paying for my experience. If I make any money along the way, then it’s good. It doesn't mean I dont want to make money, it just means, I am not in a hurry to make money. But I do plan to make a lot of money from trading may be a million $ some day. I also have the following measures to limit myself at the beginning of my Trading. Funding Account: I am not funding my IB account fully. I am doing it in 5 small transfers (roughly one each month). This limits my buying power during the initial months. Even if I make a DAS mistake I can’t buy more shares. As I improve my trading I start funding more. Under PDT rule: This also means, I am under PDT rule, and can make only 3 trades/5 days. This prevents me from overtrading. I am also extremely picky as my trades are limited. I think being picky is a very good habit in Trading. Stocks to trade: I don’t trade $TSLA, $NFLX which are very volatile. I trade $AMD, $MU and other Stocks in Play on a particular day within my price range ($15-$30) and not very volatile. I trade high priced, volatile stocks in DAS simulator or TradingSIM to feed my FOMO. Share size: I trade 50-100 shares per trade, depending on the Stoploss and volatility of the stock. I am not using my Margin from IB, but only Cash that I have funded. As I improve my trading skills, I will slowly increase the share size. Risk Control: Within my 3 Trades a week, first one I give it $50 Loss, 2nd and 3rd one $25 each. But because of my small share size and stoploss, I am well within my allowable losses during initial months. This is second level risk control. Rules: Only one trade at a time. This was my main issue in SIM. I get into multiple trades in SIM and end up in huge losses. Even if the action goes my way, I am unable to exploit it to my advantage as I am unable to follow my profit plan. Stick to my StopLoss: Many days in SIM, I had ignored my Stoploss and ended up in huge losses. Then I make some good trades and reduce my losses. End of the day, It gives me a feeling ‘If only I had respected my StopLoss I would have been green’ Don’t trade within 3 mins: My rule is not to trade within first 3 mins. But if the setup doesn’t exist, then I must wait till 5, 10 or even 15 mins from the open. Trading Style: I prefer VWAP trading (VWAP pullback during ORB, Reversal & False breakout after 10AM). I also like to trade 50/200 MA bounces especially on higher timeframes. I am not good at MA cross reversals. Quote I need to remember while Trading: "You will regret more about the STOP you didn't take than the one you took early"
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    1st - if 26.20 is a level i would partial there and set stop loss to BE and hoping for a break but there was the level and also the MA coming down so it had not much chances to succeed 2nd -it was just too late for anything i think. maybe an ABCD short when it touched the MA on 1min but there was just not enough space for some real target other than LOD
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    it is trading against a support level but i think i would take it also as a 3 bar play on the 5min chart and the 2 dojis on the 1min chart with a stop of 15.35
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    L2 is overestimated. i have not seen ABCD in the first 10 minutes for many weeks now so maybe you do not trade it. your 1min ORB is not a 1min ORB and obviously if you have a 50cent stop on a 18 dollar stock, you have to have target arounf 16.50 or you have something wrong
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    Oh, I didn't know Hailchaser was a profession, I thought it was just a cool name.
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    There seems to be quite a bit of support at that lower red dotted line. It had a failed 123 in the 1 minute. It moved up after a topping tail doji (which tends to signify bearishness on its own), so that would mean bullish. But a topping tail doji at the bottom range usually also means there's buying pressure too. It is far from the moving averages. So all in all I don't think it's an ideal short entry imo. A better entry would be a break of that lower dotted line level.
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    I wouldn't have a clue what it was going to do there. Yes, generally weak, but it's chopping and stuck in a range. It has also already bounced off the low 5 times... Maybe it's going higher... not sure. I'd just wait until it cracks and closes above or below.
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    For your firs trade it wasn't exactly a bad idea to go long there. It did break and the close above the VWAP on the 5 and 6 min. That being said, I'm always hesitant to go long or short the opposite way of the pre-market. Also, what was your stop loss? Seems very far away. Probably should have been just below VWAP. For your second... Seems like a good entry to me. It's a bit extended, but you waited for a pull back which is good.
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    Weekly Review: I traded very poor most of the week, and most of it was revenge trading. My discipline needs some major work. I also realized I need to do a better job of looking left and looking down at the 5 min chart instead of focusing so much on the one min chart. I'm excited to have the chance to improve, I'm currently listening to One Good Trade, it is reminding me that this learning curve is steep, only the persistent will succeed. I have given myself plenty of learning opportunities this week with the numerous mistakes I made. That's why journaling is so important. Sidenote, it did hail in STL area last night. There is a chance that I will be working now. If so, it is likely that I will not be able to trade until later in the year between storms, or when hail season ends late fall. If that is the case, I will have plenty of time to listen to more books, and watch more success webinars, and YouTube recaps. So members, start doing more recaps like Andrew requested. I may also consider buying the replay feature if I do go back to work, so I can practice in the evenings. But I really rely on L2 in almost all of my trades, so it would be a big change not having that as an option.
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  30. 1 point
    Thanks Justin, I tried searching the forums before posting but couldn't find anything. I have not used AutoHotKey for about 15 years, I'd completely forgotten about it. Should be able to cobble something ugly together - programming wise I know enough to be dangerous.
  31. 1 point
    @fab has actually created a useful and extremely simple AutoHotKey script to automate exporting the Market Viewer window! You could easily change the script to adapt to the windows you want exported instead You sound pretty savvy already, but let me know if you need help with it!
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    Wednesday 03/25/2020 I had a well-being score of 7/10 this morning. I took 4 live trades with BA and AMD. My watchlist: AMD, JBLU, DAL, MGM, CCL, and DAL. I was watching BA in the PM. There was an area $152-$153 that the price was respecting but not a specific price. I was watching to see if it woud break with a L2 signal. It did make a break but without a L2 signal. Then created a strong 1min candle and then a L2 signal appeared and I went long. But now my stop is quite far ($152.91) and I took half shares since it is PM. So not to many shares taken on this trade. I did get a $2 move, but exited a few seconds before PM since I had no directional bias. Then I took 3 trades on AMD which opened weak and bounce from PDC. I shorted on the pull back with 2/3 share size in case I can get a better entry with a VWAP bull back. I was watching too intensely to add to my position as the price was approaching VWAP that I did not look at L2. There was a clear long bias on L2 telling me to exit. I didn’t see it and actually added to my position (I saw it later on my trade recording). I was stopped out about 1 min later. When the price broke all the MAs I went long and quickly took a partial then was immediately S/O at B/E for a small loss. The price just filled my S/O and went higher again and now there was a L2 signal so I went long again. My stop was 20MA with 47.91 daily level as my target. I did get a 50c move which was fine. Stopped out on the new 1min low. I probably should have waited for the break of the 9MA. What did I do good today? I kept an eye on SPY through all my trades. What I am grateful from today? 50% win rate today, but well into the green
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    Day 53 - March 23, 2020 36 Tickets (overtrading) 7 Symbols Red Day Watchlist: SPY (Trade 1) - Long - 1min - ABCD / Breakout? (Pre-Market) SPY down over night, but up in premarket on news that FED will do "whatever it takes" to support the market - strongly received. Was looking to test out hotkeys (placing targets based on risk hotkey) and saw SPY breaking out looking like a potential ABCD patter - got in for a quick scalp. AMD (Trade 1) - Short - 1min - Failed Pop (No confirmation) SPY dropping and AMD broke green to red, with MA's as well as VWAP as resistance. Wanted to wait for this to come up and test VWAP for a VWAP Bounce play - ended up getting in too early - didn’t wait for the pop into VWAP which I should have done. Would have entered a little bit later but got stopped either way. Improvement: Stop loss wasn’t well placed, need to do a better job of pricing in a move above VWAP We were breaking through prevoius day close, and heading into pre market level - too much support which ended up holding. UBER - Long - 1min - Technical Breakout (Lvl 2 Wall) Was watching UBER thinking could be a potential double top at previous day close and HOD. Saw a wall of asks at 21 getting eaten away, making higher lows so took it long it broke through wall of ask. As soon as I got in, felt like it could have been a trap. Rejected of Previous day close (1c away from my target) and engulfing down - should have got out right away. Went to sell half as it wasn’t looking good with SPY falling - but hot key error and bought more (mistake) and covered it quickly. Leaving rest to ride. Previous day close + some. Took it off as it didn’t wans to go. Improvement: Cant be Chasing this, not happy with entry as it’s a little far off VWAP and approaching multiple resistance points. RCL - Short - VWAP Break and Go (too early - no confirmation) Was watching CCL on the break of VWAP but went straight through didn’t give me a great entry point on a retest. Ended up getting in on RCL as it broke and retested as I planned. Got in with a entry which slipped away from me, and a stop loss just above previous high, MA's and VWAP - top ticked and got stopped out. Good: Had the right idea, with CCL and RCL moving together. Entry was ok on the 1 retest, but the double (M) rejection would have been better. Improvement: Stop loss to tight, trend was down and I was expecting a pop off VWAP - need to give it a little more breathing space. CCL - Short - 1min- VWAP Break and Go Was watching CCL initially - but RCL provided better entry. As soon as I got stopped out saw CCL reject and follow RCL and NCLH pace - expected CCL to break VWAP and trend lower. Big battle at 11bid so I covered in case it would hold. Looked like bidder was taken out - 5min is also bearish. Then Buyer stepped right back. I was adjusting my stop loss to update shares - and ended up panicking and manually covered - top tick. Good: Had the right idea Improvement: Poor Trade Management. Stop adjusting stops. I was in the money and idea was perfect. Covered top tick for majority of position and ended up breaking even vs what should have been a nice winner. AMD (Trade 2) - Short - VWAP Break and Go SPY tanking took AMD on a drop and rejection off VWAP looking to continue down to Previous close and LOD as targets, stop above VWAP. Came up to VWAP close to my stop - and I Adjusted (terrible habit) which luckily got me 2 ticks away from stopping out and then moved in my direction. Took partial at previous day close, and another as it looked like it wanted to bounce and retest previous day close (no reason). Another partial as we moved into LOD and let the rest ride until reason to exit - picking up strength of double bottom, higher highs and higher lows. Good: Partials at decent levels, Improvement: Cant be adjusting stops - although I got lucky here this has proved to hurt me in long run - PICK A GOOD STOP BEFORE ENTERING. Also could have added at 11:20 when failed to bounce back into VWAP and broke consolidation. Just had a feeling of not getting into anything as it seems kid of choppy and SPY is still down but looking at VWAP retracement….then ended up FOMO'ing ROKU ROKU - Long - 1min and 5min - Technical Breakout (Chasing) ROKU has been quite strong today and I thought we could break HOD and rally. Ended up getting away from me and I got in on the top tick - same time trying to limit my risk so I put a stop below 1 min previous low and got stopped out quickly. Improvement - Not one of my profitable setups. Stop was wide as I got it right at the top WAIT FOR THIS TO COME DOWN, RESET AND THEN GO FOR THE BREAK - buy the 2nd break. SPY - Short - 1min - VWAP Break and Go + Add on Confirmation (Sizing - yes, VWAP indicator) SPY weak and selling off. Tried to hold VWAP and rejected on decreasing buying vol. Waited for second rejection off VWAP and got in on confirmation. Ended up reclaiming VWAP briefly and stopping me out. Move came down, and failed the bounce rejecting off VWAP and MA - took another short with same stop. Partial into previous low in case we held, and another into T1, adjusted stop and got taken out top tick (2nd time this happened today) Good: Stayed with my Idea and played it on confirmation Improvement: Stop adjusting stops - doing this on my winners and my losers - put the stop in and let it be…… AMD - Short - 1min - VWAP Break and Go (Anticipation - FOMO didn’t wait for confirmation) - SPY was breaking consolidation expecting this one to follow - wanted to wait for a defined risk but got FOMO as selling volume came in thinking this would break without me. Terrible Risk here though as I got my entry on the breakdown far from defined risk level. Will need a big move in order to cover risk. Instead of letting the poor entry play itself out or maybe covering while I'm in green I doubled down on this FOMO as I wanted to get my P/L into the green. Improvement: Not only did I FOMO - but I also doubled down on this, plus adjusted my stop. This is a trade of trades of what not to do. Over trading at this point - told myself after AMD trade that I would be done for the day…broke my monthly goal of adjusting stop on a loss (couple times today), and just making poor decision. Stepped away until….. SPY - Short - 1min - Technical Breakout (Overtrading) Noticed that I just wanted to get in on action and get the market back for my braking my rules…not great confirmation but selling volume coming in and hit the bids at 221 - short 1/2 size looking for this to break down descending triangle. Broke down and covered into previous low level letting the rest to ride. Got stopped out as it made a new 5m high. BA - Long, 1 min - Technical Breakout (Overtrading) Same thing as previous trade - just want to make some P/L back. SPY was squeezing into the close and saw BA break down trend - was thinking of getting in (104.5) then started taking off and I got a terrible fill - pressed the 1/2R hotkey, but top ticked on the spike. Looking for this to squeeze into the close. Was choppy and couldn’t break 107 level after briefly spiking over. Sold partial and the rest into close. Improvement: This is not in my setups. Need to listen to myself, when Its time to step away its time to step away for the day. Apart from bringing P/L down, overtrading is a terrible habit that I just can't seem to shake lately. Todays Review: Not happy with my ability to follow my plan. Making way to many bad decision which I know I shouldn't be. Theme of today - adjusting stops….. On good trade : Taking profits - then adjusting my stop losses and getting taken out. Twice this happened - CCL and SPY which both would have been nice trades if I kept my original plan. Bad trade: Putting my stop to tight, realizing its too tight and moving it - causing too much unnecessary slippage and poor habits. Notice my emotion edge comes in toward end of day if I'm down - trying to get back into the green, taking poor setups. Daily Report Card: 1. Only take trades using risk calculated hotkeys (1/2R for scaling in, 1R for regular) = 11/11 2. Placing trades with defined risk, and profit targets. 5/11
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    @Igor would it be possible to add a column where daily commission cost can be added? manually adding is totally fine. i would like to have it adjust my equity curve. i have like an 11 day green streak on my p/l but in reality that isn't correct. im still having a tendency of overtrading so even when i end up being green, i may still be in red considering commission cost. an extra equity graph representing real profit/loss would be kinda nice. the automatic import and the charts are awesome though, nice work thx, Tommy
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    Hey everyone, Below is the video on how to use the DAS Replay feature. Currently this feature is available on the BBT Simulation Version Which can be downloaded at https://www.dastrader.com/download/fixes/DEMO. (When the feature is ready for production it will be release to other platform versions like IB, Centerpoint and CMEG.) Thank you
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    Today was very disappointing, I had a bad open, recovered and worked my back up to +2R for the day. Shut computer off, did some home schooling, made lunch. Was wondering if I should come trade live in the afternoon to try and get to 3R which is my usual goal. I decided to try one more trade to try and get to goal. I ended up spiraling out of control in the afternoon, my +2R turned into -2R, and commissions started piling up. I started trading with no thought or setups. I started using a different risk amount than what I started the day with (at least I used less risk instead of trying to double my morning risk, but I'm supposed to keep it the same for figuring R for the day). I somehow ended back up +1R, but once my commissions are calculated it will be -1.5R. So this isn't the type of disastrous day that killed my account, and I will let this day be a reminder of what happens when I'm not disciplined. 98TICKETS!!!!!!!!! Too many trades in the afternoon to screen cap all of them, There was not really anything to learn from them anyway, EXCEPT, DON'T TRADE WITHOUT REASON TO ENTER THE TRADE! Here was my morning session and All of my executions.
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    Thank you Justin, that's work perfectly
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    Right click in the button section of the montage and select Add Button. Name it "Panic" or whatever else you want to call it Give it the colors you want In the script area simply type: PANIC
  41. 1 point
    I just started using the DAS platform screen capture software and it has a button where you can drag across multiple screens to record. I tested it out this past Friday and it works pretty good. There is also a button to do a complete monitor setup capture but I found that it for some reason would only capture live for a few seconds then quit. If anyone wants to try it you can get it from the Tools section of DAS.
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    Day 52 - Mar 20, 2020 43 Tickets (major overtrading) 6 Symbols Loss Watchlist: UBER (Trade #1) - Long- 1min - ABCD UBER coming off strong day and upgraded this morning. Strong off open as expected - started to come back down into VWAP - long as it came down and formed ABCD pattern, a little early but didn’t want to miss the move in case it spiked up like yesterday. Stopped out on break and hold of VWAP/ MA. Improvement: Didn't use my risk hotkeys = no defined risk, no defined target in mind. CCL - Short - VWAP Bounce and Reject (Anticipation) Watching CCL as it bounces up toward VWAP anticipating the rejection and trend downwards. Sector - RCL and NCLH approach previous day close - should have waited to see how they act. Although both close to low of day, and acting weak. Covered partial into previous level, then took some more off as we moved up and broke through 1min consolidation. Covered final as we broke VWAP, held and bounced higher. Good: Taking partials at planned levels. Happy with the entry Improvement: Adjusted my stop UBER (Trade #2) - Long - 1 and 5min - Reversal Saw UBER come down to the 22 level just like I planned in pre-market. Watched it break through 22 and quickly come back up closing right at that level. Took it long on a reversal off support into VWAP, sold partial as we spiked into resistance of some MA's (too early) and the rest into Profit target at VWAP. Good: Had the right idea, playing pre market levels. Improvement: Need to follow my risk size hotkey - they are there for a reason. Took inconsistent position (too small) ZM (Trade #1) - Long - 1min - Technical Breakout Poor play here, saw ZM making ATH and wanted to play momentum - ended up buying the top with too much size. SPY was bouncing toward VWAP - not a good entry here. Can tell it was losing strength looking back at it - double red candle on 1. dying volume on 5, , lower high on 1 . Improvement: Use my risk control hotkeys - they are there for a reason ***Forced Break - 10min*** Noticed I wasn't trading my setups, not using risk controls and being emotional so I stepped away from platform, recorded my executions and took a breather. ZM (Trade #2) - Long - 1min and 5min - ABCD ZM looked like it carved out the C in ABCD pattern. Took it long thinking we would bounce and continue higher. SPY not going my way so didn’t have full conviction - took 1/2 size with idea to add on confirmation. Went against me, into VWAP which would have been a much better place to add. Ended up adjusting my stop loss in order not to get stopped out….sold all as it broke the uptrend. Improvement: Need to have more patience on the ABCD Entry, getting in to early and adjusting stops in order not to get stopped out. RCL - Long - 1min - Break and Go (sector play) CCL (called out in chat) and NCLH both broke through VWAP and ripping up. Saw RCL was just hovering around VWAP, took it as a long on VWAP Break and Go up to HOD. Tight risk right under consolidation. Adjusted risk a little higher as NCLH and CCL rejected and started retracing. Took partials on spike in resistance at 23.7. Sold the next partial too early should have waited and taken it at my profit target at HOD with leaving final partial to run. Good: Had the right idea, nice sector play watching others move and this one to follow. Improvement: Need to let my winners ride, took 2nd partial way to quick - should have been a nice runner. UBER (Trade #3) - Long - 1min - VWAP Break and Go (Scale in on confirmation) UBER looked like double/triple bottom off that 22 level and came back up above VWAP on increasing volume. Took 1/2 size long above VWAP for a break and go into HOD level. SPY coming up to HOD as well - thinking we can break. Scaled in as we dropped back to VWAP and held. Took partials too quick again, for 1/4, then another at profit target, another on spike into HOD and left the rest ride until it broke trend. Good: Nice scale in on confirmation of hold. Improvement: Need to let winners ride, rather than taking off to early. Or take a smaller - 1/4 at 1-1.5R, 1/2 at target and leave the rest to ride. Could have added more size after I Sold first partial and had entry on the breakout pullback. AMD - Short - 1min - Breakdown / VWAP Break and Go (Anticipating) SPY broke Red to Green, tanking on volume - think this will break through VWAP and go. This was terrible short, coming into VWAP and daily level - should have realized this and skipped this trade. This is a clear uptrend, bouncing off VWAP. Improvement: Didn’t use risk hotkey, held a bias on this and shorted due to SPY falling, no reason to entry - was anticipating with hope it would break. UBER (Trade #4) - Long - 1min - Technical Breakout (Anticipating - Ascending Triangle Breakout) Wasn't thinking clearly here - 2nd bad play in a row. Thought process was it was holding higher lows after breaking down through VWAP and holding the daily level at 22, completley missed the bear pennant forming. Went against the trend of MA's and VWAP and was instantly wrong. Instead of admitting I was wrong and taking the loss, I adjusted my stop and took a bigger loss than necessary. Improvement - don’t adjust stops, if you are wrong you are wrong get out and move on. Not thinking clearly, many signs to stay out. Overtrading looking to make something out of nothing. UBER (Trade #5) - Short - 1min - Technical Breakdown Got stopped out of UBER on my long, and thought this was a short as it broke through the daily level and instead of holding and pushing higher it came back and broke again - change of character and selling volume coming in. Got in the drop with plan to add on confirmation - added on the failed pop. Went my way and took profits too early again. Ended up riding out the failed pop and noticed it kept getting rejected by MA and could close above, another big break. Goal was to ride it out until reason to exit. Rejected off MA once again, and shorted as we approached a wall of bidders at 21.1 broke and covered into major level at 20.75 and rest to ride. Manual stop - after spiked up hard and came back down - didn’t like it so got out. Good: Converging signals - 22 level couldn’t hold, selling volume coming in, rejecting MA, lower lows and lower highs. Improvement: Need to have more conviction in my winners, rather than taking them off to early - really killing my profitability. UBER (Trade #6) - Long - 1min and 5min - Double Bottom (Reversal) Level at 20.75 held and made a double bottom. Had a good catalyst and SPY pushing red to green - idea was to buy the reversal and take profits into VWAP. Ended up getting in a little late but still had room to run. Set a mental stop, broke through on 1 min and bounced right back - thought market was testing sellers and stopping out longs before ripping higher. Didn’t have much strength thought. Stopped out on physical stop right at that level from previous drop. Improvement: Clear overtrading, long, short, long short on UBER….not in the right mindset, 5min was bearish, rejection of multiple MA's and top heavy wicks - should not be entering here. CRWD - Short - 1min and 5min - Failed Pop (Double Top) Took the afternoon off as I noticed I was over trading with way to many tickets. Took a look at end of day to see where markets were, SPY turning down, major weakness. CRWD was making lower highs thinking we will reject and move to 47.6 for 3R. Good entry, but trade management was brutal - covered too much accidently so then ended up shorting double size as SPY was dumping, and I was trying to make money back and close the day in the green. Big buyer at 93, 92, 91, 90 huge wall just wont disappear - bullish signal. Ended up getting stopped out at previous level, and adjusting partial hoping it would come back down. Good: Right Idea at first, should have taken profits for half, and got stopped out on half for a green trade. Improvement: Ended up overtrading as I was watching P/L, took too much size and then adjusted stop wider hoping we would come back Todays Review: Major overtrading, long, short, long short - losing track of the bigger picture and just chasing action. NEED TO FOLLOW RISK RULES - taking winner on smaller positions, losers on larger positions - this is brutal. Noticed I was on edge so I stepped away - will add this to my rules. What I did well : Stepped away from trading and took a 10 min break to gather thoughts, and see what I was doing wrong (very happy with this decision) What I did poorly: Position sizing, not taking my hotkey which auto calculates shares based on risk. This was a major flaw I had before the hotkey - taking big losses on trades that aren't A+ setups. Need to do: Going back to the drawing board, full review and update of my playbook. Incorporating 1 goal for the week. Next weeks goal = every single trade taken is Risk Hotkey.
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    1. no. ORBD is a ORBD, VWAP is the most important 2. 10min ORBD is also an ORBD, with proper stop/risk control you can take it even as 15min ORBD 3. for me the best is if more setups meet at once. you could have waited and taken the trade 5 mins later wich would be a 10min ORBD+ABCD the one you took was a ORBD+3 bar play but it was against the MA and around the resistance of the level 41
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    3-916 to 3-20-20 What I did bad this week: Technical Errors: Wrong hotkey twice in one trade. Forgot to put a hard stop in place and the price dropped fast costing money. Trade management: Missed an add when I called for it. Missed a scalp when I knew I should have taken it. Jumped the gun and chased, one of each. Letting personal distractions get in the way of my trading costing money What I did good this week: Respected my in trade and daily stops. Did not over-trade. Took most trades on all of the days that I was calling out Only too PB#3 live Reading the tape well on focused days Adjusted in-trade trading plan for the current choppy market taking more partials and scalping more. Staying in control of my emotions for most of my trades Changes to be made this upcoming week: Work on my Trend Scalps as Scalps and not long term Trends Rules to stick by this upcoming Week: After I call it a day by either MAX Loss, Profit Target or what I am comfortable with, only use the rest of the day in SIM unless it is an A+ setup then only give back what is in my plan In-Trade and Daily Stops Do Not chase or revenge trade Live Only one loosing trade before 1100 Challenges for myself this upcoming Week: Only A or better setups at time of trade On mic trades only with my small group if available Take a planned break at 1100 or 1200 for other Bus. @ 0905 do some exercise and then meditate to calm myself Stay unbiased Notes: Rules are not to be broken, these will cost money every time My Challenges are almost as important as my Rules, Pay attention to them Goals and Rewards: +20Rs or more at end of the month to consider trading with more size in the future two months +1R for the week
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    ORB looks fine. What is that level it bounces off ? Try to look at level 2 when price gets near a certain MA or S/R level Kasper
  46. 1 point
    Great topic, one of my big interests. If you don't have energy for long runs it is probably either that you are not keto adapted, or that you don't eat enough protein. If you are keto adapted and eat enough protein your muscle glycogen will be similar and the respiratory quotient (how much fat vs carbs you are burning) will be improved. This should lead to enhanced endurance. See e.g. the faster study: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0026049515003340 Anything other than the american standard diet is an improvement. The body cannot handle large amounts of carbs and fat at the same time. You can either select a high carb diet (mostly plant based) or a low carb diet (usually more animal based). People have found success with both approaches. Personally I find it very difficult to get all micro nutrient on a plant based diet and my stomach cannot really handle too much plants. I also like the animal foods more so my approach is low carb with 95% animal products (carnivorish). I don't think it is a good idea with strict keto because you don't get enough protein to handle hard physical activities. When you eat low carb with high protein you will go in and out of ketosis, which is enough to get the benefits from ketones.
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    Just to help me shape this. What do you people want to see in terms of information? Would you rather have a breakdown of the math behind them and then show how they work in DAS, or would you like a more detailed breakdown of the actual hotkey (as ugly as they are)? I'd assume the former is better for most as it's a "concept -> application" presentation, keeping to the important bits in a concise manner. Any other hotkeys / DAS features you want me to go over, please post here. I have a list going. For this presentation there will be a new version of the hotkeys / configuration rolling out, so even if you're familiar you may want to check it out. I've also discussed with DAS on some modifications, but I'm not sure what the timeline is on those.
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    Nice PINS trade. More automation will help with taking too many partial profits. It reduces the stress where we all have a limited reservoir to tap from. Kyles hotkeys will help. I don't use his hotkeys, but I have something that has the same function (though much more rudimentary). I know having a hot key that auto sets your exit at break even after your first partial helps let you sit back and wait for a better place to take profit.
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    Have you ever considered using Kyle's hotkey for position sizing based off of $ risk per trade or BP %? I highly recommend it. The hotkey completely changed how I felt upon entering a trade. I no longer ever had to worry about having too large of a size because I was always risking the same amount.
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    Maybe you will tell me this is all easily done with buttons..but I haven't looked into the button calculations yet. It takes a share price and based on your account size will show you the max shares you can afford as well as display the money you'd lose/gain for each .05 interval up to 50 cents. account_size = 30000 from decimal import Decimal print("Welcome Tom, your account size is set to " + str(account_size)) share_price = input("\r\nPlease enter share price... ") shares = account_size//Decimal(share_price) print("**************************************") print("\r\nYou can afford " + str(shares) + " shares.") print("**************************************\r") stoploss = Decimal('0.05') while(stoploss <= .5): risk = 0 risk = int(shares)*stoploss print("stop loss of " + str(stoploss) + " risks " + str(risk)) stoploss+= Decimal('0.05')
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