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    My elaborate setup with my new favorite movie .. based on a true story. No that's not my real setup, I use three watches. But seriously, I can't share my setup (currently building a new desk), so I thought I'd have some fun with this. I'll show myself out.
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    @adrian88 and myself are working on a software which enables you to import your trades automatically from DAS, get an overview of your past trades, and also get statistics about your performance. We call it Chartlog. Our goal is to build an application for us traders to improve the process of journaling, visualize our strengths and weaknesses, and to speed up the learning curve! There’s a long way ahead, but we are working hard to implement planned features every 2 weeks. So please if you want something covered, let us know! (Check the planned features below) How to use: Create an account at https://www.chartlog.io Download the importer application (check link below) Login into the importer Choose the installation path of your DAS Trader Save - That's it Settings in DAS: In order to import your trades you need to check following checkbox in DAS: DAS - Setup - Other Configuration - Check the "Log debug message" box and save. Downloads: Chartlog Importer Download latest version: https://www.chartlog.io v1.0.1 (2019-09-18) v1.0.0 (2019-08-31) Features: Automatic trades import from DAS Equity Graph Split positions of the same stock in same direction into separate trades (not like DAS positions window) Group positions to trading days Interactive Charts of past trades Statistics: Trade winning accuracy Avg. trade P/L Avg. daily P/L Avg. trades per day Avg. winner profit Avg. loser loss Highest win Highest loss Avg. scale ins / outs per trade Strategies / Tags for trades Planned features: Risk/Reward analysis Sharing trades Stock information (float, caps etc) Improved statistics & analysis Goal & Rules tracking Sample Sets Support other platforms Support swing trades Delete positions / Hide positions from statistics Break-Even Range (George H.) Updates 2019-10-06 Interactive Charts 2019-09-16: - Journaling - Switch accounts - Global search 2019-09-02: Hotfix: Fix calculation of win accuracy 2019-08-31: Initial release Chartlog 2019-07-23: Added detail view of trades. 2019-07-19: Trade Analyzer initial release Screenshots
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    This topic gives an opportunity to share our experiences or may be even expectations for any new additions to be considered for trade room. Waiting to read more on this! As I have not been with any other trading communities before, so I can't compare. Can share my experience with BBT Trade Room, though it’s been only 2 months with BBT-Lifetime in my 3 months of day trading experience which started by reading Andrew's both the books(these are not just words in the air as we hear it a lot) I started trading LIVE directly by just reading those books alone, applying the strategies explained and observing the patterns. Not going for any other day trading books till I expertise in those strategies and techniques explained in those books. Consistency is very important for me as I am planning to extend day trading for living. Andrew always say- you don’t need to know each and every strategy, where there are hundreds or thousands of those (which may take full life time to experiment and gain expertise in all those, so no more time left for living lol). Once you find the strategies you understand well (as it differs from person to person, depending on their analytical background) and feel comfortable applying those successfully on a smaller share size and later increase as you build your psychology. Later you may try new strategies or trading approaches etc… Trade Room- I feel it is in a very structured manner based on how the day trading flows in a day and meet everyone’s trading related needs and support. I personally felt overwhelming the first month after joining BBT with all the information, different trading styles etc….Just finding your spot is all needed. Below is how I look at the structure which starts with: Carlo's Pre-Market Show- Finding range of stocks that are gaped up/down and are in play for that day and setting up support/resistance levels and quick news highlights. With the range of stocks starting from low, mid to higher price range to support all different levels of groups in the community. Andrew’s Golden Hour Show- With all his positive energy and his quick trades sharing live and being open to share his P/L(result of the process he goes thru), wakes up everyone in the AM.( Caffeine free lol..) Norm's Golf Trading Show- With his high price stock trading style, supporting those groups is amazing. Peter's Mid-Day Show- As he balances between mid to higher price range with mid-day reversal strategies till closing of the market, which supports those groups is fascinating. Brian's Swing Trades Discussion on Mondays- With his great knowledge and experience on trading, It not only supports ST group, also gives others a perspective of general understanding on stocks from different sectors play with variations and etc… William's Trade reviews (everyone’s favorite) and Robert’s outstanding support with his type of trends/wedges strategies and his support on DAS platform thru the forums is amazing. Besides all those the member’s sharing trade reviews on YouTube are great learning. Outside of the day trading there could be more to explore/expand on Swing, Options puts/calls etc…which is beyond the scope of my knowledge.
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    If you are consistently red, it makes no sense to be live. Don't think of it like you are missing out on good trades; you are saving yourself from further losses. My tips based on your journal: 1. Don't focus so much on the 1-min chart. It takes many years of experience to play price action. Beginners should stick to patterns and setups off the 5-minute chart. 2. Try using the 2-min as your smaller timeframe. Here's an example of where the ABCD was much more clear. 3. Overtrading and impulse trades. Read "The Daily Trading Coach" by Dr. Brett Steenbarger to kick bad habits. 4. Trading pre-market involves low liquidity, bad spreads, and unexpected moves. Stay away unless you have a working strategy. 5. Setups and patterns: define them in your playbook. Know what you are looking for everyday. This will help with the impulse trades. If it doesn't meet your setup: don't take the trade. 6. Prove you can trade consistently in simulator before going back live. Good luck.
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    Hi All, I found a classic chart patterns graphic after seeing that Michelle and Carlos have this up on their wall and really liked the idea of having it as a reference. It also coincides with Robert's video on wedges and triangle patterns. Here's a link to high quality sections of the chart examples: https://www.behance.net/gallery/27641581/Classic-Chart-Patterns-Print Added the Japanese Candlesticks chart which is really useful too.
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    Hello fellow BearBull Boss Traders!!! In short, I AM BACK! In long, I will tell you my journey and rather than have you read multiple paragraphs. I will use bullet points, short and sweet as a trader's time is too valuable. *2014-2015 - My co-workers were talking about penny stocks, I tried the all too tempting penny pumps by email alerts and stock twits using web clients i.e. TD and Scottrade. In the end I lost most of my capital (had no real education, no mentor. Left trading for a few years but saw the potential). *Feb - June 2017 - Tried again with web clients and eventually found Andrew's book among other technical reads on Amazon (reason I chose his book and community was that Andrew trades mostly non-low floaters aka no penny junk, also most other big chat rooms trade too many pumps). The BearBull community is not ridiculously advertised with false hope. I felt 'it was the real professional deal', and have not been disappointed. *Oct 2017 - Jan 2018 - Became a member and joined the chat room after the 1 week trial, started watching Andrew trade in the morning, joined his classes at night. Practiced in sim for a few months on my laptop, did not really have much risk control but was able to learn DAS and identifying setups to actually trade with some logic. Decided to then go live (too impatient). *Jan 2018 - Apr 2018 - After initial failure of almost losing my 5k starting capital due to high fees and poor risk control '''looking at you SureTrader auto liquidating my positions''', down to $1200, I was so 'good' at setups I eventually turned that into over $17,000!!! My average position size was between 50K and 100K worth of stock, risk management was non existent for my account size. Then I rolled 'ONE BAD TRADE' in good old WalMart (went short at the open, ran against me all day). Over the next several months I never recovered and slowly lost it all but a few hundred dollars. I was so focused on saying 'that can't happen to me, I can quickly get that back'. Lesson here is to manage risk and never revenge trade to make it back. It is not sustainable. *May-Nov 2018 - Began to revert to sim for many months and then move living locations from CT to CA. I decided to day trade before work, living in the PST zone. The pressures of trading are greatly reduced when you have cash flow, and can separate your career work and trading at different times of the day. I traded the first hour before leaving for work. I also developed and finally accepted risk control, share size, and hard stops at technical levels where the trade no longer makes sense, STICK TO YOUR PLAN. This was attempted with a small account but later switched to sim. *Dec 2018 - August 2019 - After plan was established and my risk control was priority over gains, my capital was too small to be profitable with fees. Left trading to focus on my career and to raise funds for trading. *August 2019 - Returning to trading for supplemental income and trade for the love of trading. I want to be the best I can be at it. Perfect setups and trades are more satisfying than seeing gains. It is all about how you get there. If you are going to be a trader part time or full time, make the decision to not give up. Problem solve your weaknesses. The goal continues to trade before work PST time, wake up at 6AM - do PM analysis until open - trade until 7:15AM head to work at 7:45AM. Do recaps at night and repeat! Just thought I would share my story briefly in case some of you are at similar stages in the journey to being a trader full time or part time. There is no better feeling than executing a perfect trade that you planned out and stuck to that plan. When that works out it's like getting a mental high. Feel free to message me with anything, see you all in the chat!
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    I just started the Van Tharp Institute Peak Performance Course for traders (home study edition). I really need to improve issues with my trading (fear, self-sabotage, over-trading, etc.). I think this course could really help. To place some accountability on myself to finish the course I plan to post my reading notes and assignments online. Hopefully, the info provided will help others as well. Van Tharp Institute Peak Performance Course Vol 1: How to use Risk Preface: The three stages of growth for a trader. 1) They think they can make easy money from trading. They think the most important thing to investing/trading is picking the right stock. 2) A substantial change has to occur where the trader begins to asks, “how should I trade to make money.” Thus, they start looking for a trading system that fits them. 3) The trader realizes that trading success does not come from external control, but from internal control. Controlling risk, profit/loss>1 and position sizing all comes from internal control. Chapter 1 Commitment means congruency. It means the whole person is working together for a common purpose. No internal conflicts. When committed, trading is no longer just a hobby. The moment one definitely commits one’s self, then Providence moves too. I translate that as: when you are committed to work hard, luck will be on your side. To develop commitment first you must determine your obstacles. Second, and more difficult, you need to determine how those obstacles reflect what is going on within you. The last step is deal with them. Make peace with the obstacles by making them unimportant. Below I created my personal obstacle table: Obstacle Internal reflection Make them unimportant Fear 1) Fear of being wrong 2) Fear of missing my stop 3) Fear the loss will affect my trading and mood. 4) Fear the little success I’ve had is due to an accommodating market. Once the market changes I will fail and quit. 1) Your supposed to be wrong at least 50% of the time. If you are wrong less than 50% you are scalping too much. 2) You are working the mental muscle, it will get easier. I do have risk controls, if I miss my stop I can’t lose too much. 3) If you learn something from the trade, it was still worth while taking it. 4) Have faith in yourself that you will learn and adapt. Self sabotage 1) Every streak of good trading is ended with catastrophic failure. 2) I take way too many partials hurting my win/loss ratio. 1) You will wind down your streaks with smaller share size and SIM trading. So it will end with a whimper not a roar. 2) With more trades, more data will be available for analysis to determine proper partialing. Data is stronger than my nerves. The math will prevail. Over trading 1) If you only take one trade the whole day, but it had a poor setup, you already overtraded. 1) I am having slow progress, but I do see progress. My trades are slowly getting better. I have the time to learn. I am in no hurry. As long as I have progress there is no issue. Health 1) Not enough sleep and exercise 1) My family is slowly becoming more accommodating. It is taking time but they will come through for me. In the last 6 months my average sleep has increased from 4.8 hrs to 5.7 hours a night. Still a far cry from 8 hours but again as long as there is improvement.
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    My Wife has been telling me that I have the head for Day Trading for Many years. In the past we have worked hard on a small business in Key West and since have always had Jobs along with some kind of retail business weather it was the Art store in KW, a Donut business, an online retail business that we still operate and recently an Amazon PL business. This last adventure cost us a few bucks but fortunately I was able to get ride of most of the product and not fall too far in the red. I have recouped enough for a small Day Trading Account. I talked to a few people at work about this and they all had the same thing to say "Its tough and no one makes money doing it" after talking with them a bit more I realized that they were willing to put the money in but not put the time in to educate themselves and of course they lost money. Most of them are still holding on to Bitcoin for the long haul. I decided to start reading some books on this and I started with Stock Trading for Dummies and realized that was not the right book for me. I then found Andrews first book and was hooked. I should have listened to my Wife a long time ago. It just so happens that I work nights Sunday - Wednesday as a Poker Manager from about 3:30pm to 3:30am (home to home) eastern time, so I am able to get a few hours sleep before I wake at 7:30am to get ready for my Classes I joined BBT as a Lifetime Member on the 4th of July. I was almost done with Andrews first book. I woke up in the AM to watch the premarket show and at the time I would follow along on Think or Swim. I did this till the 15th of July. From the first day of practice I did keep a journal on paper until now (I think I will still write it as I feel like doing it twice cant hurt help me remember). I showered last night right before bed. I woke today nice and fresh, brushed my teeth, made myself an espresso and ate a protein bar. I had plenty time to do some of my own research before Carlos came on at 8:30. The last 2 days I have been very happy with my premarket analysis as most of what I have is either on Carlos watch list or is a low float (which I can not seem to get the info from the Das Sim platform). 9:34 +MGM at 30.99 (should have been 30.90 but I was slow on the hot key) I partialed out at 31.13, 31.25 and 31.34 and got all out at 31.60. My stop was previous candle 30.89 and Target 31.61 from the daily charts Realized +25.63 I took this Slower moving stock in play as I felt more comfortable with it. 10:02 +INTC 52.62 P - 52.69 and out at 52.56 (again I was slow on the trigger on both) My stop was prev. candle 52.55 and Target 53.00 on 5min VWAP Realized +.50 My total day +26.13 This is at 100 shares of each. If starting with $5000 my 1% rule would have been 500 shares of each for a realized profit of +130.65 The last two days after I have decide I was done for the day I went back to just play around and try to learn more midday strategies I took -TWTR misread what I thought was a drop and lost out along with a reentry +TWTR and this time it fell, LOL my mini Hulk.... I know myself and If I was in for real money I would have never even come back to the market for the day. but I will add this ticker also so maybe I can figure out what I misread.
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    Monday 10/14/2019 I had a well-being score of 6.5/10 this morning. I moved my fixed R to $10/trade while I figure out the sweet spot. High enough to feel the uncomfortableness of live trading, but low enough I will trade smartly. Took 2 live trades this morning was with YNDX and FAST. Backtesting showed AAPL and BABA are no longer in play at the open. Sadly there was enough data by last Wednesday to show this. I will backtest charts daily from now on and use the last 5 days (moving average) to determine the plan going forward. This would have save me two days of double stop outs. But, AAPL has made really nice 15min ORBs all last week and BABA still in play at the 5min mark. So Both stocks are off limits at the open. I can look at BABA at the 4min mark and AAPL just before the 15min mark. YNDX and FAST were on my opening watch list, with MU and BABA on my 5 min watch list. AAPL was on my 15min watchlist. My attention was entirely on YNDX at the open. I like it was the only stock I saw gapping up and it was gapping up more, with volume, right before the open. I already planned if it broke the 31.05 level with volume to go long. Which it did 2 seconds after the open. I usually wait a few seconds for the price fluctuations to settle down, but the L2 looked positive so I went long immediately. The priced spiked during my fill and I immediately lost 20 cents on the fill. For a $30 stock, it is pretty much game over. But since I was so close to the open I did go half share size. So my risk was still just above 1R and my R/R still OK. Too bad the price retraced back and I could have gotten a better entry a few seconds later. Live and learn. So I was long YNDX a few seconds after the open with HOPM as my target and the daily level of 31.05 as my stop. Due to my bad fill it didn’t feel promising to take my first partial at 1.5R and instead I took 25% at 1R. The price than retraced and I was all out at B/E. FAST actually setup while I was trading YNDX. Though I will take two trades at once with stocks I know well, I wouldn’t dare with these. After my YNDX trade was over, I did miss a move with FAST, but there was still a lot I liked about it for a 2min ORB. The candles were creating a mini ABCD and even though the stop would have to be far away, the 200MA-1min was right above my 1.5R and the PDC at 3R. So I was long with PDC as my target and VWAP-1min as my stop. The price advanced quickly and I took a 25% partial at 35.85 which was a really strong level, since there was a daily level, HOTD and the 50MA-5min. Then the price moved higher and bounced really hard off the 35.93 daily level. So hard I took another 25% partial because I just lost faith in the trade. Then all out at B/E. Then I did well in SIM. I took a 5min ORB on BABA which made it to 1.5R partial than out at B/E. I also took a SIM trade with AAPL for a 15min ORB which really ran. Score cards (live trades). YNDX FAST 86% 95% What I did good today: I like how I managed the FAST trade. What I am grateful from today? +0.6R is not that much of a day, but it was a lot of fun trading new stocks. What do I need to improve on: I will move my backtesting from weekly to daily. I just have to be careful not to make decisions on one point of data. Need 5 min. So I have to use the backtest data as a moving average.
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    Monday August 12th, 2019 Sleep: 7 hours. Mood: good, ready to trade. first trade was a 2min ABCD in FTCH. didn't take it the first one for the ORB because i didn't like the spread. then i didn't take the second one out of fear, finally took it on a pullback with a new 2min high hammer. great entry. it went up close to the HOTD but couldn't punch through and i got stopped out. GOOD: entry, R/R, exit at stop RFI: felt the trade wasn't going to have the volume and momentum to follow though on the move. gut was right. MOOD: fine, glad i got out at my stop CONSISTENT: yes, exactly to plan i noticed in my July trade review session that if i get stopped out. I pretty much always stop out on the next trade so I was thinking about only taking 1 trade a day to combat this. i decided though that i can't just take a 1R loss and be done with my day every time i stop out on my first trade so i took another trade in FTCH. it looked like it found a bottom and came up above VWAP and was holding the MAs on the 2min chart. i waited for an entry right on the MAs. nailed the entry, it just couldn't get the momentum to make a new highs and once it made a new 5min low, it dumped. i blame myself for not getting out on that new 5min low. i half figured that it might do a fake out and head higher but i should have been watching, instead i chose to shut the window and use the bathroom. got stopped out at my original 1R loss. GOOD: entry, stop loss level, setup RFI: should have got out earlier. MOOD: disappointed to start the week down -2R CONSISTENT: could have bailed earlier but i stuck to my plan. took a reverse ABCD in AMD on SIM that worked perfectly. should have just waited for that setup. didn't take it live because i'm at my max daily loss and it would just stop me out the moment i get in. What i did good today: did a great job with my entries and exits today. What i did bad today: traded FTCH which didn't have the volume to follow through on moves. What can i do better tomorrow: stop revenge trading the same stock i get stopped out in.
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    08.Aug.19 Green Day. 2R(4r) . I took a Pre-market trade in $ROKU after watching the earnings last night. I almost met my goal this morning even before the open. I could have stopped trading, except I didn't Watchlist: $ROKU, $AMD, $CRON, $GDOT. $ROKU and $AMD watching at the open. Trade1: $ROKU. Took this premarket at around 7AM EST, very small sharesize. On the 5min, it was a Clear ABCD pattern. Got 2R for the trade (I have 2 Risk sizes - regular 'r' that goes with A/B setups and Big ''R'' that goes with my A+ setups) Trades 2&3: $AMD. Gapped up on good news. Took it long after the pullback to VWAP for long. Made a hotkey mistake and got out. Took another entry (Chasing) got out at 'r'. Total loss 2r. Trade 4: $UBER. dropped at the open pulled back to 200MA-1min. thought it was breaking down and took it short. I was quick to stop after not getting the price drop. Good move. It was strong. 1r loss. Trades 5&6: $ROKU. took VWAP breakout for Long (as the stock was very strong) got stopped out. Went long after the bounce off 200MA(1min) for Trend trade. Got 2$ move. Good: Was very patient today with my partials, esp the last trade on $ROKU and got 3$ move. My last one trade covered the losses of 4 losing trades. I added to the position too and stopped out at the right time (before the dump). Traded premarket against strong fundamentals and was patient with partials, Held this for 2.5hours. Improvement: So after my first premarket trade I was up 4r. I made 5 more trades and back exactly at the starting point ie) 4r. May be I should stop after one losing trade beyond achieving daily target. Pay less commission.
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    July 1, 2019 - $JD x 3 (Early Outs x 3) Rough start to the month and this sample set. I did not trade well at all today. I got in on $JD on a 5 minute ORBO. It was a nice entry and good setup, I just was not confident and worried more about being wrong in the trade than letting the trade play out, so I got out quickly. Of course it moves to my profit target within the next three minutes just like my setup and entry said it would. No big deal moved on to the next trade, a 15 minute ORBO, and you guessed it did the exact same thing. Entered on a decent setup and quickly got out. This time I re-entered once I identified what I did and held it to a loss of the moving averages and VWAP. Out of all the trades this was the best managed trade of the day once I was in it, although it was still not the best setup of the day. Today goes to show you, let your trades play their way out and do not enter unless you are willing to take the risk. I am going to take a hard look at my $ risk per share and see if I need to lower it a little bit. I seem fine with the losses, but while I am in the trade, I am not executing well. Disappointing day today with how I managed my trades after the entry. Sample Set Results, P E E E 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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    Some details of the Centerpoint’s BBT offer I learned trading with them the last two weeks. First, I used CMEG for a little over 3 months. They were adequate but I prefer a US based broker, the commissions (CMEG) were quite high since I am still trading small shares, I was a little disappointed with the shorts availability and there were some technical difficulties (though no major ones). I applied to Centerpoint with the BBT offer and had an account in 2 days. This was much improved over the 2 months it took to get an account with CMEG. I have been trading for Centerpoint now for an 11 days. Starting on the first day I had issues with my orders being filled. I do trade very close to the open (within 1 or 2 minutes) so bad fills are common. With CMEG I would get a bad fill 15% of the time. I define a bad fill as one that alters the trade. Thus my entry is so bad that I need to immediately exit the trade or one of my sell/covers is so bad that it changes my profit from good to mediocre. This 15% I thought was acceptable due to my style of trading. Then I started with Centerpoint and about 50% of my trades were plagued with bad fills. I even had a fill miss my market limit order and didn’t fill at all. That was the first time since I have been live a long order was not filled (and this was a trade with very liquid FB). When you place the trade the order sits in the order window and you wait and watch the hallow triangle on the screen until the order goes through. I contacted Centerpoint (BTW the customer service at Centerpoint was good) and I was informed that the BBT deal limits your route to the CPGO route. This route is for lower price but not as fast. If I wanted a faster route (they recommended FAN) I would need to remove myself from the BBT deal. The price would increase from .35 min, .005 for comm+ECN to min 0.95 and Comm+ECN=0.00732 (for the FAN route). Since I am still trading low shares and lately have gravitated to the higher price stocks this is a 3X increase. So I did ask them to remove me from the BBT deal and I would give it a try. It’s true the FAN route is really fast. Feels like I am back in the simulator. I have made 16 trades (tickets) using the FAN route so far. Looking at the logs and video all 16 had excellent fills. I haven’t tried the new LAMP route for CMEG yet. I happen to move over to Centerpoint just before they activated it. But from the video that Carlos posted the speed has increased from the previous routing. From the look of it I don’t see any dramatic speed increase comparing the LAMP vs the FAN routes like I did with the NSDQ-CMEG route. There may be a difference but since I have not tried the LAMP route I can’t say for sure. I was also expecting the shorts to be more available. I was surprised the first day when Centerpoint listed no shorts available for ROKU. I see traders with IB short ROKU so that was disappointing. There is a short locator with Centerpoint. But that takes a few more mouse clicks (and costs more) so it would not be useful to me since I trade at the open. Summary: if you trade close to the open, where the fill speed is vital, I don’t recommend the Centerpoint deal with BBT since you are limited to the CPGO route. Outside that small time window (>10min from the open) the CPGO route should be fine.
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    I think I should give a little introduction to this. I start sharing my journal with you on the advice of Robert, and by this day I read the daily trading coach, so it's seem obvious if I want succeed in trading reaching other traders will greatly help. I'm a full time firefighter since 2009, father of 2 little girls, I started investing in markets 5 years ago, last year I read Andrew's 2 books and after became a lifetime member of the community, I did 3 months in simulator (almost honnestly) and I'm live since March 22. I really struggle, I had several Hulk days, breaking my rules, trade without real setup, chasing entry and FOMO is now my second name. I can't recognize me in this actions, I'm habitually so disciplined and calm, sometimes I ask me if I have what it takes. Today I had an Hulk day (15 trades) I traded in the first 5 minutes (against my rules), trade TSLA (the price is against my rules). I won't share all this trade, I will post my worst and my better for today, I will appreciate any type of comments and advices. P.S. I'm a french canadian, feel free to correct my english mistakes, I will improve my english at the same time as my trading. Routine: -Read 2 lessons from the daily trading coach -Be at my desk by 8:30 -Doing my watchlist with Carlos's premarket show -5 minutes meditation at 9:05 Physical state: -Feel good, I've a good night (8h) Psychological state before trading session: -I read a lot yesterday night so I felt focus -Confident -Excited Goals for the day: -Placing my stop loss cleary in my head before taking the trade -If I feel frustration concentrated to my breathing -Wait for the setup Psychological state after trading session: -Bad, really bad, my first tought was I just cant, I quit. -I disgusted myself to had another Hulk day and breaking so many rules -I was mind fuck till the afternoon were I get back to my feet and searching for growing and solution from this. What I did good: -Catch VWAP false breakout, I was pretty good at this in the last days What I learned: -I have to find my edge and stick to it -I have to internalized more my rules from my good trade and days, I must attach to them more emotions and feelings. How I felt at the moment I took the trade: -Agitated -Anxious What I told me during the trade: I cant wait to my profit taget, I lost money in the trades before I cant have the trade reverse against me and dont have any profits on it. Strategy: VWAP false breakout (short) Signals: Break the VWAP and after candlestick close below VWAP on 5min chart Entry: Just below VWAP at 130.10, but I enter in the trade 2 times before, I saw thw setup but lack of patience to wait is ready. Stop loss: A break above VWAP (R: 0.10) Profit target: Daily level 129.42 (low of pre-market I think) Risk/Reward: Almost 7:1 Exit: Way to much partials because I was nervous from my last losses and finaly hit my profit target and even more What I did good: -I'm happy recognize this pattern very well What I learned: -I should wait to let the setup get ready -I should wait for my profit target How I felt at the moment I took the trade: -Very not comfortbale beacuse the high price and I donr realy trade any strategies What I told me during the trade: -What the fuck I'm doing -Please work Strategy: -I just see the down trend and it break VWAP, so not really any strategies, all about feeling Signals: -Lower highs and lower lower -The break of VWAP Share size: -50 shares Entry: -Just below VWAP 254.55 Stop loss: -A break above VWAP +-254.90 (R: 0.35) Profit target: -Low of the day 250.55 Risk/Reward: 11:1 but I think my profit target wasnt realist Exit: Stop at 255.47 way higher than my stop loss What I did good: -Trying to learn fron this and hoppefully I took a small position it's the only positive I can see What I learned: -Higher price stock is not for me -I must respect my stop loss -Wait for a real setup with a real strategy Thats it for my first trading day sharing, I hope for your comments and advices, this day is not representative of the majority of my day, it was really a Hulk, bad and sad day. I dont trade tomorrow because I work at the firehouse. Thank and have a nice weekend guys!
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    I have been through that tough patch and after 5 months I quit trying to learn how to trade. After about two weeks I started back slowly and changed a lot of things, but spiraled down again and after a $1k hulk day I was on the verge of quitting again. I got lucky that the hulk day occurred on January 31 and my CMEG account just got setup. So Feb 1st, the beginning of the month, felt like a new beginning. I knew I needed to change everything. Adjustments here and there wouldn't cut it. I needed to change everything now. Below is the list of things I changed which has helped me. But in particular the risk controls need to be in place. And let me tell you it's embarrassing to ask for them from your broker and embarrassing to admit that you need them. Different traders on the chat use them differently. Some stay below the PDT rule of 3 trades a week. Some have max shares traded a day. I have realized gain and total (Unrealized+realized) set at a certain limit through CMEG and it will lock me out until the following day if I exceed it. The one good thing about setting those risk controls, as once I set them and knew they were there, I have not broken them. I don't have the love of adventure/danger that you have, I do have something just as harmful to a trader. Though I consider myself a very honest person, I found out quickly I am a chronic lair to myself. And wow the market will destroy someone with this behavior. I am sure I could have lived the rest of my life without dealing with it, but as a trader it's something I have to fight every second. Journalling online really helped me. The first month it was funny to see my personal journal completely transform into an honest journal entry when I retyped into the BBT website and know that other people will be reading it. My first 3 months of live trading I had 6 hulk days and 16 max/loss days. Since I made these changes 4 months ago I have had zero hulk days and zero max/loss days. 1) Switched brokers to CMEG so I could reduce my account size so blowing it up is not as much of an impact. 2) Added risk controls from CMEG/DAS. Realized max so it would prevent me from going hulk and unrealized in case I lose internet in the middle of a trade. 3) Made a simple goal for 3 months. Don’t go hulk. I could trade terribly but as long as I never went hulk I reached my goal. 4) Started with 1 trade per day max. I tried the 3/day rule during my first three unsuccessful months, but I kept breaking it. 1 trade a day is very much an on/off switch with very little gray area. It was REALLY painful and FOMO was high, but after a week it got easier. The satisfaction of having enough discipline to stop at 1 trade was enough to be proud of myself. After about one month I switched to two trades a day allowed if the first trade was a winner. If the first trade was a loser, I am done for the day. I use to trade terribly after a loser. 5) Remove the unrealized gain window. This was tough, but surprisingly after a week I got use to it. Setting the risk controls (at the broker level) is the key. The changes to your trading will be swift. I hope you find something useful in my list. I hope you don't mind me asking but I am curious where you live with mountain forests and bears.
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    Day trading is certainly not as easy as it looks from outside but being in a community like Bear Bull Trader helps tremendously. Set realistic goals, be serious and disciplined, do your homework and continue to learn...
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    i think you are too much believing in the risk controls. i see a big problem with those. if you set a $90 max loss then if that should be a realistic move of 0.5% of a stock this would work only on a stock with price 35 and you have to have 500 shares only so this woudl correspond ok to the MU trade you took but on the AAPL you took to big size which makes you a much greater loss when you get only a 0.5% move of the stock. please see the attached table i made so you better understand it. so your problem is the proper position sizing i think. If you realize that you can not take 200 shares of FB with your account size and risk acceptance then you are half way won. as you can see on the picture below and the usual stock moves , the position sizing is crucial. We do not seek a 0.5% stock moves. We look for 1% and more because your max stop loss is 1% of your account so from your MU picture above from 37.75 to below 37.35 The FB move from 170 to 169.15 seems nice on the graph but is is poor 0.5% so even if you catch it which is nearly impossible to catch it perfectly, you wont earn enough to cover your next loss of your set of $90 because you earn just $85. That is the key. Proper position size and proper exit/stop loss strategy based on the size you take, not the number you just make up in your mind because it is "big enough" or "too much or acceptable for me". It always have should be risking less than potentional profit. Or if i say it differently. If you take 1000 shares of MU for $35000 then you expect at least $350 profit out of that trade but a $90 max loss means that you need to exit after a 9cent move against you which is just 0.25%. And these small moves happen all the time so you got chopped out very easily like that. So if you set your max stop loss on a trade for $90 you need to adapt the position sizing to it with the respect to the stock price. Otherwise your hard stop of $90 will make you more harm than good. So from the example table i did if you take 500 shares of MU you are "protected" with your $90 rule just for a 0.5% move but if you take just 250 shares you are "protected" for a 1% move so you are more confident and you can always exit sooner when you are conviced that the trade will not go in your favor anymore. Hopefully you understand what i am trying to say.
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    November 27, 2019 -$UAA So I had a little mini vacation to Las Vegas, well actually it was more work than vacation, but it still prevented me from being able to trade for the last three days. I felt great coming into today, but also realized that it was the day before Thanksgiving and that I was very eager to trade. I even mentioned to myself to hold off and make sure the setup is valid and not to anticipate the market and enter early. Well I failed miserably at that and took a trade without a good setup. The pattern was there, but none of the other indicators such as level 2, moving averages, etc were there. Hints why upon the entry, I thought to myself why did take this entry. Shortly afterwards I was stopped out. I chalked it up to rust and the need to get a trade in. Overall happily with the discipline on stopping out and not rushing back into another trade. After this trade, I packed it up and started the long drive home. Overall, proper execution on bad analysis. I would rather get stopped out on a trade like this then make money and re-enforce a bad habit. Sample Set Results, G S S 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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    November 21, 2019 -$AMD I had some good trading today, just misplaced my stop on $AMD, which caused me not get the 1R move that I should have gotten before getting stopped out. There was nothing wrong with the setup or the entry, just that I put the stop too high. It should have been about .05 cents lower, which would have gotten me the 1R partial and even a 2R partial. Oh well learning moment. I got out of the trade, when the "asks" started stacking up. The stock eventually went to 39.65 before coming back to my entry point. Sample Set Results, G S 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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    Monday 11/11/2019 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. First day back live after my rule breaking day last Monday. I took 1 live trade this morning with BABA. My watchlist today was: AAPL, BABA, MU, ROKU, WBA and TSLA BABA gapped down and I was short biased. I had BABA on my main screen at the open. After the open I waited for the big print. On most days BABA has a really big print on T/S. It is not like AAPL where it is a small part of its volume and occurs right at the open. For BABA it tends to be at least 20 seconds from the open. I do not know if this is a live trade or a print from PM or yesterday that is reported now. But it gives some nice info. Usually the print itself gives no direction. Even if it is at the Bid or Ask it still gives no direction. What I have noticed, is if it is big enough (>150k) it means the stock may move at the open. Usually the next prints is what hint at the direction. After a big print you almost instantly get some smaller (but still sizeable prints). The secondary prints is what I see giving hints of the direction. Usually you have a signal from them or no secondary prints and no signal. Today was unusual is we got a lot of prints but they were conflicting. First a really big print, so good we may move today. Then you see three bullish prints, then three bearish prints with the last one selling below the bid which is really uncommon. So this left me without a signal. So I waited. The price was dropping and at 40 seconds after the open I got my signal. Four large bearish prints, a L2 signal and all of T/S went red. This occurred the same time as the price just broke through its daily level at 184.24. So I went short with half shares. Yikes! I instantly lost over 50 cents on the fill. At least I was half shares so I wasn’t too stressed. The price retraced and I took the rest of my shares short as a standard 1min ORB as the price dropped below $184 with 5 more large bearish prints. My stop was the 184.36 PM level and I really didn’t have a good target. The next level was too far at 180.41, so I used 182 as my target. It felt like I partialed too much but I caught a 5R move and I made 2.7R. If I make at least half of the move that is good for me. I exited the trade when it made two HH/HLs on the 1min chart. Of course the price then reversed at went lower I first felt good about my one and done trade then I took 4 SIM trades and got stopped out on each one Score card (live trade). BABA 88% What I did good today: I focused on reading the tape. What I am grateful from today? I am grateful for having a good day back live. What do I need to improve on: I need to still work on those trades >15min from open.
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    11-06-19 AIS 0800 with 3 1/2 hours.... feel pretty good... Normal Routine.... PAT: Small share sizes today so a small profit of 25.00 will be a good day..... Absolutely no trading before the first 5min...... Use Kyles Hot Button for 10.00 risk until I prove myself again...... Notes: Gonna lower my stop loss to $10 until I show myself I am in control again..... No Trading before 5min and any ORBs must be held to highest standards of PB#1...... Well I did a little better but I did over traded on CVS... I still have emotions from yesterday and instead of following good trade management I used too tight of stops, or moved my stops tighter when it was going against me even the slightest amount..... If I would have stuck to my stop loss on the second trade this would have definitely been a green day... Tomorrow I will adjust my Kyles Hot Botton to a $5 stop..... Cons: Over traded on CVS ..... did not respect my stops to the tighter side which cost money...... Pros: Only that I did not go above my Max loss for the day..... Favorite Trade: None Notes: Will adjust Hot Button for a $5 stop and only raise it if I can overcome my emotions.... P&L Goal 50.00: -44.54
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    Worse day in 9 months. A bit ironic I wrote in my monthly summary last night that I hadn’t hit max loss in 9 months. I am not trying to place a blame, though it will sound like it. I had an incident on Friday morning, after the trading session, which completely threw me mentally. I couldn’t focus on Friday and Saturday. But on Sunday I thought I recovered and then traded live this morning. Wow, I wasn’t myself from the moment the opening bell rang. I was breaking rules without any second thought. Finally, when I was down 1.5Xmax loss I was just waiting for the platform to auto liquidate my position as I requested through my broker. But it didn’t happen. I finally hit the panic point and exited my position at 2.5XMax Loss. Of course the stock instantly reversed the moment after I exited my position and went for a big run where I would have made a killing. I then immediately turned off my platform and walked away. Looking back on it now the reversal was a good thing. I shouldn’t be rewarded for breaking my rules. Maximum pain is what should happen. I checked my emails with my broker and I see the request for the liquidation of my position and no new trades when I reached unrealized+realized loss of 1.5Xmax loss. Then I saw the broker saying they can’t do that. Not sure why I missed that I thought I had that risk control for months. I requested it again today and hopefully they are able to comply. I have a reasonably sophisticated way of determining if I am physically able to trade. If what is preventing you is completely in your head it is a bit vague to set limits. I guess if you are not sure if you are ready, you are not. I will be on SIM only until I know I am ready to go back. Hopefully, everyone else fared better today.
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    October 14, 2019 - A very slow day without a lot of good setups. I sat on the sidelines in the morning as I didn’t get any good setups from $FAST, $YNDX, or $FCX. I came back for the afternoon session and it was terrible. I could almost look at some stocks and see the computers trading them. I choose to just sit back, watch the charts and look at volume compared to the price action. I really wanted to get a trade in today, but was not willing to take a bad trade. Looking forward to tomorrow. Sample Set Results, S P G E E P P P P G G 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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    Thursday 10/10/2019 I had a well-being score of 6/10 this morning. Took 2 live trades this morning was with AAPL and BABA. Probably shouldn’t have traded this morning. I wasn’t planning on it because there were planned power outages to occur 4am. I woke up and there was still power and the outage was moved to noon. But I wasn’t in the right mind set and the usual nightly tasks to prepare were not completed. Adding to that I injured my food last night which I thought wasn’t bad. Then I saw how black and blue it was this morning and realized I probably under estimated the injury. Essentially, I was not in the right mind frame and should have skipped trading today. Though the trades, on their own, do not look that bad. I have no memory of looking at SPY, L2 or T/S before I took either trade. Actually, I don’t even remember looking at volume before I took the BABA trade which is a must. So I consider this a bad trading day and it was not bad luck for my -2.3R loss today. I traded poorly and should have not even opened the platform today. I still like the daily charts and PM on both AAPL and BABA. I was long bias on both before the open. Both stocks, especially, BABA were showing strength right before the open. Volume was instant for AAPL and a small hammer was created and I went long when the price broke the HOPM. My target was 228 with the bottom of the candle as a stop. I usually like better stops this close to the open. The price immediately went against me and I was stopped out a few seconds later with a >-1R. BABA had a really strong last 5min of PM and I waited for a pull back. An incomplete hammer was created and I went long at the bounce of the 165.20 level, with 165 as my stop and 166 as my target. There was volume, but honestly I didn’t check it at the time. Just like AAPL the price retraced immediately after I entered the trade and I was stopped out a few seconds later. Got my head spinning to be -2R just after 9:31am and done with my live trading for the day. I did take a SIM short on BABA for +2R, but it didn’t really help my mood. I shouldn’t have traded today. One note. PG&E are planning proactive power outages in my area to reduce chance of fire. I may not have power for 2 to 3 days. So if you don’t see any journal entry from me the rest of the week, you know what happen. Score cards (live trades). I can’t really blame myself for the long bias, both looked strong in the PM. Not following my entrance checks were my main errors. AAPL BABA 85% 88% What I did good today: Took a good SIM trade. What I am grateful from today? Stopped trading at 2 trade limit What do I need to improve on: When not to trade when you don’t have the right mindset.
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    Hello everyone. My name is Jens. I’m 21 years old and live in the Netherlands. In July I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences as a mechanical engineer. Since two years took investing in stocks my interest and started reading about it. The last year I’ve been getting deeper into day trading. I’ve read Andrews book which got me more excited about day trading. At that time I was still in college and decided to join the bearbull traders community. I went through the education lessons and took 3 months of simulator to find out if day trading was something for me. I enjoyed this 3 months very much and wanted to get deeper into it. Unfortunately, I had to unsubscribe 7 months back from BBT because a graduation period of 6 months was coming up, what I needed to focus on. Now that I am graduated I rejoined the community as a lifetime member and want to get back into day trading. Next to my job as a mechanical engineer, working 36 hours a week I am learning to become a day trader. From Monday till Friday I am working from 7:00 AM till 3 PM. The US market opens here at 3:30 local time, so after work I have about 15 minutes to find out what de market is doing and prepare for the trading day. From July on I’ve been trading in simulator to find out trading style fits me. From now on I am planning to document my journey as a learning day trader on this forum. Hopefully you guys can learn from my journey and I can learn from your feedback. I will mainly focus on Thor’ and Aiman’s Triangle breakout strategy. Last week I’ve seen the workshop and got really excited about this strategy. At the moment I am still in simulator and will be trading exactly the same as I am going to when I am trading live. That means that I start with a max loss per trade (1R) of $20. As soon as I am consistent in simulator I will sign up with CMEG and switch to live trading. From tomorrow on I will share my trades of the day and describe my thoughts about them. All feedback these trades is welcome! My rules are - No trades in the 1st 5 minutes - Minimal R:R on a trade must be 2:1 - Always respect my stoploss - Stop trading when I’m down 3R - Stop trading when I’m at daily goal of 3R - Don’t trade low float stocks
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    25.Sep.19 Red day. -2r. Watchlist: $ROKU, $NKE, $BABA, $MO and $BA. Trade 1&2: $BA. $BA had positive news in the morning, and stock moved up just before the open. Daily had gapped up breaking consolidation. At the open it formed 3c setup on 2min. I took it long, but got stopped out during the dump. Price bounced off 383.16 daily level. I took long again and AON exit at 2R. (first entry was in SIM by mistake). Good Trade. Trade 3 &4 : $NKE. $NKE was top of my watchlist today, it traded beautifully at the premarket with volume. I was very long biased, chart was harmonious with ATH, my favorite setup. But at the open got chopped up badly. It remained choppy until noon, after which some news came in. Trade 5: $NKE. Took reversal trade on my A setup, which worked out beautifully. It was V-reversal to VWAP at 200MA on 5min . I didn't think the move would be stronger, I got out at 2r, price moved to 3r. Best trade of the day. Trade 6: $SNAP. Took VWAP pullback short setup , as the price dumped at the pen, pulled back to VWAP created a shooting star, as it couldn't close above VWAP. I took it short, but got stopped out. Today it failed. Even the pullback candle (white) to VWAP had low volume, but still din't work out. Trade 7: $CGC. Another reversal trade, but failed. I had 15min shooting star and on 30min 50MA was swooping down, took short below 50MA, tight stop. Got stopped out. This is one of the setups I trade 50/200MA bounce with reversal candle. Good: Traded only setups, except for $NKE where I tried to trade the choppy price action. Some of my highly accurate setups are failing, today in $NKE, yesterday in $SNAP. Hope it changes in October. Improvement: Bit of overtrading, but only setups. Need to drop everything but A+ setups.
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    Friday August 23rd, 2019 Sleep: 7.5 hours. Mood: good, ready to trade but feeling fearful this morning. i missed so many good trades the first hour. $HPQ wedge, didn't take it because of the 200 MA on the 2min. $BA 2MIN ENGULFING because that's a new pattern i'm working on and i don't trust it to take it live yet. and another $BA textbook ABCD that i was just too fearful to pull the trigger. finally convinced myself to get in to $BA after a hammer and holding the 9ma on the 2min chart. got out $0.10 early on fear but ended up losing $0.30 on the spread. still happy with the trade. glad i finally convinced myself to jump in the trade. GOOD: took a good trade, entry was good, R/R good RFI: exited on fear, hit my profit target with no trouble MOOD: happy, good trade CONSISTENT: yes but no i should have held to my profit target. What i did good today: took a good trade, didn't FOMO What i did bad today: left so many good trades on the table What can i do better tomorrow: take the dang trade!!
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    Friday 8/23/2019 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. My nerves were OK. Traded half share size today since it is Friday. I took 2 live trades with AAPL and FL and 4 SIM trades. So AAPL and TSLA were on my market open watchlist with MU, AMD, CRM and FL on my 5min ORB watchlist. Both AAPL and TSLA felt the tariff crunch and was trading with the market during PM. I had no bias for TSLA, but AAPL has been having these small pops at the open. It opened with the usual hammer with good volume and I went long when it was about to engulf the PM last candle. My target was the 210.83 daily level, which was $1.20 away, which is perfect. My stop was the 50MA-1min which there was PM respect. The price did pop, but only 60 cents. I got two partials than the price dropped and I exited at B/E with some slippage for a small win. Though I am not familiar with FL it was setting up for a 3min ORB like the ones MU use to have setups for. I went long on the break of the 3min candle and 200MA-1min. My target was the $38 and 200MA-1min my stop. I took a partial at the HOPM which was also the HOTD. Then a heavy partial when it moved 20 cents further. The stock did move 1% on the trade which is good. I then took 4 SIM trades. Two losers and two winners. All 4 were +/-1R gainer/losers, so I broke even. I didn’t let my winners run. Score Card (live trades) AAPL FL 92% 91% What I did good today: I like my score cards today. What I am grateful from today? Trading a new stock ticker. What do I need to improve on: Need to perform my periodic evaluation of my partialing. It’s been too long and there is way more scalping now.
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    Thursday August 15th, 2019 Sleep: 7 hours. Mood: good, ready to trade but busy all morning. First trade was an ORBU in CSCO. Almost took this in sim because the 50 MA was resistance on the 15 min chart and because i was afraid it wasn't going to break the HOTD but it did look like it was going to pop so i got in risking a new 2 min low. i planned to take half off at the 50MA on the 15min chart, which i did and then i held the rest to a new 2min low which happened immediately. Going back, I would have either taken all off at the MA or got out the other half at break even i pretty much broke even on this trade. GOOD: didn't FOMO and jump in, got in on a plan and did pretty well executing RFI: didn't have a full exit plan and ended up giving some profit back MOOD: good CONSISTENT: yes, but need to plan more Next trade was in $GE. took a reverse ABCD. My stop loss above VWAP at $8.52. I wanted to get in at $8.41 which would have been an ~2R to the $8.21 daily level. ended up hesitating on the new 2 min low then again on the new 5 min low, finally got in on the break of the low of pre-market at $8.38 giving $0.14 risk. it made new 5 min lows but it was not selling off like i thought it would. as soon as i got in and saw the daily range of 60 cents and saw my reward being $0.30 (2R) or $0.45 (3R) i figured it wasn't possible so i wrestled with the getting out because i didn't accept my risk or because it's just not selling off like it should be. finally decided to get out after a new 2min high, i just bailed at break even. glad i did because i would have got stopped out. it ended up doing a VWAP false break and then selling off hard. should have jumped back in but i don't have that capacity as a trader yet. i get too stuck on my opinions once my minds made up about the direction the stock is going to head. GOOD: got out of a trade that wasn't working RFI: too far of a risk given the range of the stock MOOD: fine, glad i got out. CONSISTENT: yes, ended up being a good choice to get out at break even What i did good today: trade management better than Monday and Tuesday What i did bad today: should have got all out at BE on $CSCO. What can i do better tomorrow: work on not letting my personal bias on a stock direction effect my trade entries. Can't trade tomorrow so this is it for the week. Ended up at almost exactly break even for the week. hope everyone has a green trading day and green Friday!
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    05.Aug.19 No Trades today. $SPY was down 4th consecutive day and at 285. Most of the stocks were down. I do not like to trade days like this when almost all the stocks just follow SPY. I'd rather trade SPY but it is not in my price range, so No trades. I had $ALLK (gapup on earnings) on the watchlist, lowfloat, didn't trade well. So I played in SIM and made some good trades in $TWTR and $TSN, not journaling them here.
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    Thursday 7/18/2019 I had a well-being score of 6.5/10 this morning. My nerves were actually OK. I wish I knew why some days my nerves are better than others so I could control them more. I took one live and one SIM trade today. Though I will only journal the live trade here. I was focusing on MU and AAPL again. I was hoping to trade FB at least once this week, but AAPL had OK premarket volume and some news. AAPL opened and the price dropped and bounced off the 200MA-1min and formed a hammer with really good volume. There was a triple level of a 203.97 daily, the $204 and the 50MA. When it broke these levels I went long. My target was 205 and stop out at the 200MA-1min. R/R~3 which is really high at the open. I took an early partial at the 200MA-5min since I was worried about a bounce. Then I got a really bad fill. My fills with Centerpoint have been getting worse and slow lately. So, I essentially took a partial at B/E. That messed up my emotions. So I did what I usually do when I am not controlling my emotions, I take a ton of partials. The only thing that saved me was I took small partials. So I did have 20% of my shares left when I hit my target. It doesn’t sound like much, but if I partialed with regular size I would have had 6% left. What AAPL looked like when I took the trade: The complete trade: I also took a SIM trade with MU. I actually had a winning 5min ORB. I can’t remember the last winning one. Score card for my live trade. AAPL 88% What I did good today: I was much more prepared today for the opening bell. How did I challenge myself today? Tried to trade on SIM as if it was real. What I did bad today: Let my emotions effect my trade management What can I do better tomorrow: I should have tried some calming exercises during the AAPL trade instead of just baring the emotional swings.
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    July 17, Sim on $BAC Overview SIM, I am working on trying to identify criteria when taking a moving average X-over trade. The purpose of my afternoon trading today was to work on finding stocks that had a setup along with taking an entry with a good risk. The profit target did not matter to me as I was working entries with this strategy only. Why did I enter: So here is the thing. I see certain chart patterns with the moving averages about to cross and more times than not I am right in that the stock moves in the direction I was thinking. So I literally opened my platform, looked at $BAC and saw what appeared to me as a good entry. The problem is I do not know exactly why it appeared to be a good entry. When I trade Orbs, I have a predetermined criteria to enter, for this type of trade I have nothing other than a gut feeling. The one thing that did stick out to me was the stock rejected 29.62 4 times on the 15 and 3 times on the 30 minute charts. I was wondering what do you all see that makes this a trade that worked out? Or was this just a random occurrence just getting lucky? Thanks
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    July 2, 2019 - $AMD x 3 (Partial x 2, Early Out) As anticipated, a choppy market again. I managed to make it through the day, but was not pleased at all with my trading. Today, I really wanted to pay attention to my emotions upon my entry into a trade, as this has been throwing me off the last couple of days. I took three trades on $AMD. The setup on the first trade was good, but once I entered my emotions took over and I couldn’t manage the trade. My second trade was a continuation of the first trade, I was a little more in control on the entry but still not in a spot that I am used to. Additionally, I make the mistake of looking at my P/L after the first trade again. Big mistake and I will be adding a rule tonight to address that. The last trade was based on nothing other than my gut feeling that it was going to break $31 and run up higher. Strangely enough, this trade I was fine after my entry and was able to hold through the pullback and execute my profit taking plan. Overall bad day. Tomorrow I am going back to sim, as I need to find out what is causing me the issue upon my entry. I would have said it is the $ risk per trade, but than I took the third trade and I had no issue with losing it on this trade. I want to see what my emotions are upon my entry with zero at risk to help narrow down what is going on. From there I will devise a plan to correct it over the holiday. Sample Set Results, P E E E P E P 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
  37. 3 points
    My (first) question: They say "never trade with scared money." However, I always say that all my money is important to me, so all of it is scared. As a result I am a chronic "under-trader". How do you recommend I/anyone get over my fear of losing money to be able to effectively trade the set-ups I know will work if I can just put my money on the line? Thanks!
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    I have an idea for a monthly meetup for all us Los Angeles + surrounding areas based traders. This would be more of a technical/psychological/trade discussion rather than just a fun time of dinner and drinks. Maybe we would bring our laptops, some trades to discuss, our trading journals or anything else trade related. I live in the Pasadena area and if I were to lead this would want to do it close to hear as it seems like a fairly central spot for everyone in LA as well as our Orange County and San Diego traders who might want to come. What do you all think? Ideas, suggestions, thoughts are very very welcome . . .
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    Thanks for this! I really love those points, I'd actually emphasize on recording the first 30 mins of Andrew trading live, I do hear Andrew and listen to his thoughts while trading but I don;t pay any attention to him sharing his screen as I'm busy with my own charts, watching how he traded after we're done with trading will be much useful. The recap is really helpful and summarize it, but on recaps we only see candles, we don't see the price action itself, the exact entry, was it while the candle was going up? or on a red candle at the pullback, I'd love to watch his trading recorded somewhere in the education center Mentorships will also be amazing! Would love to see another one coming Thanks
  40. 3 points
    Wednesday 6/12/2019 I had a well-being score of 6.5/10 this morning. My nerves were actually OK due to some new rules I implemented. Sorry another wordy journal entry. I took three (yes three) live trades with FB and MU. I did some soul searching yesterday and realized I need to adjust my rules a bit. I have been seeing three issues since I started with the daily max trade rules. 1) Trade not going well, I should get out. But I only have two trades allowed so I am going to hold it until my planned stop. This has been killing my win$/Loss$ ratio. Before my max daily trade rule I was pretty good at getting out of losing trades early. Everyone says to get out of a trade that doesn’t feel right you can always get back in. But I can’t due to my max daily trade rule. 2) I get a bad fill, I know the fill just destroyed my R/R but I still stay in the trade because I hate losing a chance to trade. 3) I correctly took small shares due to the trades particular risk. Then the trade goes in my favor and I try to squeeze out more than I should from the trade because I just used up an allowable trade. This happen yesterday. So new rule. I can increase my max daily trades by one if I exit a trade early due to concerns that it is no longer a good trade. I have some specific parameters, that I won’t bore you with, that takes the gray area away. My first trade was with FB. This was a strange one. I was watching it in premarket and I was so long bias. So I decided if it goes red to green I will go long. It did but I went light on the shares. There was a daily level just above it, but I thought if it pops above it there is no levels until $179.65. It was a bit exciting waiting for the one minute for the market to open but nerves OK, because from staring at FB charts for the last month this was a good R/R. It popped at open as I hoped and I got 3 partials in before it reversed. From experience with FB this drop was not going to stop and I exited well above B/E. I was thinking about flipping, but I felt like what Andrew says, I already made my money with FB and I moved on. When looking for other trades I liked MU, but I missed the entry. I like the 1min ORB when it bounces off the VWAP, but I was still in the FB trade at the time. Then it made a shooting star (reverse hammer) and R/R was good. But honestly my back test data says this has <50% of working on MU. So not sure if it was FOMO, but I took the trade anyway. Of course it instantly reversed on me. My S/O was VWAP, but since I have the new rule I got out when it broke the daily level at 33.86 and made a 1min hammer. Of course holding to my original S/O would have worked better. But this is a new rule. There will be some push and pull for a couple weeks before it works well. I am totally out of practice on early S/Os. Then MU bounced off of VWAP again and started forming a 3min ORB setup. According to back test data on MU this is has a nice edge to it. I shorted at the body break of the first two 1min candles. Price actually reached my first partial but I got a bad fill. Then I exited at B/E. My score card for today: What I did good today: Used my knowledge of how FB could open and took advantage of it by taking a position in the premarket. How did I challenge myself today? Opened a position in the premarket. Took three trades. Trading something else besides FB/AMD. What I did bad today: Ignored my back test data on MU. I should have known that was a low probability setup. Didn’t use my new 3 trade rule very well today. What can I do better tomorrow: Be more careful on the early S/Os, there is a learning curve I need to go through again. Follow your back test data!!
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    June 10, 2019 - $AMD (Partial) I was a little worried about the choppiness of $AMD at the open and I was a little over cautious today due to my performance last week. I had to remind myself that each trade is independent of the last trade. I entered a little late, which caused me to worry that I was chasing the stock. I should have evaluated the stock completely before exiting the trade. The indicators were on my side. I didn't have much time this weekend to work the analysis on the last sample set as I had some family commitments, but this week I will post the analysis as well as the adjustments I did for the next sample set as my entry point has changed a little. Sample Set Results, P P 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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    Great trading plan (in terms of risk management)....what I love about it is you limit the account and the number of trades per week and then slowly back off those restrictions. It could take more time to increase risk but but you will have spent less money learning the mechanics, price action and trading your favorite setups. A couple of comments: - you noted "style drift"...I think this is quite normal...observe yourself and make some conclusions about what fits your personality and maybe adjust your trading plan. This is one reason I kept a "mental" trading plan and gave myself some flexibility to morph. Structure is helpful but being overly rigid can be an impediment to progress too. It comes down to how much discretionary decision making each trader can handle w/o incurring significant draw downs that damage you emotionally. Psychology needs to remain intact to trade well. - Time frames: watching several time frames has helped me a lot recently...at the open probably 1, 2 or 5min and daily for determining support and resistance levels. Later alternating to 15, 30 or even the hourly chart helps too...had I paid more attention to the larger time frames rather than trading off 1min or even 5min (after the open) earlier on in my career that would have kept me out of many trades and saved me losses.
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    Routine: - Reading -Music Psychological and physical state before session: - Really calm and focus - Want to be well prepare Goals for the day: - Only 1 trade - Having a clear trade plan before market open Psychological and physical state before session: - Really happy - Proud to my preparation and follow my plan and goals What I did good - Preparation - Having a plan before market open - Stick to 1 trade max What I could did better - Was a little scary by my big position I dropped half too soon with no reasons to cover Big picture - Spy down more than 0.70% in pre-market - A lot of incertitude about China, Iran and some comments from the president Trump about EU Intraday fundamental - Down 2.8% in pre market - China/US commercial incertitude - Drop hard in the last 2 days - Analysts downgrade price target Technical analysis long term - In a down trend for the last 3 days - All Ma above actual price -200 SMA on daily as a resistance level -The next daily level give a really good risk/reward Technical analysis short term - Trade below previous day range -Trade below VWAP in all the pre market -Daily leval at 165.03 as a resistance in pre market -All MA above actual price action -Break the low of pre market in the first moment of opening Reading the tape -There wasn't big bid but constanly went low and I ave a lot of volume -The time and sale was very clean almost all at the bid and really fast Trade management - I expected to wait for the first 5-15 min and watched if 165.03 was a real resistance level, but the price just fall so I jump in with half of my share size -When the price continu to fall without any pullback I add more fo reach my full position -Being full position in this range of price and in the first minutes make my a little nervous so I dropped half my position at 162.91 -I put an order at 160.55 a little above the next daily level to be sure to get fill Trade review - I felt confident in the setup -Really focus on price action and the tape - Good Preapartion and analysis - I waited for my profit target - I could controlled better my emotions in the beginning and be fully confident in the set up and dont Exit half my position too soon -All signals and analysis show a short trade -I jumped early but no FOMO just be reactive to chart and analysis -Really proud of this idea, trade management and how I manage my thoughts and feelings
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    May 7 through 10 I observed a valuable lesson this week. Just like in life, to do something well you must be focused on it and can not just do it to do it. In trading this can have some serious consequences. For the past four days, I have been forcing trading. By this I mean, I had time to conduct my pre-market routine and trade the open, but my post market routine and reviews I could not get done, because of the enormous amounts of other things in my life going. The overwhelming feeling of being over tasked definitely slipped into my trading this week and I am just glad I was able to maintain my discipline with risk management which help persevere my capital. In all I took 6 trades this week 3 on Monday and 3 on Thursday, all of which were outside my edge. My results were 4 stop outs, 1 partial, 1 hit profit target (although my execution was terrible, so I gave most of it back to my broker). Now for the good news, next week is a new week.
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    There are things you learn about your psychological self when you're on you trading journey that you wouldn't otherwise learn; like why you think the way you think, why you see the world the way you do and how that affects your daily life. I would never have connected these parts of me to trading but I've learnt that 80% of being a successful trader is in my thinking, and if I figure out the thinking part, consistency will follow. This has been an incredible realization. Trading is the hardest and best thing I have ever tried to do. Period.
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    4/22/2019 Preparing for the trading challenge. Think I'm in a good place mentality for it. Got chopped up by $MSCO and lost my gains. Almost got caught in a nasty wash down as well but stopped out before that happened. Kept trying to catch the move down and after two attempts I left it alone. Still working on my sizing, but definitely on the super upside today. Made some great trades, but also cut some off too early. $SQ 4/22/2019 $HAL 4/22/2019 $MDSO 4/22/2019
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    Actually, I think it is better to run it in two different hotkeys: For Long positions you can use: 1) ROUTE=SMRTL;Share=BP*0.25;TIF=DAY+;Price=ASK+0.10;BUY=Send 2) ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Market;StopPrice=AvgCost-0.30;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;SELL=Send; In 1) you buy 25% of your buying power at market limit of 10 cents. In 2) you put a stop loss of your position at AvgCost-30 cent For Short positions you can use: 1) ROUTE=SMRTL;Share=BP*0.25;TIF=DAY+;Price=Bid-0.10;SELL=Send 2) ROUTE=STOP;StopType=Market;StopPrice=AvgCost+0.30;Share=Pos;TIF=DAY+;BUY=Send; In 1) you sell short 25% of your buying power at market limit minus 10 cents. In 2) you put a stop loss of your position at AvgCost+30 cent to cover if it hits your stop loss Test in simulator and see how it works.
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    Friday 01/17/2020 I had a well-being score of 7.5/10 this morning. I took 1 live trade this morning both with MU. My watchlist: SNAP, PINS, LK, AMD, TSLA and MU. Stuck with two stocks, on my watchlist, with no shares to short. I see Carlos had shares to short for PINS on CME. But I don’t on Centerpointe. Nothing really exciting on the watchlist so I chose MU by default on my main screen. MU gapped up in PM, but I had no bias. The big print hit only a few seconds after the open (~700k). 25 seconds after the open 3 signals occurred. We had a bearish 1min candle which just broke the 200MA-1min and a moderately sized bearish L2 signal. So I went short. PDC was my target and with $58 as my stop. Since my stop was tight I went half shares. My screen when I entered the trade (note the L2 signal): I was able to get 3 partials in before the price retraced, then due to a bullish L2 signal I exited the trade early. Though I would have gotten more of a drop if I used B/E as my stop I am proud of myself that I exited on the L2 signal which I have been trying to train myself to do. My exit signal: The total trade: What did I do good today? Exited a trade on a L2 signal. What I am grateful from today? Having MU on my main screen. What I should improve on: Was a bit distracted with my swing trades to take another trade though none of them actually needed my attention at the open.
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    March 22, 2019 - $AMD (Hit Profit Target) First sample set I completed today. Had a good trade on $AMD short. I thought I might be able to let the last little bit run longer but the stock bounced back, so I got out completely. Sample Set Results P G S G S 6 7 8 S S P G G S G S S P S G
  50. 2 points
    February 15, 2019 - Traded in Simulator February 19, 2019 - $JD did not meet a 15 min ORB, but it had a great setup for a 5 min ORB. Sample Set Results P G S G S 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
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